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Friday, February 21, 2020

Pro Kabaddi 2019 Highlights: Warriors and Titans tie, Yoddha overpower Bulls

Pro Kabaddi 2019 Highlights: While Bengal and Hyderabad had to share points, UP Yoddha bested Bengaluru Bulls in a close fight.

By: Sports Desk | Updated: August 12, 2019 10:01:41 pm
Pro Kabaddi 2019 Highlights: The Bulls have now lost two consecutive games.

Pro Kabaddi 2019 Highlights: While Bengal Warriors were held to a tie against Telugu Titans, after playing a 29-29 at the EKA Arena by TransStadia on Monday, the second match of the day saw UP Yoddha overpower Bengaluru Bulls 35-33, in what was a very close fight.

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Pro Kabaddi Highlights:


    21:46 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    FT: BLR 33-35 UP

    After a valiant comeback by the Bulls, they fall to their second consecutive loss to a brilliant UP Yodha side. 

    21:44 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    BLR 32-34 UP

    Monu Goyat has been brought down, and the Bulls are just two points away from levelling the score. But, Sumit has restricted Pawan here, and the Yoddha have the lead with just 20 seconds to go! 

    21:39 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    BLR 29-33 UP

    Time out after time out. This is heading towards a great climax. Two minutes left.

    21:32 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    BLR 28-31 UP

    The captain keeps the hopes alive! Pawan picks up another point as he gets away from Amit's ankle hold. Even after a review, it still stands. Two points to the Bulls.

    21:25 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    BLR 26-30 UP

    Pawan Sehrawat completes his Super 10. He has been superb and he is keeping Bengaluru in the game. And now the champions have taken a time out. 

    21:24 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    BLR 24-29 UP

    Even though Pawan is keeping the fight going as he collected a bonus, Monu Goyat has successful raid as he does well to get away from Saurabh Nandal's ankle hold.

    21:21 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    BLR 21-27 UP

    And just like that UP is taking the game away from their opponent's reach after inflicting an All-Out on the Bulls. Bonus point for Rohit Kumar but he has been pinned down by a double ankle hold from Shrikant Jadhav.

    21:16 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    BLR 18-20 UP

    After both the teams share a point, Mohsen Maghsoudlou gets a bonus point and a touch point on the Do or Die raid. UP are on the upswing. 

    21:14 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    BLR 17-16 UP

    The second half begins and Mahender Singh continues his excellent run tonight as his body block keeps Shrikant Jadhav down on the Do or Die raid. Bengaluru in lead.

    21:05 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    HT: BLR 15-15 UP

    Although Bengaluru Bulls started strongly, UP Yoddha have been very resilient and fought back to bring the game to a balance. 

    21:02 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    BLR 13-13 UP

    And suddenly, the match has turned on its head. Bengaluru Bulls are All-Out. Pawan picked a bonus, but he was brought down by a chain thigh hold from Sumit and Surender Gill.

    20:59 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    BLR 12-10 UP

    Monu Goyat and Shrikant Jadhav keep the UP comeback ticker ticking. But Pawan Sehrawat is spoiling their party with each of his raid and his tackles too. He picked his third straight bonus point. 

    20:55 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    BLR 9-6 UP

    After Rohit Kumar got dashed out of the mat on the Do or Die raid, Mahender Singh comes up with an ankle hold to keep the three point lead intact. 

    20:52 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    BLR 7-5 UP

    After a Super Tackle for UP, Monu Goyat picks up two points on the raiding front. And now, they are staging a comeback.

    20:48 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    BLR 5-1 UP

    Pawan Sehrawat is on fire from the start, as he tackled yet another Yoddha after picking up his first raid point of the night. He is guiding them from all fronts.

    20:45 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    BLR 2-0 UP

    And the reigning champions start the game very quickly, with a tackle and a bonus raid point from Rohit Kumar.

    20:44 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    UP Yoddha lineup

    UP Yoddha Starting Seven: Nitesh Kumar (c), Monu Goyat, Shrikant Jadhav, Surender Gill, Amit, Sumit, Ashu Singh

    20:43 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    Bengaluru Bulls lineup

    Bengaluru Bulls Starting Seven: Rohit Kumar (c), Pawan Sehrawat, Mahender Singh, Mohit Sehrawat, Saurabh Nandal, Aman, Sumit Singh

    20:37 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    The second match is on its way...

    The second match is between Bengaluru Bulls vs UP Yoddha. Stay tuned!

    20:32 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    FT: KOL 29-29 HYD

    After Nabibakhsh fails in his Do or Die raid, Rinku Narwal comes up with an important point with an ankle hold on Armaan. And with empty raids, the match ends as a tie!

    20:23 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    KOL 28-27 HYD

    After Prapanjan comes in for the Do or Die raid and collects an important point to level it up, Nabibakhsh's tackle on Siddharth Desai puts them back into the lad. What a game this! 

    20:17 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    KOL 26-25 HYD

    After the Bengal captain is brought down to the mat by Arun, Titans get a point from their raid and levels it all up. But Bengal restore the lead by a tackle on Suraj Desai, and the Hyderabad team calls a time-out. What a tasty affair this is, down to just 7 more minutes of action.

    20:14 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    KOL 23-21 HYD

    After Nabibakhsh reduced Titans to their last man, Rinku Narwal stops Suraj Desai to escape with a point from his raid. All-Out for Titans!

    20:11 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    KOL 17-20 HYD

    Maninder Singh's dubki brings Bengal closer to Titans, as Abozar and Armaan are both out after his raid.

    20:06 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    KOL 15-17 HYD

    Maninder Singh's raid, Jeeva Kumar's tackle and Prapanjan's raid. Three in three for Bengal. 

    20:04 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    KOL 12-17 HYD

    Soon after, Suraj Desai hands the Warriors an All-Out, after tagging Baldev Singh.

    20:02 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    KOL 12-14 HYD

    Prapanjan picks up a bonus point but is brought down by an ankle hold from Abozar Mighani. And those are the first points of the second half. The match is up and running already!

    19:53 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    HT: KOL 11-13 HYD

    Raids and tackles, passion and spirit. Such a brilliant matchup so far. Suraj Desai ended the half with three points from his Do or Die raid. More to play for in the second half.

    19:50 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    KOL 10-10 HYD

    After a Super Tackle from Nabibakhsh on Siddharth Desai, Bengal equalled the Titans' lead. He again equalled it with a raid after the Hyderabad team got back their lead. 

    19:47 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    KOL 7-9 HYD

    After couple of ankle holds, Prapanjan comes in for the Do or Die raid but he is stopped by a chain of Bhardwaj, Arun and Kumar. Then, Suraj Desai steals a point back with a toe touch on his Do or Die raid.

    19:43 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    KOL 7-7 HYD

    After Suraj Desai uses his pace to tag Rinku Narwal, Maninder exchanged pleasantries to pick up a bonus point. And he again gets a point from his Do or Die raid. What a tie this is. 8 minutes left. 

    19:38 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    KOL 3-5 HYD

    The match took off on equal fronts, but in Desai's Do or Die raid he is tackled by Baldev Singh. Soon after, Nabibakhsh is kept down by an envelope of Telugu Titans defender on his Do or Die raid. 

    19:31 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    KOL 0-1 HYD

    Siddharth Desai picks the first point of the night with a sliding toe touch on Rinku Narwal. Telugu Titans begin the proceedings.

    19:30 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    Bengal win toss

    Bengal Warriors win toss, and invite Telugu Titans to raid first.

    19:20 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    Telugu Titans lineup

    Telugu Titans Starting Seven: Abozar Mighani (c), Siddharth Desai, Suraj Desai, Amit Kumar, Vishal Bhardwaj, Farhad Milaghardan, C Arun

    19:20 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    Bengal Warriors lineup

    Bengal Warriors Starting Seven: Maninder Singh (c), Mohammad Nabibakhsh, K Prapanjan, Jeeva Kumar, Baldev Singh, Rinku Narwal, Viraj Vishnu Landge

    19:15 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    Bengal danger
    19:11 (IST)12 Aug 2019
    Battle of the raiders
    19:07 (IST)12 Aug 2019
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