Justin Gatlin ‘breaks’ Usain Bolt’s record, runs 100m in 9.45 secondshttps://indianexpress.com/article/sports/sport-others/justin-gatlin-breaks-usain-bolts-record-runs-100m-in-9-45-seconds/

Justin Gatlin ‘breaks’ Usain Bolt’s record, runs 100m in 9.45 seconds

Jastin Gatlin, added by wind generators, broke Usain Bolt's 100m record by running the distance in 9.45 seconds.

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Justin Gatlin ran the 100 metres distance in 9.45 seconds. (Source: AP)

When Usain Bolt broke his own record for the 100m at Olympics, it was said that it would need someone to do something special to break the record of 9.58 seconds. Justin Gatlin just did that.

Gatlin’s rivalry with Bolt went to another level when the former “broke” the Jamaican’s record set in 2009.

Gatlin ran the 100m race at a promotional event for a Japanese TV show and for the race, a big fan was placed at the start line and four other fans were alongside the tracks which held Gatlin finish the race in 9.45 secs.

WATCH: Gatlin breaks Bolt’s record (App users click here)