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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Pro Kabaddi League 2019 Highlights: Pink Panthers, Steelers register their first wins

Pro Kabaddi League 2019 Highlights: Jaipur Pink Panthers inflicted the biggest defeat of the season to U Mumba by 42-23, while Haryana Steelers also picked up the five points.

By: Sports Desk | Updated: July 22, 2019 9:44:33 pm
Pro Kabaddi League 2019 Highlights: Haryana Steelers led from the beginning against Puneri Paltan and won it 34-24.

Pro Kabaddi League 2019 Highlights: Inflicting the first defeat to U Mumba, the Abhishek Bachchan-owned Jaipur Pink Panther mauled them by 42-23 at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium at Hyderabad on Monday. Led by Deepak Hooda’s incessant raids and three all-outs on U Mumba, the Pink Panthers moved to the top of the table with 5 points and the highest SD of +19.

In the following match, the Haryana Steelers defeated Puneri Paltan by 34-24, after taking a salient lead of 12 points in the first half itself. The Anup Kumar-coached Puneri Paltan tried a comeback, but Steelers’ Naveen Kumar’s 11 raid points proved to be too much for them.

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Live Blog

Pro Kabaddi League 2019 Highlights:


    21:34 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    FT: Paltan 24-34 Steelers

    Steelers win the game in the end after creating a salient lead in the first half. Although Pune picked up 14 points in the second half, it wasn't enough. Naveen Kumar of the Steelers with 11 raid points played like a real hero, even Pawan Kadian.

    21:31 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Paltan 23-31 Steelers

    Good raid from Pawan Kadian who keeps the pressure on, but sadly, time is not on the Paltan's side.

    21:27 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Paltan 20-29 Steelers

    Five minutes to go, and wind on Pune's sail. Can Anup Kumar's team do it?

    21:20 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Paltan 17-29 Steelers

    Two do-or-die raids, and both fail due to good grabs by Kuldeep Singh, and on the other side Naveen and Cherlathan. Naveen can do it all, tackling and collecting 10 points so far in this game. Best player of the match so far. 

    21:15 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Paltan 16-27 Steelers

    The two teams are landing consecutive blows now. One point this way, one point that way.  Naveen and Pawan have been excellent for the two teams. Still, the Steelers are way ahead. Ten minutes to go. 

    21:12 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Paltan 13-25 Steelers

    The Pune defence shows its cracks again, as Naveen gets a touch on Surjeet Singh, but they comeback with a brilliant ankle grab.

    21:08 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Paltan 11-22 Steelers

    Back in the second half, Pune picks up a point right in the beginning, owing to Pawan Kadian's athleticism.

    21:02 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    HT: Paltan 10-22 Steelers

    The captain Dharamaraj Cheralathan puts an end to the first half with an empty raid. The Steelers have been simply brilliant so far with 9 points from the raiding front and 8 points from the defensive front. Can Pune fight back? 

    20:57 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Paltan 9-20 Steelers

    All out! Haryana are viciously downing the Paltans. No mercy at all. Defenders Vikas Kale and Vinay threw off Surjeet Singh off the mat. 

    20:55 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Paltan 8-16 Steelers

    The Pune defence is on fire. First, a collective super tackle and now, the chain of Manjeet and Shubham Shinde traps Selvamani K on the mat. The Paltans are trying to fight back, but to no avail as they are making errors up ahead. Most of their raiders are falling flat now. 

    20:50 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Paltan 6-6 Steelers

    Anyone's game so far, and there's already a time out. Steelers' Naveen the latest one to collect a point on the Do or Die raid, as the last two raids turned out to be empty ones.

    20:47 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Paltan 3-2 Steelers

    Anyone's game so far, and there's already a time out. Steelers' Naveen the latest one to collect a point on the Do or Die raid, as the last two raids turned out to be empty ones.

    20:42 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Paltan 1-0 Steelers

    Amit Kumar goes in and draws first blood for Pune. The match is underway now.

    20:41 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Haryana Steelers lineup

    Haryana Steelers Starting Seven: Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Naveen, Vikas Kale, Parveen, Selvamani K, Vinay, Kuldeep Singh

    20:40 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Puneri Paltan lineup

    Puneri Paltan Starting Seven: Surjeet Singh (C), Amit Kumar, Pawan Kadian, Girish Ernak, Shubham Shinde, Deepak Yadav, Manjeet

    20:40 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    The second match is here

    Haryana Steelers to raid first against Puneri Paltan in their first match of the season.

    20:31 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    FT: Mumba 23-42 Pink Panthers

    Steam-roller of a performance, led by Deepak Hooda from the front. The Abhishek Bachchan-owned team move to the top with a SD of 19.

    20:28 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Mumba 20-38 Pink Panthers

    Another all-out towards the end of the match from Jaipur by tackling Dong Geon Lee, after Sachin Narwal got Fazel Atrachali and Sandeep Narwal in one raid. All but over now. 

    20:24 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Mumba 19-31 Pink Panthers

    After the time-out, Jaipur continue to rack up points. Abhishek Singh is tackled by Jaipur, which provided them with an extra Super Tackle point.

    20:17 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Mumba 19-28 Pink Panthers

    Five minutes left now and Mumbai are making a serious comeback, with Geon Lee making the most recent point from a raid. The Korean has made 5 raid points in the match.

    20:12 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Mumba 16-28 Pink Panthers

    All going slow now. Empty raids and one points, but the excitement is still the same. Eight more minutes for Mumbai to win it.

    20:09 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Mumba 14-26 Pink Panthers

    Abhishek Singh makes an empty raid after a successful raid in the minute before. His third raid point in the match.

    20:05 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Mumba 13-24 Pink Panthers

    After a couple of empty raids from both the sides, U Mumba get points off a good defensive effort. 

    20:02 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Mumba 10-23 Pink Panthers

    Geon Lee gets the first point of the second half for U Mumba. The Pink Panthers reply in kind from their raid. 

    19:59 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Sensational half from Pink Panthers

    Two all-outs. Nitin Rawal and Deepak Narwal with 5 and 4 points respectively. Solid defence. Near perfect half for them. 

    19:56 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    HT: Mumba 9-22 Pink Panthers

    All Out! What team play from Jaipur. Abhishek Singh gets the bonus but is dashed out by a collective attempt from the defenders.  And it's half time. 

    19:53 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Mumba 7-18 Pink Panthers

    After a brief break, it's been going both the ways, with Sandeep Narwal and Nitin Rawal in action. Still, the Pink Panthers in considerable lead. And again by Nitin Rawal, who gets a firm touch on Fazel and evades everyone.

    19:46 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Mumba 4-13 Pink Panthers

    Fazel Atrachali is not looking at his best tonight, as U Mumba keep on giving away points, this time to Nitin Rawal. The defence needs to be better for the men in orange.

    19:43 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Mumba 3-11 Pink Panthers

    After the Korean gets thrown out of the court, U Mumba falls for an All-Out now.  Deepak Narwal goes in for the raid, touches Chang Ko, evades and crosses the mid-line. Jaipur well in lead now.

    19:39 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Change for U Mumba

    Young Chang Ko comes in for Abhishek Singh.

    19:37 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Mumba 1-3 Pink Panthers

    Dong Geon Lee gets U Mumba their first point. Deepak Hooda looks disappointed.

    19:34 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Mumba 0-2 Pink Panthers

    To start off things, Deepak Hooda has gone for a super raid already. He is awarded three points initally, but after a U Mumba review, it is only two points for the Jaipur team.

    19:31 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Pink Panthers win the toss

    Deepak Hooda wins the toss, as Jaipur Pink Panthers chooses to raid first.

    19:30 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Fazel doesn't mess around
    19:29 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Jaipur Pink Panthers lineup

    Jaipur Pink Panthers Starting Seven: Deepak Niwas Hooda (c), Vishal, Sunil Siddhgavali, Deepak Narwal, Nitin Rawal, Sandeep Dhull, Amit Hooda

    19:28 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    U Mumba lineup

    U Mumba Starting Seven: Fazel Atrachali (c), Rohit Baliyan, Abhishek Singh, Sandeep Narwal, Surender Singh, Dong Geon Lee, Harendra Singh

    19:17 (IST)22 Jul 2019
    Up against the best
    19:12 (IST)22 Jul 2019
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