Google Doodle celebrates Winter Olympics with its own ‘Snow Games’

Google Doodle celebrates Winter Olympics with its own ‘Snow Games’

Google will, over the course of February 9 and February 25, celebrate the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea with its own version called as the Snow Games.

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Google is celebrating the Winter Olympics with its own Snow Games. (Source: Google)

Google has a long history of celebrating important moments in time. Be it historic events or celebrating the births of key figures across the globe. The choices are not down to just world political figures as it transcends across important social causes, sporting events, national days, holidays and celebrations. In the world of sport, Google has previously done multiple doodles around Football World Cups, Summer Olympics and more marquee occasions. Presently, that distinction and important virtual real estate is occupied by the Winter Olympics underway at in PyeongChang, South Korea.

In keeping with the theme of winter sports and activities, Google has been using animated characters and illustrations for its own version of “Snow Games”. The Snow Games, like the Winter Olympics, will go on from February 9 till February 25 in 17 days of enthralling activity. The 23rd Winter Olympics sees representation from 92 teams (91 nations and Olympic Athletes from Russia (OAR)) and the Snow Games are no different with many in the animal kingdom staking claim for medals.

Day 1 of Google Doodle Snow Games

On the first day of the Google Doodle celebrating the Winter Olympics, the video shows animals – from the likes of little birds to snakes, polar bears, tigers and numerous species in the Animal Kingdom — excited about the Snow Games. The participants include runner-up Snake, webbed-feet Penguin and Dog on rough slopes.

Day 2 of Google Doodle Snow Games

On the second day of the Google Doodle, a turtle is involved in the Snow Games. As the turtle rolls forward, it comes to a stop around concentric circles thus signifying the game of Curling.

Day 3 of Google Doodle Snow Games


Action in the Snow Games intensifies with the involvement of a Polar Bear who goes down the snow-capped hills at staggeringly high speeds to take the gold medal. The doodle shows the Polar Bear participate in downhill skiing and manoeuver itself with finesse to set a time of 17 seconds.

Day 4 of Google Doodle Snow Games

Carrying gorgeous little illustrations of animals, the snowboarding race shows the likes of a monkey, penguin, an elephant, among others from the Animal Kingdom taking part. As the entire pack races towards the finishing line, the joy amid the animals is quite evident.

Day 5 of Google Doodle Snow Games

A “slider” Raccoon Dog is the man character on Day 5. The luge is one of the most difficult competitions especially for the Raccoon Dog but he has to comepete and win. With a speed past 153 km per hour and up to 5 Gs of acceleration, Raccoon Dog edges the competition to win.

Day 6 of Google Doodle Snow Games

Day 6 of the ‘Snow Games’ coincides with Valentine’s Day and Google is celebrating both with touch of traditional red into the theme. In the illustration, two lovebirds, named “the Grebes” are shown taking part in the couples event of figure skating. The lovebirds, who had grown up performing together since they were chicks, showed off divine synchronisation when it mattered.

Day 7 of Google Doodle Snow Games

Google continued its run of interactive illustrations on the 7th day of Winter Olympic Games 2018 on Thursday. Google Doodle came up with an interactive doodle showing the participant — the Archerfish — taking part in biathlon. In the Animal Kingdom, the bialthon comprises of spit and swim. In the video, the Archer, Archer is shown trying to aim his spit at the flies who are lined up on the tree. The Archer aims his spit on the files as a result of which, they all, one by one, fall down. In a moment of true sportsman-spirit, one of the flies, who fell down from the tree, brings the gold medal to the archer in the video.

Day 8 of Google Doodle Snow Games

On Day 8, Google Doodle celebrated Chinese New Year as after eight games of the days, it is time for the animal-athletes to take a break. According to Google, it is time “to hot-dog and monkey around. After all the action, it’s a pleasant pick-me-up for our doggone tired competitors.” The animal-athletes sit on the ski lift, to make their way to the top fo the mountain and enjoy the fireworks and celebrate the Chinese New Year. Since the year is the Year of the Dog, the Dog is particularly enjoying the break.

Day 9 of Google Doodle Snow Games

On Day 9, Google Doodle showed cranes who are as excited for the ongoing Winter Olympics. There is a crane-on-crane hockey match and they meet each other for a faceoff. The game starts with the referee’s whistle. The cranes fly from one end to the other, hoping to net their dreams by winging it in the goal.

Day 10 of Google Doodle Snow Games

On Day 10 of Winter Games, there is a fabled cross-country skiing race going on between the animal-athletes. There is not much asistance from the gravity or downslopes, so the race tests the endurance of even the finest of athletes. The hare takes on the 188-year veteran tortoise in the race with mouse, being the referee, flagging it off. In a close battle, hare first takes the lead, but then goes back to bring the tortoise along with him. The hare takes a leap of faith and teams up with tortoise as the race ends with a happy twist.

Day 11 of Google Doodle Snow Games

Google usually goes for a particular sport everyday for their doodle but this time they have kept a generic animated strip which includes an element of a lot of Winter Sports like speed skating, bobsleigh, ski jumping as well as snowboarding. In the Doodle, an insect is seen carrying a snowball uphill but starts running as it starts rolling downhill towards it. Before it can approach the finish-line, the giant snow-ball rolls over it.

Day 12 of Google Doodle Snow Games

On the 12th day of the Google Doodle Snow Games, a Flying Squirrel is shown competing in the ski jump event. With many expecting the squirrel to sleigh the jump, the furry athlete gets the job done with a stupendous leap as it goes soaring through the air. Rightly so, the favourite earned itself the gold medal and had this to say after the win, “It’s been a long rodent to get here, with a lot of tuft competition, but in the end it was my fans’ support that lifted me up to make the winning jump.”

Day 13 of Google Doodle Snow Games

Speed skating legend Millipede competed in the competition today in Google Doodle snow game. Before the game, the Champion, who is known for his “down-to-earth” nature said. “Sure, it takes hours, but I put on my skates like anyone else: curled up on the ground to reach ‘em all. Although I do have 998 more reasons to trip, so I quadruple-knot the laces.” He is shown with his numerous shoes which he has tie to on all his feet before racing. He won the race last time by just 1000th of a secon. He is being challenged for the second consecutive victory by cousin and arch rival Centi who will attempt to impede his winning run.

Day 14 of Google Doodle Snow Games

On Day 14 of the Winter Olympic Games, Squirrel takes on his cousin Chipmunk in a friendly battle of Ice Hockey. The latter is seen scurrying out on the ice wearing the tradition striped unifirm as Squirrel looks to bury the competition to win gold. The game begins as the referee drops the acorn. Squirrel wins the faceoff and cracks a big slapshot and send the puck towards the net. Chipmuk easily gobbles the shot and taunts chipmuk. The crowd enjoys the show on hands.

Day 15 of Google Doodle Snow Games

The 15th Day of the Winter Olympics Google Doodle is on the anticipated bobsled event. The birds have been logging time on the mountain for the past few weeks in preparation for this webbed feat. The ducks were on track for a win, but then as though the old expression holds true today: if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…it may not be a bobsled star. The pipe dream of victory was a slippery slope for this crew. They swam against the current, but in the end they were sunk.

Day 16 of Google Doodle Snow Games


On Day 16 of the Winter Olympics, the Octopus is on the verge to dominate the free skate program today. He is surrounded by an enthusiastic corral of sea-fans. He has a tough competition on hands, so he attempts the never-done-before double-quad and lands perfectly, which will change the “tide of figure skating forever”. The afish-ionados who are sitting in the crowds do the Wave after seeing Octo’s feat. Kraken, the judge awards extra points for technical feet, while Giant Squid gives him a perfect score of 8/8. Gator siphons, though deduct a point. On being questioned about why he gave the perfect score, Giant Squid says, “Gill-ty as charged, I’m a sucker for jet propulsion!” Octo has emerged as the winner.