Guinness record: Yes, this basketball shot was made from 126.5 metre away

Guinness record: Yes, this basketball shot was made from 126.5 metre away

'How Ridiculous', a YouTube group made a 126.5 metre basketball shot, the longest ever.

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The Gordon Dam in Tasmania in 126.5 metres tall, a height from which the shot was made. (Source: How Ridiculous YouTube)

A YouTuber group, known as ‘How Ridiculous’, achieved an incredible feat by making a 126.5-metre basketball shot from Tasmania’s Gordon Dam.

Team member Brett Stanford went on top of the dam and made the shot, the longest basketball shot ever.

Stanford already held the Guinness world record for the longest basketball shot. He made a 91-metre shot in 2013 from the EuroMast tower in the Netherlands.

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The shot from the Gordon Dam was made over repeated attempts over a course of three days with rain and storms disturbing the team members.