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Sunday, December 15, 2019

NBA Finals, Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers: Warriors take Game 3, beat Cavaliers 110-102

Golden State Warriors extend their lead in the NBA Finals to 3-0, and need just one win to win the trophy.

By: Sports Desk | Updated: June 7, 2018 10:35:40 am
NBA Final Live, Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors Cleveland Cavaliers take on Golden State Warriors. (Source: USA Today Sports)

Cleveland Cavaliers, once again found a way to come back from behind to beat Golden State Warriors. Warriors were trailing by 58-52 at half time. But with the brilliance of Kevin Durant, who scored 43 points in the match, his best performance in a Playoff match, the visitors took a 110-102 victory over Cavs. With the win, Warriors extended their lead in the NBA finals to 3-0 and need just one more victory to take the Championship. Cavaliers fought hard against Warriors, but failed to win the match in the final quarter.

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    09:10 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Final Points tally

    Kevin Durant leads the pack on points tally. 

    09:05 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Warriors take a 3-0 lead against Cavs

    Golden State Warriors have taken a 3-0 lead against Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. 

    09:03 (IST)07 Jun 2018

    GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS TAKE GAME 3 as they beat Cleveland Cavaliers 110-102 to extend their lead to 3-0 in the NBA finals. Warriors need just one win more to seal the deal and take the trophy. 

    08:55 (IST)07 Jun 2018

    With just 0.50 seconds on the clock, Kevin Durant hammers a triple-pointer to give a 6-point lead to Warriors in the dying minutes of the match. Warriors are leading 106-100 now, and it seems the match has slipped away Cavaliers, again!

    08:54 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Stephen Curry takes Warriors to lead

    Stephen Curry scores 5 points on the trot, with a triple and a double, and gives Warriors a 5-point lead over Cavaliers, Warriors lead 101-96, but a triple pointer from JR Smith shortens the gap, and it is now 101-100. This is too close to call!

    08:47 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    LeBron James puts Cavaliers back in the lead

    Less than 5 minutes remaining in the match and a foul on LeBron James sees him scoring twice from free throws as Cavaliers take a 95-94 lead over Warriors. But Durant counters it immediately with a double as Warriors get back with a 96-95 lead. Back-and-forth we go!

    08:40 (IST)07 Jun 2018

    Warriors are in the lead by just the one-point margin. It has been a one-man show tonight - Kevin Durant. He has been the star performer. He has already scored 38 points. LeBron James has scored 26 points so far. 

    08:34 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Rodney Hood puts Cavs back in the lead

    Back and forth it goes in the final quarter and it is Rodney Hood who puts Cavaliers in the lead with a layup shot. But it remained just for an instant, as KD comes out again to score another double pointer. He has scored 36 points in the game. Cavaliers 87-88 Warriors

    08:29 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    How many points will KD score in the final quarter?

    Kevin Durant has been the main highlight of the third game of the NBA Final between Cavaliers and Warriors. He scored 10 in the third quarter. How many will he score in the final quarter?

    08:26 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    End of third Quarter

    It has been a Kevin Durant show in Cleveland as he takes Warriors in the lead in the third quarter. Rodney Hood ensures that the lead does not get too high. Cavaliers 81-83 Warriors at the end of third quarter.

    08:23 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Rodney Hood has scored 9 points now

    Rodney Hood is responsible for closing the gap for Cavaliers in the second half and he is getting all the support from Cavaliers fan. 

    08:20 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Golden State - TimeOut

    Golden State Warriors call for a timeout after Cavaliers close the gap in the third quarter. Warriors still in the lead 79-78 against Warriors. Meanwhile, Kevin Durant has been on fire and has already scored 34 points in the match. 

    08:16 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Cleveland bounce back!

    Cleveland Cavaliers bounce back with a triple pointer from LeBron James. The scores are level now at 72-72. But a triple from Klay Thompson earns them the lead again as they take 75-72 lead. It continues to go back and forth here.

    08:06 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Golden State take the lead

    Golden State Warriors have finally taken the lead in the match and are now leading 63-62 against Cavaliers. This could go down exactly it happened in the first Game. 

    08:01 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Golden State Warriors close gap

    The third quarter has started with Golden State Warriors fighting hard to close gap against Cavaliers. A double pointer and a free throw by LeBron James remain the only points scored by Cavs, while Warriors continue to score and close the gap. Cavs call for TimeOut as Cavaliers lead is reduced to 61-59 in the third Quarter.

    07:56 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Points Tally after half time

    Kevin Durant is in the lead with most points at half time.

    07:43 (IST)07 Jun 2018

    Kevin Durant takes his tally to 24 points with a triple pointer in the final second of the second quarter. Cavaliers maintain the lead by 58-52 at the stroke of half time. A couple of layup shots from Rodney Hood came in handy to the Cavaliers.

    07:41 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Fantastic shoot from Kevin Durant

    Kevin Durant shoots an incredible double pointer and earns a free throw for Warriors. He runs from around, but manages to hit the shoot on target inspite of the challenge from Cavaliers man. Cleveland Cavaliers still in the  lead. Cavaliers 58-49 Warriors

    07:39 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Guess, who came out to show support to Cavaliers!

    A huge Cleveland Cavaliers fan, the WWE superstar The Miz is in the house, and he made an announcement.When Miz speaks, all mouth goes shut!

    07:35 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Kevin Love and LeBron James - Partners in crime

    What a pairing this has been today between LeBron James and Kevin Love. Another triple pointer from a pass by James by Love, and Cavaliers rtake a lead of 50-40 in the second quarter.

    07:32 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Tristan Thompson vs Draymond Green

    We are having a fierce battle between Cavaliers Thompson against Warriors' Green and a solid tackle from Tristan cuts short Green on his way to scoring a double pointer. Cavaliers have a solid lead of 12 points with 5 minutes remaining in the second quarter. Meanwhile, this triple from Kevin Love to beat the clock is just.....! 

    07:24 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Foul on Kevin Durant!

    TKevil Durant has been fouled once again as he attempted to go for a shoot. He gets a free throw. Meanwhile, LeBron James has landed awkwadly on his heels and appears to be injured. A triple from JR Smith takes Cavaliers lead to 40-34 in quarter 2.

    07:17 (IST)07 Jun 2018

    Double Layup shots from LeBron James and he has taken his side to a good lead early on in the second quarter. He is using his upper body strength to counter the defences from Warriors. Cavaliers 35-28 Warriors.

    07:14 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Kevin Durant leads the points tally after first Quarter

    Kevin Durant has scored 13 points in the first quarter - that's the most by any player in the match so far. Durant Durant!

    07:10 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    End of first Quarter

    Durant receives a 2-point free throw in the dying minutes of the first quarter. And he manages to score from both. And the score is so close at the whistle. Cavaliers 28-29 Warriors. 

    07:06 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Warriors closing gaps

    After an early high, the things have come to a standstill for Cavaliers in the first quarter, and Warriors have started to catch up. With Durant scoring twice through throws followed by a triple pointer from Klay Thompson, the score is now Warriors 24-26 Cavaliers.

    07:01 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    For all the criticism, JR Smith is on fire

    JR Smith has got an early 7 in the match in the first quarter. He is silencing his critics. 

    06:59 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Time Out

    Warriors close in the gap over Cavaliers with a left-handed layup by Stephen Curry that takes the total to Cavs 22-14 Warriors. This is an intense battle in the middle, but Cavs are rolling on a high at the moment with all the five starting players scoring points in the first quarter.

    06:56 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Things starting to get ugly

    Tristan Thompson and Draymond Green get into an argument as things start to heat up. The two players have been at each other's throat in the first two games in the finals, and Green is starting to charge up at the officials.

    06:54 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Foul by Stephen Curry

    Stephen Curry has fouled Cavaliers man and they get a throw. Warriors are trying to close the gap but solid defensive unit being led by Kevin Love who gets the offense going, before Draymond Green commits a foul.

    06:52 (IST)07 Jun 2018

    This shot from LeBron James, though!

    06:48 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Stephen Curry calls for time out!

    Cavaliers are on the roll and Kevin Love gets another double pointer to take the lead to 14-4 before a timeout call from Stephen Curry halts the play. Kevin Durant looks unhappy with the team at the moment. 

    06:45 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Cavaliers on a roll!

    Clevaland Cavaliers have started the game on a high and what a tremendous shot by LeBron James, who trapped Curry and then went for a slam dunk. Cavaliers leading 12-4 in the first quarter.

    06:40 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Golden State Warriors Starting 5

    Here is the starting line-up of Golden State Warriors

    06:35 (IST)07 Jun 2018

    With a 2-0 deficit, the odds are stacked up against Cavaliers. According to the statistics, the teams that lead the NBA finals 2-0 have a 29-4 win record. But then, another interesting thing to notice is the fact that the last team to overcome the deficit was Cavaliers back in 2016.

    06:25 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Warriors are out to battle!

    Golden State Warriors are out on the field being led by Stephen Curry, who is the top-scorer. Can he lead his side to another win in Game 3?

    06:21 (IST)07 Jun 2018
    Cavaliers are out on the floor!

    Cavaliers are out on the floor. LeBron James is the hey ma - he has scored 80 points so far in the finals. The fourth-most points after Game 2 in NBA Finals history. He needs to help his side for the win.

    06:18 (IST)07 Jun 2018

    Here we go for the Game 3 of the NBA Finals between Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. The finals have seen its fair share of controversies, over the calls made by the referee. Warriors Draymond Green's tackles have been particularly come under scrutiny. But the results states that  Warriors have a 2-0 lead. Cavs need the win in the 3rd Game. Can they bounce back?