NBA Finals, Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers highlights: Warriors beat Cavaliers 124-114 in Game 1

NBA Finals, Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers highlights: Warriors beat Cavaliers 124-114 in Game 1

NBA Finals, Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers highlights: Stephen Curry scored 29 points while Kevin Durant added 26 points to give Golden State Warriors 1-0 lead in NBA finals.

NBA Final
NBA Finals, Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers highlights: Stephen Curry scored 29 points for Golden State Warriors. (Source: Reuters)

NBA Finals, Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers highlights: Cleveland Cavaliers started off strong in the first game of NBA finals against Golden State Warriors. LeBron James had a historic night, as he scored 51 points in the match, the 5th most in a NBA Final. But he could not take Cavaliers to a win with Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant forming a lethal pairing to take Warriors to a late surge in the final two quarters and pick up a 124-114 victory. George Hill had a chance to close the game in the final second of fourth quarter with a throw, but he missed one and the match went to Overtime. Durant, Green and Curry scored three-pointers as they took their side to win in a thrilling fashion.

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NBA Final: Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers Game 1 highlights

Golden State Warriors win 1st game 122-114

LeBron James had a historic night as he scored 51 points, the 5th highest in NBA final. But he failed to take Cleveland Cavaliers to win. Golden State Warriors win the 1st game 122-144. They lead 1-0 in NBA finals.

Green and Thompson get into a fight

Tristor Thompson gets irritated by the continous mocking by Draymond Green and he gets into a tussle with the Warriors man. Only 2.6 seconds on the clock left, and it seems all but over for Cavaliers. 

Golden State in lead

Golden State Warriors are in the lead with 119-109 scoreline. And with just 1 minute of OT remaining, it seems all but over for Vavaliers. Sensational stuff from Draymond Green, who continues to taunt LeBron James after scoring a third-pointer. 


Kevin Durant scores twice from throws and then Klay Thompson scores a three-pointer, giving Golden State a lead of 112-107 over Warriors. Another double from Stephen Curry and he takes the total to 114-107. Cavaliers call for a time out!

Regulation time over!

Scores level at 107-107 and that is the end of regulation time! What a match this has been! It is going into Extra Time. George Hill needed to score from double throws, but he missed one, and failed to take Cavaliers the lead. 

James vs Curry!

LeBron James fires it up for Cavaliers as he scores  a double to give his side the lead. Curry runs towards his corner to give a double to Warriors and level the score. And also earns a penalty which he finishes. Warriors lead 107-106!

Controversial call from refs!

The referee awards a penalty to Kevin Durant with 0.36 seconds on the clock. LeBron James believe that he was in a legal guarding position and Durant entered into the restricted area and pushed him. But the referee says James was moving inside the box, and hence he has committed a foul. Durant scores from double shoot and levels the scoreline to Cavaliers 104-104.


LEBRON JAMES MUSCLES IT UP AND THE BALL GOES INSIDE THE HOOPS IN THE FINAL SECOND. CAVALIERS TAKE THE LEAD BY 103-101. Still under 0.50 second on the clock. Can Warriors make a comeback?

LeBron James vs Stephen Curry

LeBron James score back-to-back double pointers, takes the scoreline to Cavaliers 98-100 Warriors, before Stephen Curry goes around and scores a left-handed double pointer to up the lead by 4 points. A triple from Kyle Korver, reduces the gap by 1 point. Final seconds remaining


Double three pointers from Warriors, and they once again extend their lead by 6 points. What a shot by Stephen Curry to take Warriors to 100-point mark. Cavaliers need to buck up. 4 minutes in hand. Can they get back? Cavaliers 94-100 Warriors.


Kevin Durant has become the major thorn in the side of Cavaliers, and he scores double from shoots after a foul from LeBron James, giving Warriors their lead back. With 6 minutes remaining, Warriors are leading by 2 points. Cavaliers 92-94 Warriors!

Time out!

Double 3-pointers from Green and Korver and Cavaliers are back in the game. They reduce the gap by just one point as the scoreline reaches Cavaliers 88-89 Warriors in the fourth quarter. This is getting too close to call at the moment. 

Cavaliers fighting hard to get back

At the start of the final quarter, Cavaliers, who are trailing 6-points behind Warriors, have launched a hard attack to get back into the game. Cavaliers are looking solid on the defence in early minutes, but are failing to get the points going. James is back on the field, and he starts off with a dunk. Cavs 82-86 Warriors.

End of 3rd Quarter

Golden State Warriors are in the lead at the end of third quarter. GS leading 84-78 points over Warriors. LeBron James has scored 36 points, most in the match, but Warriors are still trailing. 

Warriors back in the lead

A triple pointer from Klay Thompson extends Golden State Warriors lead by 5 points over Cavaliers. Another double pointer from Warriors man, and they have now taken 7 pointer lead. Cavaliers 75-82 Warriors in Quarter 3. 

Foul on Lebron James

LeBron James has been fouled and he gets a double shoot. Take it easily, but Warriors still are in the lead with 68-63 scoreline. James scores another 3-pointer to close the gap. It is clearly a battle between Curry vs James at the moment.

Cavaliers call for time out

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have completely shifted the momentum in the match towards Warriors as they take a lead of 5 7 points over their opponents in the early minutes of the third Quarter. Cavaliers 59 - 66 Warriors!

3rd Quarter kicks off

The 3rd Quarter kicks off with Golden State Warriors scoring a double straightaway. Now the momentum seems to be shifting with towards the Warriors after that devastating strike from Stephen Curry.

Stephen Curry knew that was going in!

Stephen Curry's final shot at the end of 2nd quarter receives massive praise:


Stephen Curry scores from near the half0cour mark as he scores a triple pointer for Warriors in the final second of the Quarter 2. It is all even in Oakland with the scoreline of Cavaliers 56-56 Warriors. This is the moment of the match so far!

Durant enters and scores a three pointer

Kevin Durant returns to the action and scores a triple straightaway. This is what he calls an experience. Steph Curry passes the ball to Draymond Green who scores a double and earns a free shoot to Warriors. Warriors have closed the gap in the closing minutes of Quarter 2. Durant slam dunks and takes the score to 53-53!

Stephen Curry is not far behind James

Stephen Curry scores five points in a matter of minutes as he takes Warriors closer to Cavaliers, and takes his total points tally to 15, with 3 assists. Terrific competition in motion at the moment. Cavs lead 51-45 against Warriors. 

LeBron James has struck 20 points

LeBron James has already scored 20 out of 44 points for Cleveland Cavaliers, and he looks to be in absolutely thunderous form. He has gone off the field for now, to catch a breath. Meanwhile, Cavaliers lead 49-40 against Warriors.

Record for Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson has broken this record:

Warriors defence is sleeping or what?

LeBron James slams yet another dunk but that was a poor defence from Warriors. They were caught napping inside the D, as James scores a double pointer for Cleveland. Cleveland Cavaliers are in lead 44 -40 against Golden State Warriors. 

LBJ has 16 points already in the game!

Le Bron James jumps up and dunks another double pointer for Cavaliers. He already has 16 points and counting in the match. He is an absolute BEAST! And Cavs have called for a time out. 

Quarter 2 -= Here we go!

LeBron James kicks off with a thunderous slam dunk as he scores a double for Cavaliers. Meanwhile, Klay Thompson is back on the field. And a foul by Cavs player, gives a double shoot to Warriors. 

Will Cavs take the first game?

Cavs are in the lead. Can LeBron James take his side to the win?

End of 1st Quarter

Cavaliers take the lead at the end of 1st quarter, but it is very tight at the moment. Cavs lead 30-29 to Warriors. Still three quarters to go and tables can shift at any time. Meanwhile, look at this crazy shot from Stephen Curry!

Warriors take the lead

Stephen Curry's terrific pass inside the box to his fellow teammate who jumped up to score a double, and takes Warriors into the lead for the first time in the match. CAVS 27 - Warriors 26. And guess, what Klay Thompson is back!

Update on Klay Thompson

The injury on Thompson does not look to be too serious, and Warriors still have a hope that he may return in this match. He tripped on his left leg, which was previously injured as well. 

There is no stopping LeBron James!

LeBron James could be playing his final few games for Warriors and he is absolutely on fire - Cleveland Cavaliers are leading 21-19!


Klay Thompson is limping

Klay Thompson has been tripped over by a Warriors player by  J R Smith, but there seems to be no dirty play here. It seems like an actual moment of tripping over due to wet floor. And Thompson has walked off due to injury.

Stephen Curry is on fire!

Stephen Curry is absolutely on fire before the first break - he has already scored five points for the Warriors, and he is establishing himself as the MVP for this year as well. Just look at this sleak shot from the player. 

1st Round

Cavaliers have taken than early lead with 4-0 but a three-pointer from Stephe Curry brings Golden Stat Warriors closer to the opposition.  Curry is already looking in a terrific form, as he goes for a double pointer and is fouled by Warriors player. A free shot to Warriors, and now the score is level at 6-6/

Cavaliers starting line up for Game 1

Here is the starting line up for Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 1

Golden State Warriors enter the arena

Golden State Warriors MVP - Kevin Durant - enters the arena

Golden State Warriors enter the arena

Golden State Warriors MVP - Kevin Durant - enters the arena


After a season filled with shocks and surprises returns, Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron James and Stephen Curry - It has been an epic season so far. These two teams have reached the finals for the fourth time in three years - Cavs have once, GSW have one last year - who will take the victory this year?

LeBron James will star in his eighth straight NBA finals. (Source: AP)

Golden State Warriors begin the defense of their championship in the NBA Finals on Friday, with LeBron James wrapping his 15th season as a pro. The 33-year-old is averaging 34 points, 9.2 rebounds, 8.8 assists and 1.4 steals per game in the playoffs while barely leaving the floor for the depth-challenged Cavaliers. In playoffs, James averages 41.3 minutes per game. Golden State, who won the series last summer four games to one, have won 17 of their last 18 postseason games.