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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Pro Kabaddi 2018 Highlights: U Mumba beat UP Yoddha, Telugu Titans beat Puneri Paltan

Pro Kabaddi 2018 highlights, U Mumba vs UP Yoddha Telugu Titans vs Puneri Paltan: U Mumba and Telugu Titans recorded wins in Tuesday's fixtures.

By: Sports Desk | Updated: November 13, 2018 10:36:45 pm
Pro Kabaddi 2018, U Mumba vs UP Yoddha Telugu Titans vs Puneri Paltan

Pro Kabaddi 2018, U Mumba vs UP Yoddha Telugu Titans vs Puneri Paltan: U Mumba showed the kind of form that they had made a staple during the matches prior to their home leg. They outclassed UP Yoddha in both departments of the mat fair and square and came on top as the deserved victors. Telugu Titans showed that they are a side very different from last season and are genuine contenders for the title. They outclassed a very strong Puneri Paltan squad to go second on the Zone B table.

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Live Blog

Pro Kabaddi 2018 highlights, U Mumba vs UP Yoddha Telugu Titans vs Puneri Paltan

22:20 (IST)13 Nov 2018
THAT'S THAT! U Mumba beat UP Yoddha 41-24

U Mumba have replicated the form they have exhibited before this home leg started. Clinical in both departments of the mat and that is that. 

22:14 (IST)13 Nov 2018
U Mumba 40-24 UP Yoddha

Nothing UP Yoddha can do now. Not a single point is going to come out of this match for them. 

22:00 (IST)13 Nov 2018
U Mumba 29-21 UP

Fazel goes in and wastes time before a timeout is taken. 5 mins left in the match and U Mumba have a healthy lead. Can they hold on to this?

21:54 (IST)13 Nov 2018
U Mumba 21-15 UP

Just one point scored in the last eight minutes. U Mumba pulling away though and they won't mind this status quo one bit. Pressure building on UP.

21:42 (IST)13 Nov 2018
U Mumba 15-14 UP Yoddha

U Mumba fought back in the last three minutes and  end the half in the lead. This has been a an incredible match thus far. 

21:24 (IST)13 Nov 2018
U Mumba 4-4 UP Yoddha

Quite a close start from both sides with the defences struggling to reign in  the raiders, 

21:02 (IST)13 Nov 2018
Titans beat Pune 28-25

Rahul Chaudhari kills time in the end and stops any possible comeback and even takes a point for good measure.  But Pune have closed the gap to the point that they can go away from here with a point. 

20:58 (IST)13 Nov 2018
Pune 24-27 Titans

Wait a minute! A few good raids and suddenly, the Titans are all out, suddenly the gap is down to three points. 

20:51 (IST)13 Nov 2018
Pune 17-27 Titans

Both sides gaining points which is not something that Puneri Paltan would want. The gap remains 10 points and there are just 4 mins left in the match. 

20:41 (IST)13 Nov 2018
Pune 13-23 Titans

No way out for Puneri Paltan at the moment. The Titans' raiders are just taking points at will from the defence and they are not able to do the same to the opposition. 

20:35 (IST)13 Nov 2018
Pune 11-18 Titans in second half

A couple of empty raids from both sides and it became do or die for Rahul Chaudhari and he delivered. Titans remain as solid as ever, 

20:28 (IST)13 Nov 2018
HALF TIME! Pune 11-17 Titans

A raid by Sandeep Narwal and then a Super Tackle helps Pune reduce the gap to six points. This has been a good showing from the Titans. 

20:22 (IST)13 Nov 2018
Pune 8-17 Titans

Rahul Chaudhari manages a three point raid and Pune are struggling to keep up. Less than three minutes left in the half so they will finish it behind. 

20:17 (IST)13 Nov 2018
Pune 7-13 Titans

Pune on the backfoot early on. Titans manage an all out and then put some more pressure on the opposition with some very good defending. 

20:14 (IST)13 Nov 2018
Pune 6-8 Titans

Pune get to within one point but at a cost, they are down to 2 men. Rahul Chaudhari goes in for the raid and is succesfull, just one man left now. 

20:13 (IST)13 Nov 2018
Pune 1-4 Titans

Nilesh Salunke's two-point raid and some good work in defence has helped the Titans get off to a good start here. 

19:31 (IST)13 Nov 2018
Hello and welcome!

U Mumba seem to be going down the same road they went last season at home. It would be more dissapointing for them this time because they were a much improved side before their home leg started as compared to last season. They started they way they have played most matches this season, by pounding the opposition to a pulp. Since then, theny have somehow given away some silly points and lost close matches. They would hope for some improvement today. 

But before that, we have Puneri Paltan vs Telugu Titans. 

Pro Kabaddi 2018,Puneri Paltan vs Telugu Titans Live Score Streaming Online: Nitin Tomar has been on fire this season.

Pro Kabaddi League 2018 Live Score Streaming, Puneri Paltan vs Telugu Titans Live Score Streaming Online: Puneri Paltan play Telugu Titans on Tuesday. Both sides are two of the in form sides in the two zones. The Titans may be second to bottom in Zone B but that is mostly because of the fact that they have played the second least number of matches. Pune and Titans both possess two of the most balanced sides in the league and so, it should be an interesting match up.