Pro Kabaddi 2018 Highlights: UP Yoddha, Puneri Paltan emerge winners on Day 2

Pro Kabaddi 2018 Highlights: UP Yoddha, Puneri Paltan emerge winners on Day 2

Pro Kabaddi League 2018: Puneri Paltan and UP Yoddha were victorious on the second day of the Pro Kabaddi 2018 season as they beat Haryana Steelers and Tamil Thalaivas respectively in Chennai.

Pro Kabaddi 2018: Tamil Thalaivas were defeated by UP Yoddha. (Source: PTI)

Pro Kabaddi 2018, Puneri Paltan vs Haryana Steelers, Tamil Thalaivas vs UP Yoddha Highlights: In the first match of the day, Puneri Paltan produced a one-sided, dominating performance to beat Haryana Steelers 34-22 and register their first win of Pro Kabaddi Season VI in Chennai on Monday. Nitin Tomar led from the front as he scored seven points and was ably supported by G B More and Deepak Kumar Dahiya who scored six and five points respectively. Tamil Thalaivas, however, did not make the most of the home crowd as they lost their second match to a dominating UP Yoddha 37-32.

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Pro Kabaddi 2018 Highlights: Puneri Paltan vs Haryana Steelers, Tamil Thalaivas vs UP Yoddha

UP Yoddha beat Tamil Thalaivas 37-32

And UP Yoddha did it! Beat Tamil Thalaivas in their own den by 37-32. The hosts need to be given the credit of attempting a comeback. It was however too late as they lose the match by five points. 

Ajay Thakur tackled

The UP defenders finally get the trick! They get rid of Thalaivas captain Ajay Thakur, catching him at the centre. Few moments before the end of the match. Tamil Thalaivas have done brilliantly well to make a comeback. Can they win it?

Super tackle

And that's all-out for UP Yoddha. Ajay Thakur does brilliantly well to wrestle the two UP defenders and made his way back to the midline. Tamil Thalaivas are getting into their groove. Is it too little too late for the hosts though?

Star Athul

Athul has been an absolute star in Chennai today. He gets two men out with his raid by wrestling his body towards the line.


Thalaivas get a bonus point. UP review. Review unsuccessful. Need to be smarter with reviews.

Second half

The second half of the match has been no different. The Yoddhas continue their domination, notching up another seven points while Tamil Thalaivas only managed one more point.

Half-time: Tamil Thalaivas 4-18 UP Yoddha

UP Yoddha do extremely well to go into the half-time with a 14-point lead. It has been a one-sided first half. Tamil Thalaivas need to buck up in the second for those three points. They need to figure out how to deal with the UP raiders.

Yoddhas dominate

The Yoddhas are dominating, destroying Chennai in their own city! They have taken a ten point lead while Tamil Thalaivas have failed to secure a single point. 

UP Yoddha begin well

UP Yoddha have begun very well, not allowing the hosts Tamil Thalaivas of points and taking a five point advantage at the start of the match. Not to the pleasure of the home crowd.

Match underway

Ajay Thakur begins with an empty raid. Not a great start for the hosts. 

Tamil Thalaivas Playing VII

UP Yoddha Playing VII

Time for the second match of the day between Tamil Thalaivas and UP Yoddha. Here are the playing 7 of UP Yoddha:

Puneri Paltan win 34-22

And that's the end of the match which was completely dominated by Puneri Paltan, who won by a gap of 12 points. This is Puneri's first win of the season. They now have a total of four points, three today and one yesterday after drawing their opening fixture.

Nada down

Things are only getting worse for Haryana Steelers as Surender Nada goes down in terrible pain. He is hardly moving his wrist. It could even be a fracture. 


This is the second time Haryana Steelers see an all-out in their first match against Puneri Paltan, who are doing brilliantly well, leading 30-17.

Kandola returns without any points

Vikash Kandola returns back empty-handed without a raid point. It does not seem to be going in the way of Haryana after the break. They seem to have given up. Five minutes of the match to go and Puneri Paltan lead 30-17.


Wasir Singh was given a bonus point but Puneri Paltan go for the review. Review came out unsuccessful. That's a waste of a review. With that comes the time-out.

Tomar is back

Puneri Paltan star Nitin Tomar is back on the mat and he immediately makes the difference by providing his team with two crucial points. 

Tomar being stretchered off

Stretcher is out! Nitin Tomar is being stretchered off the mat in the second half. This is not good news for leading Paltan. 

Second half action

Twenty minutes of the match left. Puneri start well as Deepak Dahiya runs back with the hand touch. Puneri lead 16-9.


At half-time, Puneri Paltan are looking good with a six point lead over Haryana Steelers. A strong performance by the Paltan in the first half. Nitin Tomar has been sublime in his raids so far.

Super tackle

The Paltans are given a Super-tackle as Nitin Tomar managed a point. That means that Haryana Steelers are all out. With that, the Paltans lead 13-8. 


Puneri Paltan challenge Haryana Steelers for no-touch. This is a crucial review as a point to Haryana will give them the benefit of levelling the match again. REVIEW SUCCESSFUL. Puneri lead 9-8.

Puneri timed-out

Puneri Paltan have been timed-out and now Haryana have 6-5 lead! It's Mayur Shivtarkar's turn to raid now.

Haryana down to three men

It has been a thrilling start of Day 2 of Pro Kabaddi in Chennai. Both teams steal points to keep the game level at 4-4. Puneri Paltan getting into the groove with Haryana Steelers down to three men after More fails to calculate time in his do-or-die raid.

Vikas Khandola does well for Haryana

And that's the 1st point of the match!  Vikas Khandola does well for Haryana Steelers. He does brilliant in the do-or-die, gets the touch of Sandeep, who is not quick enough.

Match begins

Puneri Paltan captain Girish Ernak wins the toss and chooses the court and the first match of the day begins.

Puneri Paltan Playing VII

Haryana Steelers Playing VII

Haryana Steelers look confident

Puneri Paltan might have given a sturdy performance yesterday. But Haryana Steelers are up for the challenge:

Puneri Paltan vs Haryana Steelers LIVE

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the second day of Pro Kabaddi 2018. The first match of the day is between Puneri Paltan and Haryana Steelers. This is Pune side's second match of the season after they avoided loss in the dying minutes of their opening match against U Mumba on Sunday in Chennai. They will hope to use that fighting momentum today as they face a defensive Haryana Steelers.

Pro Kabaddi 2018, Puneri Paltan vs Haryana Steelers Live Score Streaming Online: Haryana Steelers during training.

Pro Kabaddi 2018 Live Score Streaming, Puneri Paltan vs Haryana Steelers Live Score Streaming Online: Haryana Steelers was one of the four teams formed in 2017 and they took the Pro Kabaddi League by storm by entering the playoffs after securing the third position in Zone A. Under coach Rambir Singh Khokhar, the Sonepat team have purchased costly players and built a strong defensive team which will be led by skilled defender Surender Nada. The team is, however, highly dependent on Monu Goyat’s performance this season, having spent nearly 40% of their budget on him. The Steelers lack experience other than Goyat and Sachin Shingade with eight rookies in the squad.