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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

World Boxing Championships final Highlights: Mary Kom wins record sixth gold, Sonia settles for silver

Mary Kom vs Hanna Okhota Highlights: Mary Kom won her 6th gold medal in the Women's 48 kg category.

By: Sports Desk | Updated: November 24, 2018 7:37:04 pm
Mary Kom Boxing Final Mary Kom Boxing final Highlights: Mary Kom in action. (Source: Express Photo by Gaurav Bhatt)

Mary Kom vs Hanna Okhota Highlights: Mary Kom defeated Ukraine’s Hanna Okhota in Women’s 48 kg boxing final to clinch her 6th World title. The victory in the summit clash will made the Manipuri boxer the joint most successful boxer (Men and Women) in the history of World Championships, tied with Cuban legend Felix Savon. Later, Sonia Chahal settles for silver after losing to Wahner Ornella Gabriele of Germany in the 57 kg final.

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Mary Kom vs Hanna Okhota final Highlights

17:46 (IST)24 Nov 2018
PM Modi congratulates Mary Kom
17:44 (IST)24 Nov 2018

Sonia Chahal settles for silver after losing to Germany's Wahner Ornella Gabriele in the Women's 57 kg category final

17:43 (IST)24 Nov 2018

Wahner Ornella Gabriele beats Sonia Chahal via points. Sonia Chahal settles for silver. 

17:40 (IST)24 Nov 2018
Sonia Chahal vs Wahner Ornella Gabriele - Round 3

Round 3

Sonia is fighting for her life at the moment - she knows the match has slipped out of her hands. Wahner blocking herself, moving forwards and delivery quick jabs. She corners Sonia. The Indian boxer is looking really tired. Suffers a jab on her nose. Wahner hammer a right hook and Sonia is shaken up. 


17:36 (IST)24 Nov 2018
Sonia Chahal vs Wahner Ornella Gabriele - Round 2


Sonia and Wahner go forward into the each other, and the Indian boxer suffered a few left-and-right combos. Sonia goes astray from the game plan, as she decides to charge instead of defending and staying backwards. Sonia trips down, the referee asks her to get up - she is really lucky here. Wahner has completely rattled the Indian and Sonia is looking like a tired wreck at the moment. A few left-handed jabs frm Wahner with less than 20 seconds on the clock. 

17:32 (IST)24 Nov 2018
Sonia Chahal vs Wahner Ornella Gabriele - Round 1

Round 1:

Cautious start for Sonia - she is staring backwards. German is looking more confident. Gabrielle tries to use her long left arms to get a hook, but so far, it has not been working out for her with Gabrielle blocking her attacks. Gabrielle now taking the fight to her, delivers a right hook and then pushed her backwards towards the rope. A couple of swings from Sonia, but Gabrielle quick to block her. Sonia tries to enter inside, but the blockade of Gabriele is just too good here. Sonia gets one jab on her face and Wahner stepped up on the mat. Sonia make a couple of mistakes here. 

17:28 (IST)24 Nov 2018
Wahner Ornella Gabriele enters

Germany's Wahner Ornella Gabriele enters and walks towards the ring. 

And here comes India's Sonia Chahal!

17:22 (IST)24 Nov 2018
NEXT UP - Sonia Chahal vs Wahner Ornella Gabriele

Now, Sonia Chahal will take on Germany's Wahner Ornella Gabriele in the Women's 57 kg category final.

17:18 (IST)24 Nov 2018

Here is how Mary Kom scripted history


17:14 (IST)24 Nov 2018
Mary Kom on her win

This is what Mary Kom has to say on her win:

17:02 (IST)24 Nov 2018
More reactions
16:57 (IST)24 Nov 2018
Reactions are pouring in

Sports stars from across the country have come forward to wish Mary Kom for her historic gold medal at the World Boxing Championships. Here are some of the top reactions:

16:33 (IST)24 Nov 2018
The crowning moment
16:31 (IST)24 Nov 2018
The magnificent Mary Kom speaks

"First of all, I would like to thank, all my friends. They came to see my play. Especially for me, in the contingent, to cheer for us. Today, I am a little bit emotional, since I have been feeling there is no category in the Olympic Games. Because of your love and support, I am able to qualify for 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Four years, ago, I was not able to qualify. I am still suffering from making the weight. 

"Thank you for your love and support. I don't have anything to give, except for a gold in the country. I am still dreaming about going to dream about winning the gold in 2020."

16:26 (IST)24 Nov 2018
16:26 (IST)24 Nov 2018

16 years ago, Mary Kom won her first gold medal. Now she has won her 6th, at the age of 35.

16:25 (IST)24 Nov 2018


Kom beats Ukraine's Hanna Okhata via 5-0 unanimous decision to win the gold.

16:23 (IST)24 Nov 2018
Mary Kom vs Hanna Okhota final Live - ROUND 3

Round 3

Mary Kom delivers a right-handed jab. A right-hand, left-hand combo from Mary Kom has rattled Hanna Okhota. She appears to be frustrated. Kom delivers another combination of punches, and this looks to be it. Kom could be bringing the gold for India now. A mid shot from Mary Kom, and Kom is keeping herself backwards. She then move forwards and put some shots of her own on Okhota's face. Okhota taunting Kom to step forward.

16:19 (IST)24 Nov 2018
Mary Kom vs Hanna Okhota final Live - ROUND 2

Round 2

Mary Kom more on the toes, she is more asertive, not her casual self. She goes for a powerful hook witrh her right. Attacks beautifully with two quick right  jabs. Okhota is rattled. Kom attacking more in Round 2, and she is exposing herself to get attacked more in Round 2. Okhota is getting a strike here. A left-handed flick from Okhota pushes Mary Kom backwards. Kom delivers a perfect right hook at the close of the second Round. Though, she did stumble down just a second ago.

16:15 (IST)24 Nov 2018
Mary Kom vs Hanna Okhota final Live - ROUND 1


A cagey start from both the fighters. Mary KOm catches Hanna Okhota with a right hand. A few punches to Hanna and the crowd cheers. A right jab on the jaw from Mary Kom to Hanna. Kom delivers a right-two punch combination to Hanna. She has completely taken control ver the Ukrainian. Mary Kom keeping backwards, and forcing Hanna to come forward. Okhota gets a shot on Kom's  face at the close of the Round 1. Kom wrestle Okhota to the ground. The referee having a word. A few jabs and a right-hand, left-hand combo from Kom at the close.

Mary Kom Mary Kom vs Hanna Okhota Highlights: Mary Kom in action. (Source: PTI)

Mary Kom vs Hanna Okhota Highlights:  Five-time World Champion MC Mary Kom will face Ukraine’s Hanna Okhota in the World Boxing Championships final on Sunday to win her record 6th gold medal in the 48kg weight category. The 2012 Olympics bronze medal-winning boxer defeated North Korea’s Kim Hyang Mi on Fri in a unanimous 5-0 decision in the semifinal to enter the final of the tournament. Sonia will also face Germany’s Ornella Wahner in the World Boxing Championship 2018 Final in the 57kg weight category.