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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Pro Kabaddi Highlights: Jaipur Pink Panthers beat Haryana Steelers, Telugu Titans hold UP Yoddha in 26-26 draw

Pro Kabaddi League 2018, Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Haryana Steelers, UP Yoddha vs Telugu Titans Highlights: Jaipur Pink Panthers beat Haryana Steelers, Telugu Titans hold UP Yoddha in 26-26 draw.

By: Sports Desk | Updated: November 6, 2018 10:28:06 pm
Pro Kabaddi 2018: UP Yoddha clash with Telugu Titans

Pro Kabaddi 2018, Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Haryana Steelers, UP Yoddha vs Telugu Titans Highlights: Jaipur Pink Panthers won their second match of the season with a 38-32 scoreline against Haryana Steelers in the Pro Kabaddi League in Greater Noida on Tuesday. Deepak Hooda was finally used as an all out raider and he proved his resilience by getting a Super 10. Later in the day, Telugu Titans came from behind to hold hosts UP Yoddha in a 26-26 draw.

UP Yoddha vs Telugu Titans

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Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Haryana Steelers

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Live Blog

Pro Kabaddi 2018, Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Haryana Steelers, UP Yoddha vs Telugu Titans Highlights:

22:18 (IST)06 Nov 2018

After building a 10-point lead, UP Yoddha let Telugu Titans claw back as the match ended in 26-26 draw. Srikanth Yadav has won the 'Perfect Raider of the match'

22:12 (IST)06 Nov 2018
Match level

A failed attempt by Nitesh Kumar and Telugu Titans level the match 26-26 in the second half. Only a minute left!

22:06 (IST)06 Nov 2018
All out

Great defence by Telugu Titans inflicts another all-out on hosts UP Yoddha after Rahul flicks home a touch point. The gap has been now reduced to just three points. It can go any direction now

21:53 (IST)06 Nov 2018
Second half

Srikanth gets injured in his do-or-die raid for UP Yoddha in the second half. The hosts maintain their strong lead 

21:44 (IST)06 Nov 2018
Half time

Narender and Sachin Kumar help hosts UP Yoddha hold a nine point lead going into the half-time against Telugu Titans in Greater Noida. 

21:41 (IST)06 Nov 2018
All out

First all out of the match is inflicted on visitors Telugu Titans. UP Yoddha leading with a six-point difference!

21:31 (IST)06 Nov 2018
UP Yoddha eye elusive home victory

The hosts are desperate for an elusive victory in the home leg. They have begun well with a lead. Can they hold it? Mohsen goes down on his Do Or Die Raid as Telugu Titans are down to three men.

21:21 (IST)06 Nov 2018
Telugu Titans Playing VII
21:21 (IST)06 Nov 2018
UP Yoddha Playing VII
21:20 (IST)06 Nov 2018
UP Yoddha vs Telugu Titans underway

UP Yoddha vs Telugu Titans is now underway in Greater Noida. The hosts draw first blood, raiding against Anil Kumar and benching Rahul Chaudhari.

21:11 (IST)06 Nov 2018
Jaipur WINS

Deepak Hooda helps Jaipur Pink Panthers defeat Haryana Steelers 38-32 in Greater Noida. This is their second win of the season as they put an end to the four-match losing streak

20:48 (IST)06 Nov 2018
Match level

An exceptional back hold by Mohit Chillar brings Jaipur Pink Panthers level with Haryana Steelers. That is followed by Haryana Steelers' second all out of the day.

20:47 (IST)06 Nov 2018
Super 10

Vikash Kandola gets a Super 10, a brilliant performance by Kandola keeps Haryana in the lead.

20:37 (IST)06 Nov 2018
Second half

The second half is underway. Naveen starts but returns with an empty raid but makes up for it by earning a tackle point for Haryana, initiated by Mayur Shivtarkar.

20:34 (IST)06 Nov 2018
Kunal Seth wins 1 lakh

Karan Prashant Saxena from Indian Express reports: In an initiative by Star Sports called KBD Raid On, a resident of Greater Noida got a chance to win Rs 1 lakh by making a successful raid in front of a mix of defenders from Jaipur Pink Panthers and Haryana Steelers. Kunal Seth made a successful raid and he won Rs 1 lakh! He scored a point by putting his feet across the bonus line. Speaking to, Kunal Seth, a lawyer by profession, said he felt a little apprehension and scared while going into the mat, but he stuck to his strategies by crossing the bonus line and scoring a point against the defenders. 

20:34 (IST)06 Nov 2018
Half time

Haryana Steelers go into the half-time with a two-point lead over Jaipur Pink Panthers. Haryana also inflict an all out on the Pink Panthers at the end of the first half.

20:27 (IST)06 Nov 2018
Super raid

Naveen, who's been quite brilliant in this season so far, manages to get 3 absolutely glorious touch points and with a bonus. Haryana are now trailing by three points.

20:17 (IST)06 Nov 2018
All out

Jaipur began very well and continued with the strong lead. They have now inflicted the first all-out of the match on the Steelers. Jaipur with a six point lead.

20:15 (IST)06 Nov 2018
Naveen warm up

Karan Prashant Saxena from Indian Express reports: Young raider Naveen, who scored 17 points against Jaipur the last time these two teams met is getting warm up in dugout. He could be coming on the field soon. Haryana coach Rambir Singh Khokhar instructing his players on how to defend Deepak Hooda who has already scored 4 raiding points.

20:14 (IST)06 Nov 2018
Jaipur leads

Sunil Siddhgavali sends Monu Goyat to the bench and follows it up by another impressive raid point. Mohit Chillar in constant discussion with Jaipur captain Anup Kumar before defending raids. Chillar leading Jaipur's defence.