Pro Kabaddi League 2018 Auctions: Monu Goyat becomes costliest buy on day 1, Rahul Chaudhari fetches 1.29 Cr

Pro Kabaddi League 2018 Auctions: Monu Goyat becomes costliest buy on day 1, Rahul Chaudhari fetches 1.29 Cr

Monu Goyat shattered the records as he fetched a big amount of 1.51 Cr while Rahul Chaudhari was the second costliest buy as he fetched 1.29 Cr on Day 1.

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Pro Kabaddi League Auctions 2018 Day 1: 422 players went under the hammer. (PKL Twitter Photo)

Pro Kabaddi League 2018 Auctions Day 1: Monu Goyat shattered the records as he fetched a big amount of 1.51 Cr while Rahul Chaudhari was the second costliest buy as he fetched 1.29 Cr on Day 1. Apart from these two, Nitin Tomar, Rishank Devadiga and Deepak Niwas Hooda also broke the 1 Cr barrier. Goyat was sold to Haryana Steelers while Chaudhari went to Delhi. Tomar and Hooda fetched 1.15 Cr apiece during the first day’s bidding. Earlier, it was Iran’s Fazel Atrachali who became the first player in PKL 2018 auctions to fetch 1 Cr after he was sold to U Mumba.

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It's a wrap on Day 1

Monu Goyat shattered the records as he fetched a big amount of 1.51 Cr while Rahul Chaudhari was the second costliest buy as he fetched 1.29 Cr on Day 1. Join us tomorrow for more live coverage of the PKL 2018 auctions. 

Deepak Narwal is up for the bid

Deepak Narwal is attracting some good bidding fight for him. He is gone to the Patna Pirates for 57 lakh. This brings us to the end of the bidding on day 1. 

Monu Goyat becomes the costliest buy

Monu Goyat also surpasses this 1 Cr- mark and in fact he is now the costliest player in this auctions. He fetches 1.51 Cr to Steelers

Rahul Chaudhari goes under hammer

This is a big one and the teams would be looking to spend on this man. Rahul Chaudhari is going under the hammer and the bid shoots up to 60 lakh. He is another one to enter the 'crorepati' club. The bid eventually ends at 1.29 Cr and he goes to Delhi. The records are being shattered and Telugu Titans exercise their FBM to keep the raider. 

Sukesh Hegde is up for the bid

We are back after the back and straight away Suresh Hegde goes to Tamil Thalaivas for 28 lakh. Next up is Adake and he goes to Bengaluru Bulls for 32 lakh

Rishank Devadiga fetches 1.11 Cr

Rishank Devadiga becomes the fourth player in the auctions to fetch 100 lakh and the third Indian. UP Yoddha use FBM and get him back for 1.11 Cr

Pro Kabaddi League LIVE

Shrikanth Jadhav goes to UP for 37 lakh and U Mumba don't use their FBM and Wazir Singh is finally picked by Steelers for 20 lakh

Anup Kumar up next

Bidding for Anup Kumar begins and he fetches 30 lakh to Jaipur Pink Panthers. Another brilliant bid from Jaipur and they are picking a good, solid all-round team

Raiders up for the bid

Nitin Tomar is the first one in this category. He has started to get some higher bids and it started with 60 lakh. He becomes the third player to past 1 Cr-mark. Tomar goes to Puneri Paltan for Rs 1.15 Cr.

Sandeep Dhull

Sandeep Dhull is sold to Jaipur Pink Panthers for 66 lakh after some good bid war. The last defender is Ravinder Pahal and he goes unsold 

Surender Nada goes under hammer

Surender Nada is having a bid war for himself. Pink Panthers want to make that squad more strong and they get him for 75 lakh but Steelers have exercised their FBM for Nada.

PKL Auctions LIVE

Mahender Singh is sold to U Mumba for 40 lakh but Bengaluru Bulls exercise their FBM card. Darshan on the other side is gone to Tamil Thalaivas after they exercised their FBM

Mohit Chillar sold to Jaipur Pink Panthers

Mohit Chillar is a well-known name in Indian Kabaddi. Bengaluru Bulls begin bid for him with 21 lakh. But Pink Panthers were pretty active with their biding and they eventually got him for 58 lakh

Defenders up for the bid

Parvesh Bhainswal is the first one to go under the hammer. He has been sold to UP Yoddhas for 35 lakh but wait Gujarat Fortunegiant use FBM. Jeevan Kumar is the next who is up for the bid. Jeevan is sold to UP for 45 lakh

What Deepak is expecting from this edition

'I'm expecting a lot from myself now - will have to raise the level of my performances,' he says. 

Deepak Hood goes to Jaipur Pink Panthers

Kuldeep Singh has been sold to Patna Pirates and we now have the big man Deepak Hood up for the bid and the fight begins. From 32 lakh, the bid directly goes to 70 lakh. This has been a brilliant biding fight for someone like Hodda. He is the second player in today's auction and first Indian to fetch over 1 Cr.   Iran's Fazel Atrachali was the first one to achieve this. Deepak goes to  Pink Panthers for 1.15 Cr. He is so far the costliest player in the auctions

Manjeet Chillar up for the bid

Biding for Manjeet Chillar begins and he goes to Tamil Thalaivas have Manjeet for 20 lakh and surprisingly Pink Panthers didn't use their FBM

FBM excercised

Bengal Warriors exercise their FBM. ANd Ran Singh is gone to them for 43 lakh. Pink Panthers can't really do much about that. We now have Shrikanth Tewthia up for the bid with base price of 20 lakh. He goes to Bengal Warriors for 25 lakh

PKL auctions LIVE

The base price of category A is 20 lakh. We have the category A of the all rounders for the bid now

Players to be auctioned

Deepak Niwas Hooda, Kuldeep Singh, Manjeet Chillar, Ran Singh

Shrikant Tewathia, Sandeep Dhull, Surinder Nada, Mahender Singh, Parvesh Bhainswal, Jeeva Kumar, Mohit Chillar, Ravinder Pahal, Darshan J

Anup Kumar, Deepak Narwal, K Prapanjan, Kashiling Adake, Monu Goyat, Nitin Tomar, Pawan Kumar, Rahul Chaudhari, Rishank Devadiga, Shrikant Jadhav, Sukesh Hegde, Wazir Singh

PKL auctions LIVE

Here's a small trivia. 

Pro Kabaddi League auctions Live

So here we are with the live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League. 

Pro Kabaddi League auctions

A look at the teams


Category A will be Rs 20 Lakh, category B will be Rs 12 Lakh, category C will be Rs 8 Lakh and the fourth category D will be Rs 5 Lakh. There will be a new category as well, known as the New Young Players which will have a fixed salary of Rs 6.6 Lakh.


It is a graphical representation, similar to a speed-o-meter with three distinct ranges — steal, fail and ambitious. During the auctions, a bid-o-meter needle will be moving constantly and will be stopping according to the bid price.

New young players

Surjeet Singh, Mahinder Singh were picked up by Bengal Warriors through ELite Retained Payer policy while Mithun who is the new face came through NYP.

Final Bid Match

With this policy, the teams will be entitled to match the final bid made by another franchise, for one or at most two players from their season five squad list. 

Retention policies

There was also an option to retain the players which gave them the right to retain players through Elite Retained Players program. Out of the 12 franchises, 9 have chosen their Elite Retained Players and the remaining three will construct their teams from scratch.

Players to go under hammer

There will be names of 422 players and there would be three categories. The first will be the regular players in which there will be a total of 277 players. The second category of players in the overseas players. This year, 58 overseas players have sent their name for the auctions. The remaining 87 players will be from the Future Kabaddi Heroes Programme (FKH), a nationwide talent scouting programme. A team in Pro Kabaddi League can have 18 to 25 players which should also include three players from FKH and two to four international players.