India vs New Zealand: When lightening quick Kiran More stunned Martin Crowe in 1992 WC

India vs New Zealand: When lightening quick Kiran More stunned Martin Crowe in 1992 WC

Kiran More effected an amazing run out of Martin Crowe in the 1992 World Cup, getting rid of the ball quickly enough to obtain the prized wicket. Watch the video.

Kiran More and Martin Crowe in action during 1992 World Cup. (Source: YouTube screengrab)

As the cricketing world is witnessing the 12th edition of the World Cup in 2019, memories of 1992 world cup are still fresh in Indians’ minds. It was the first World Cup where teams were seen playing in colourful attires and with a different set of rules in play. But this World Cup will also be remembered for Kiran More’s extraordinary wicketkeeping skills. Let’s revisit one of the many such remarkable shows.

It was the 1992 World Cup match between India and New Zealand in the extreme cold of Dunedin. With the Kiwis dominating the tournament and India on the verge of elimination this was supposed to be a pushover. Things seemed easy for Kiwis when Andrew Jones and Martin Crowe were cruising along as New Zealand reached 162 for 2 in pursuit of 231.

See Kiran More’s heroics-

And here appears Kiran More. Behind the stumps. Venkatapathy Raju tossed one just outside off-stump; Crowe played it carefully, and as the ball trickled down past More, Crowe took a couple of steps forward — more to maintain his balance than anything else. Here, Kiran More did what MS Dhoni usually does for the millennials.

More had noticed Martin Crowe move with the corner of his eye as he dived to gather the ball with surprising urgency. Then he hit the stumps with a swift flick of his hands with his back to the action. It was yet another absurd dismissal; it had happened so fast that the scorers took their time to decide whether it was a stumping or a runout, before deciding in favour of the latter.