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Friday, July 20, 2018

Pro Kabaddi league (PKL), Patna Pirates vs Bengaluru Bulls, season 4: Patna beat Bengaluru 31-25 at home

Pro Kabaddi league (PKL), season 4: Patna Pirates continue their winning streak after defeating Bengaluru Bulls 31-25 at home.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 21, 2016 5:14:16 pm
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Patna Pirates beat Bengaluru Bulls 31-25 to register another win and continue their winnings streak. Pirates began their home leg with an emphatic win over Bengaluru Bulls in Patna on Thursday. Pardeep Narwal emerged out to be the most successful raider as he got eight raid points under his belt. Kuldeep Singh on the other side was solid in the defence and the combination handed over another win to Patna to keep them unbeaten in the tournament so far. This was Patna’s fourth win in the season which lifted them up to the third spot just behind Jaipur Pink Panthers and Puneri Paltan. Though Patna Pirates have played two games less tna Jaipur and Paltan. After six minutes, the Patna Pirates star raider Pardeep Narwal opened his account in the seventh minute as Patna Pirates led 5-3. Patna Pirates made a super tackle in the 35th minute as they opened a six-point gap to lead 26-20. Bengaluru Bulls managed to reduce the victory margin to less than seven as they lost 25-31. Pardeep Narwal scored eight raid points for home team Patna Pirates as they remained unbeaten in the fourth season.

Patna Pirates vs Bengaluru Bulls

2054 hrs IST: Patna Pirates are surely taking a win home today

2053 hrs IST: Super tackle and two more points to Patna

2052 hrs IST: Substitution for Bengaluru Bulls and clearly Pirates are wating time to sustain that lead

2051 hrs IST: A 7-point lead to Patna Pirates with less than 3 minutes remaining in the match

2050 hrs IST: These lead can be wiped up very easily but till the time its not being reduced, Pirates can have laugh

2049 hrs IST: Once again it is Super Tackle on

2048 hrs IST: Rohit Kumar goes away and two points to Patna Pirates for Super Tackle

2047 hrs IST: Do or die raid for Bengluru Bulls, Rohit Kumar is three away from super 10

2046 hrs IST: Here’s Kuldeep for the raid for Patna

2045 hrs IST: Super tackle is on from Pirates. Vinod Kumar raiding for Bulls

2044 hrs IST: A SUPER RAID and Abul Fazal gives Pirates 4 points lead

2043 hrs IST: Just one point lead is what Patna Pirates have

2042 hrs IST: DO OR DIE RAID from Sunny. The youngster has been grabbed ferociously

2041 hrs IST: SUPER TACKLE ON from Patna Pirates

2040 hrs IST: Sunny raiding for Patna Pirates.

2039 hrs IST: Patna Pirates are in a fair bit of pressure as they just lead by 2 points

2038 hrs IST: Bengaluru Bulls have taken a time out

2037 hrs IST: SUPER TACKLE on from Patna

2036 hrs IST: Substitution for Bengaluru Bulls

2035 hrs IST: And he hads got the big man. Pardeep Narwal

2034 hrs IST: DO OR DIE RAID from Patna Pirates, they don’t want to give it up but Bengaluru Bulls get one point

2033 hrs IST: Vinod Kumar is raiding for Bengaluru Bulls

2032 hrs IST: Rajesh Mondal raiding for Patna Pirates

2031 hrs IST: One point to bulls

2030 hrs IST: Pirates with the raid and Pardeep Narwal grabs two points

2029 hrs IST: Rohit Kumar has now drawn level with Rahul Choudhari in raid points

2028 hrs IST: It’s Rajesh Mondal vs Mohit Chhillar but it is easy pickings for Mondal

2027 hrs IST: Meanwhile we have Pawan Kumar raiding for Bulls

2026 hrs IST: It’s a big chance for Bulls to grab some points

2025 hrs IST: Rajesh Mondal is in for the raid for Pirates but it’s an empty one

2022 hrs IST: At half time Patna Pirates maintain the lead. Patna 15-12 Bangalore

2021 hrs IST: Kuldeep raiding for Pirates but it’s an empty raid

2020 hrs IST: That Time out has worked a bit for Bangalore

2019 hrs IST: Rohit is off and the refrees are having a discussion

2018 hrs: Here’s Pardeep Narwal with the raid for Patna Pirates

2017 hrs IST: The home team is showing why they are the defending champions

2016 hrs IST: Increase that lead because Patna Pirates are on a role

2015 hrs IST: It isn’t a huge deficit for Bengaluru Bulls and it’s another Do or die raid for Patna Pirates and they get one point

2014 hrs IST: Bengaluru Bulls get bonus point but Patna Pirates get ALL OUT

2013 hrs: Pirates take the lead of one point


2011 hrs IST: DO OR DIE RAID and Pirates equal the scoring


2010 hrs IST: SUPER TACKLE is still on. Kuldeep Singh raiding for Patna Pirates

2009 hrs IST: SUPER TACKLE  in and Bulls snatch two points. This was shear brilliance

2008 hrs IST: REVIEW! Bengaluru Bulls have gone for one. They appeal for bonus + two

2007 hrs IST: Superb stuff from Pradeep Narwal. He grabs one point for his team

2005 hrs IST: SUPER TACKLE on and Patna Pirates are increasing the lead

2004 hrs IST: Patna grab lead of 2 points

2003 hrs IST: Bangalore equal the scoring

2002 hrs IST: DO OR DIE RAID for Patna Pirates and they get one more point

2001 hrs IST: Pressure on Bangalore as their main raider is off!


2000 hrs IST: Patna equal the scoring

1959 hrs IST: So Bengaluru Bulls earn a point in DO OR DIE RAID

1958 hrs IST: Pradeep Narwal comes in for Patna Pirates but the teams are still without a point

1957 hrs IST: Rohit Kumar in with the raid for Bangalore but he’s back quietly

1956 hrs IST: Bengaluru Bulls on the charge with Ashish Kumar

1955 hrs IST: Number two and three raiders in this season are a part of this match, surely an exciting clash is awaited

1953 hrs IST: We are all set for the first match in Patna


1951 hrs IST: It’s time for NATIONAL ANTHEM


1849 hrs IST: The star defender for Bengaluru Bulls Mohit Chhillar is someone to watch out for

1948 hrs IST: It’s the turn for the defending champs Patna Pirates to take the mat

1947 hrs IST: The first team Bengaluru Bulls are out on the mat

1945 hrs IST: The defending champions Patna Pirates are up against Bengaluru Bulls at home


Pardeep Narwal stars in Patna Pirates win over U Mumba


Riding high on Pardeep Narwal’s sensational performance, which featured 18 raid points, Patna Pirates beat U Mumba 36-34 for their second consecutive win in the Pro Kabaddi League contest in Jaipur on Wednesday.

Bengaluru Bulls edge Telugu Titans 30-28


Led by Rohit Kumar’s heroics, Bengaluru Bulls came up with an impressive performance to outclass Telugu Titans 30-28 in the Pro Kabaddi.

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