Pro Kabaddi season 4 Final: Patna Pirates lift trophy for second time, beat Jaipur Pink Panthers 37-29

Pro Kabaddi season 4 Final: Patna Pirates lift trophy for second time, beat Jaipur Pink Panthers 37-29

Pro Kabaddi League Season 4 Final: Patna Pirates beat Jaipur Pink Panthers 37-29.

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Pro Kabaddi score, season 4 Final: Patna Pirates retained their PKL title after a win in the final over Jaipur Pink Panthers. (Source: PKL)

Pardeep Narwal produced a terrific performance as Patna Pirates beat Jaipur Pink Panthers in the final of season 4 in the Pro Kabaddi League. Patna, who were the champions of season 3, dominated the game right from the first whistle. The Patna unit made history as they became the only team to lift the trophy twice in the tournament’s history of four editions. The win concludes another thrilling season of the Pro Kabaddi. It was the season of many firsts as for the first time women’s teams locked horns in the Women’s Pro Kabaddi League.

#Patna Pirates wrapped a convincing 37-29 win over Jaipur Pink Panthers to continue their winning reign in Pro Kabaddi league

# Another superb stuff from Patna and they get two more points

# Time Out has been called out by Patna Pirates

#A smart move from Patna Pirates as they just give one point to Jaipur Pink Panthers


# Rajesh Mondal gets a bonus point in a Do-or-Die raid

# All Out for Patna Pirates as Fazel takes down Rajesh Narwal

# Jaipur Pink Panthers pick two points, One bonus and one from Rajesh getting a touch of Hadi

# Pardeep Narwal with his power carries Jasvir Singh, though Jasvir had gone for a ankle hold but without any support from Rajesh couldn’t do much

# Super tackle on for Jaipur Pink Panthers and Pardeep Narwal returns safely

# Pardeep Narwal gets his Super 10 as he manages to get a touch of Amit Hooda

# Ajay Kumar is looking for a point in the left corner but returns back

# Rajesh Mondal to raid and he returns back safely without taking any risk

# One man cannot stop the power of Pardeep Narwal as Ran Singh fails to do so

# Super Tackle on for patna Pirates, Rajesh Narwal to raid and he is taken down by Dharmaraj and Hadi

# Fazel is out for the second time as he steps out of the lobby

# One point for Jaipur Pink Panthers as Rajesh Mondal returns back without a touch

# Pardeep Narwal to raid and he was straight away looking for thr man in the right corner but the man was Rajesh Narwal

# Shabeer Bappu to raid for Jaipur Pink Panthers to start their run in second half

# Pardeep Narwal is taken down by Amit Hood’s diving ankle hold

# We are edging close towards the first half of the final panga and Patna lead 16-13

# Substitution for Patna Pirates: Surjeet Singh(IN)-Dharmaraj(OUT)

# Jasvir to raid, he is looking to avoid first All Out of the game but he is taken down by some great work from Pirates

# Pardeep Narwal sends Amit Hooda out and this reduces Jaipur to one man

# Jasvir Singh has asked for a review as he is confident of him touching the bonus line and with this verdict Jaipur Pink Panthers cannot have any more reviews

# Jasvir Singh gets a bonus point in Do-or-Die raid and returns comfortably

# Pardeep Narwal gets two points and returns back safely

# Jasvir Singh is taking his time and returns back wasting some time of the game

# Shabeer Bappu in for his first raid of tonight and he returns safely but empty-handed

# Ajay Thakur manages to send Bajirao out as he touches the mid-line

# Do-or-Die raid for Pardeep and he gets a point before making his way back

# Pardeep in for another raid and he looking to attack the right corner and returns empty-handed

# Rajesh Narwal is taken down by Kuldeep by a low ankle diving hold

# Pardeep Narwal is back in action and he gets two points for the side

# Two points for Patna Pirates as they take Jasvir Singh down and send him out of the game

# Substitution for Patna Pirates: Dharmaraj(IN)-Surjeet Singh(OUT)

# Jasvir Singh gets key player Rajesh Mondal and with this reduces Patna to two man

# Three point raid for Rajesh Narwal as he goes for Kuldeep and later gets touch from Hadi and Fazel, first Super Raid of final

# Amit Hooda with a low diving double ankle hold gets Pardeep Narwal early in the game

# Surjeet gets a unintentional touch of Ran Singh while returning and gives Patna an early lead

# Jasvir Singh in his second raid and he is taken down by Hadi

# Rajesh Mondal to raid first for Patna Pirates but Jaipur Pink Panthers open the scorecard

# Patna Pirates win toss, and they choose court. Jaipur Pink Panthers to make the first raid of the night.

# PATNA PIRATES: Pardeep Narwal, Kuldeep Singh, Bajirao Hodage, Surjeet Singh, Rajesh Mondal, Hadi Oshtorak , Fazel Maghsodlo

# Jaipur Pink Panthers: Shabeer Bappu, Rajesh Narwal, Rohit Rana, Jasvir Singh, Ajay Kumar, Amit Hooda, Ran Singh

# We are done with the national anthem, out come the captains and the officials for the toss

# Two teams march their way to the mat. Take position before the national anthem to kick-off proceedings

# Actor Hrithik Roshan will sing the national anthem. We are moments away from live action


Jaipur Pink Panthers down Telugu Titans, enter final

India Pro Kabaddi

Jaipur Pink Panthers recorded a 34-24 win over Telugu Titans as they made their way into the final of Pro Kabaddi Season 4 in Hyderabad on Tuesday. Captain Jasvir Singh continued his superb form as he scored nine points to inspire his team to a comfortable win in the second semi final.

Patna Pirates cruise into the final, beat Puneri Paltan 37 – 33

Pro Kabaddi League


A stunning performance in the last five minutes from Rajesh Mondal and Pardeep Narwal helped Patna Pirates beat Puneri Paltan 37-33. Patna with strong display from their defenders scored 11 points in the last five minutes to make it to their second successive final.