NBA Finals: Cleveland Cavaliers beat Golden State Warriors to clinch NBA title

NBA Finals: Cleveland Cavaliers beat Golden State Warriors to clinch NBA title

Cleveland Cavaliers win their first NBA Championship after beating Golden State Warriors 93-89 in Game 7.

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Cleveland Cavaliers beat Golden State Warriors in final game.

Cleveland Cavaliers win NBA Championship by beating Golden State Warriors 93-89 in the Game 7. They are the first team in history to win after trailing 3-1 in the final series.

# That’s all from the NBA season and our side. Congratulations to Cleveland and James. In and out!



# Adam Silver: “The 52 year drought is over!”

# This is LeBron James third NBA title

# LeBron: Cleveland, this is for you!

# LeBron James with 22 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists. Irving had 26 points

# First time in history to come back from 3-1 to win the Championships

# THEY WIN! CAVS WIN! 93-89 for the Cavs. First time NBA Champions is franchise history

# Three missed by GSW

# Tristan gives up the foul with 6.5 secs to play


# James misses first, scores on second. GSW time-out trailing 89-93 and :10 to play

#James is fouled when going for the dunk. He falls on his wrist. In pain

# Curry misses

# Irving gets a three. It’s 92-89

# 1:09 to play and ball to Cavs. 89-all

# James misses on the other end, Curry misses a step back three. Time-out Cavs

# Irving misses! Iggy with a quick break but James with a block! Third for him

# Rotation from Warriors! Green for three, brick!

# Love with a hook but is short. Green rebound

# LeBron with the attack but a block by Iguodala. Curry to Iggy who misses the three. James with a reboud who is fouled by Curry, his 4th. 2:50 to play. 89-89

# James misses and so does Curry. James violates the shot clock. Ball with GSW with 3:10 to play

# Klay won’t let Cavs keep the lead! He ties it 89

# LeBron from the downtown for the lead and it’s more than good. Kiss!

# James misses one but Curry is turned over on the other end.

# James draws a foul behind the arc and will head to the line for 3 shots

# Jefferson with a missed fadeaway. Curry runs for a three but misses. Green tips it in. 87-83. 32 points for Draymond

# GSW have 15 3s while Cavs have 4. We are back after time-out

# Irving is free after some good ball movement by Cavs but he misfires. Klay on the other end makes it count. 85-83 for GSW and Cavs call time-out. 6:12 left

# Curry from way downtown for the tie and it’s good. 83-all

# James gets the lay-up and it’s 83-80 now

# Another miss by Cavs and Iggy is fouled on the lay-up! But, but, he misses both

# Brick! On Love three. Same for Barnes on the other end. Still 81-80 Cavs

# Curry back on the floor. Green drives and makes it. 1 point game

# James has 18 points, 11 assists and 9 rebounds. he needs one rebound to make it a triple-double

# Irving with a shot misses but collects his own rebound. Scores. GSW call time-out with Cavs leading 81-78

# James drives inside but turns it over. Iguodala steals but Barnes misses

# Love double teamed! Misses. Green with a pass to Livingston who is fouled. Scores the two throws and it’s back to 1 point game

# Love with good hook and Cavs lead 79-76

# Livingston misses. Love with the ball. James bricks a three but it’s Iggy who gets a foul

# james with a put in inside the paint and it’s Cavs lead. 18th lead change

# Final quarter! 12 minutes to decide the NBA champion

# End of third quarter. It’s Warriors 76-75 Cavaliers

# Irving misses inside and Iggy makes it count on the other end. GSW lead 76-75

# Tristan with a hook and it’s in. Curry misses on the other end. Iggy with the rebound but Curry misses again

# Barnes with a three and it’s good. Lead back to GSW. That  sort of game

# James with a fade away and it’s good. Cavs up again

# Deadlock 71. Ninth of the game

# Livingston with a SLAM after James misses on the other end. Curry assist

# Draymond for three and gets it! What a game for him

# Tristan is going to the line again after he gets a foul on Barnes after James misses. He makes first misses second

# Draymond Green draws a foul from James outside the arc. Three throws for him and he makes all. 66-70 for Cavs

# Tristan draws a foul on Green in the paint. Makes the throw

# But Irving is unstoppable! Drains a three at the other end

# Barnes in for Warriors after time-out and gets a dunk

# Cavs with a 11-0 run and have outscored Warriors 23-10 in this quarter

# Curry with a turnover and Kyrie Irving makes it count and fouled. Cavs with their biggest lead now 65-59. Time-out GSW

# Irving is fouled on lay-up. He convert the free-throws

# JR Smith tries a three but it’s a brick. Curry goes for his three but misses. Possession still with Warriors

# James up for three, misses. Irving takes it on rebound but he misses too. Again to Irving but loose ball against GSW

# Love with a steal and Irving with a lay-up finish over Green. Cavs lead 60-59

# He puts the 2 in. Cavs just 1 behind now

# Foul on James. He will go to the free-throw line

# Love puts one it. Cavs down 56-59

# 12 threes for Warriors. A record equal with Heat in 2013

# What will you do after this game? New Zealand cricketer Jimmy Nesham has an answer

# James confused but then decides to take the jumper. Misses. Tristan called for foul and Curry score a three on the other end. Time-out Cavs.

# Curry with a block on JR lay-up and then with his own lay-up on the other end. Fantastic play from the MVP

# Irving ties the game with a lay-up. Time-out Warriors

# JR with another three. Cavs 52-54 GSW

# JR with a three and that is only the second for Cavs in the game

# Thompson from the behind the arc and gets it. His second three

# Green misses his first three of the game. He is now 5 from 6

# We are back for the second half and JR Smith nails one 2 pointer

# Green the player

# Draymond Green leads the scoring for players with 22 points for Warriors. LeBron has 12 for Cavs

# Difference with the teams is the three-point shooting. Warriors are 10 from 21 while Cavs are 1 from 14

# Half! Warriors lead the Cavs 49-42. GSW with 40% shooting and Cavs with a 38.9%

# Iggy makes a 2 and GSW are 49-42 now. James misses a three

# Curry on the bench but the GSW fans are letting the referee know they are now happy

# Curry misses the three and then is called for foul on the other end. His third of the game

# Barbosa with a three and get it. GSW lead 47-40 for the biggest lead of the game

# Green has 22 points so far in the first half

# 2:30 remaining and GSW lead the Cavs

# LeBron James with the lay up and is fouled. He will head to the line

# Green with another one from downtown. He has 5 from 5

Express Opinion

# It’s all tied up with four minutes to play before half-time

It’s not going Cavs way

Cleveland missed its first eight tries from 3-point range. But when the Cavaliers finally got one to fall, they got four points out of the play.

Iman Shumpert connected from the right wing midway through the second quarter while getting fouled by Golden State’s Shaun Livingston.

Shumpert made the free throw to give Cleveland a two-point lead, but Stephen Curry answered on the ensuing possession with a three-point play to put the Warriors back on top.

Midway through the second quarter, neither team has led by more than four points yet.

Before the game

Festus Ezeli will start at center for Golden State in Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Steve Kerr’s decision means that Andre Iguodala will come off the bench, and that could help preserve his balky back that bothered him greatly in Game 6.

It’s the usual starters for both sides in the rest of the spots: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes for the Warriors, and LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith for Cleveland.

Incidentally, the Warriors’ record when Ezeli starts this season is 13-0.

Dwyane Wade is at Game 7 of the NBA Finals, and LeBron James’ close friend and former Miami Heat teammate says he’s as excited as the other fans who will be taking their seats at Oracle Arena.

“The buildup for this game has just been incredible,” Wade told NBA TV about a half-hour before the tip-off. “I know everybody in this building _ I know I am _ is glad to be here. Hopefully this is a game where we can say `We were there.”

Wade says James has a mechanism that allows him to mentally be ready for moments like this, and urged the Cavaliers to keep following his lead.

“When he’s locked in like that, you know you have a chance,” Wade said.

Wade says the start will be key for both teams _ if Golden State’s crowd gets really going, that could be difficult for Cleveland.


James will come to play without pressure in Game 7

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LeBron James has 24 rebounds, 18 assists, seven 3-pointers, six blocks and just three turnovers in the past two games. (USA Today Sports)

Right near the start Saturday, LeBron James faced a question about whether his legacy might be riding on Game 7 of these NBA Finals.

High stakes for Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 7

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Stephen Curry was angry about several fouls that were called against him throughout the game six against Cavaliers. (USA Today Sports)

Stephen Curry knows that the record-setting 73 wins, awards and memorable moments that highlighted Golden State’s special season will only be footnotes if the Warriors can’t quickly find their missing game.