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KKR vs KXIP, IPL 2019 Highlights: KKR win by 28 runs

KKR vs KXIP, IPL 2019 Highlights: Nitish Rana and Andre Russell flogged the Kings XI Punjab bowlers to propel Kolkata Knight Riders' score to 218/4. KXIP hardly posed a genuine threat during the chase.

KKR vs KXIP, IPL 2019 Highlights: Mayank Agarwal has scored his first IPL fifty since 2015. (Image Source: IPL Website)

KKR vs KXIP, IPL 2019 Highlights: Kolkata Knight Riders’ decimation of the Kings XI Punjab bowling attack was done in three phases. The first was the initial flurry by openers Chris Lynn and Sunil Narine. After that, Nitish Rana sent the KXIP bowlers on a joyride around Eden Gardens with Robin Uthappa on the other side. Finally, Andre Russell unleashed himself after being bowled off no ball.

KXIP seemed to start well with Chris Gayle showing signs of getting into his flow. His dismissal was a blow but Mayank Agarwal and David Miller kept them in the chase for some time. In the end though, Kings XI Punjab could only manage 190/4, falling behind by 28 runs.

Indian Premier League, 2019Eden Gardens, Kolkata 14 October 2019

Kolkata Knight Riders 218/4 (20.0)


Kings XI Punjab 190/4 (20.0)

Match Ended ( Day - Match 6 ) Kolkata Knight Riders beat Kings XI Punjab by 28 runs

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Kings XI Punjab end their innings on 190/4. KKR win by 28 runs. They got close to 200 but let's face it, KXIP were out of the game as soon as they lost their two openers. In fact, they were out of the game when the umpire signalled no-ball to nullify Shami's excellent yorker that cleaned up Russell. They were also pretty far behind when Nitish Rana was going about pummelling those bowlers for fun. In short, Kolkata Knight Riders were just better than Kings XI Punjab today. 

50 for Miller

He goes inside out and deposits the ball into the lower tier to reach his half century. The game has gone out of KXIP's hands now. 

KXIP need 57 off 12 balls

Two very, very, very big overs is what they need. Lockie Ferguson bowling the penultimate over. KKR would be okay with conceding even fours at this point. Sixes, though, would be a strict no-no. 

Required rate climbs over 20

It will take a Russell-like assault for KXIP to put up any serious threat to the target. Miller is capable of these feats but if he gets off now and manages to bring KXIP close, it will be one of the great T20I innings. We saw two of those already today with Rana and Russell in the KKR innings but this would be bigger because of the fact that Miller has scorecard pressure to deal with. 

WICKET! Agarwal done by the googly

Piyush Chawla strikes! Agarwal plays all around this one and the ball crashes on to the stumps. That is the end of his stay and that is another step for KKR towards victory. 

50 for Mayank Agarwal

Agarwal runs two and reaches his first IPL 50 since 2015. The required rate remains above 16 and KXIP are yet to get anywhere close to the 150-run mark. 

50 partnership between Agarwal and Miller

Agarwal brings it up with a six over square leg. These two have switched gears now and silenced the Eden Gardens. Still a long way to go though. 

Lockie dropes Miller

He goes again with the same shot but this time Lockie Ferguson is there at the long leg boundary. But he drops ut but somehow saves it from crossing the boundary. 


Miller gets down on one knee and sends it flying to the stands on the leg side. That was a shot hit with disdain and it is exactly what KXIP needed. 

9 overs have gone

And the same could be said about KXIP's hopes two overs later if Miller or Mayank do not turn things around. Russell got his second wicket when he dismissed Sarfaraz Khan. 

KXIP get four runs for overthrow!

That was what the argument was all about. Rana had casually thrown the ball to Russell but the latter missed it in the glare of floodlights, the ball rolled towards the boundary. KKR players were surely arguing that the ball was dead but the runs have been awarded. 

KKR are angry about something

Well it's all happening here. Karthik and Uthappa are arguing about something, the rest of the KKR players join in. Ashwin seems to be shoutng something from the boundary. The fielders walk back shaking their heads. 


It looked like the Gaylestorm was arriving when the big Jamaican hit a six and a four off the last two balls of the fourth over. You just can't keep Andre Russell out of this game can you? He hits the deck hard, Gayle cramped for room and he top edges the pull, Krishna and another team mate are on collision course as they chase the ball but the former takes the catch and avoids the crash. 

Classy Mayank

He is not one for the wild heaves, is Agarwal. He hits three fours off the third over and they are all about timing and precision. 


That is a weak, weak shot to be dismissed off. Rahul looking to take the ball over cover but Ferguson brings the ball in. The batsman ends up flapping it meekly to mid-on. 

11/0 in the first over

Gayle ramps the third ball of the opening over bowled by Prasiddh Krishna over third man for six and then gets a four towards the same area for four. 

KXIP start their chase

And their required starts at over 10. Gayle and Rahul are in the middle and Dinesh Karthik  would know that these two are more than capable to make that mammoth total look significantly smaller. 

The onslaught ends on 218/4

That innings packed a punch and then some. It was started by openers Sunil Narine and Chris Lynn, taken to another level by the diminutive Nitish Rana and then Andre Russell brought the roof and the clouds down on the place. And to think Russell would have done none of it if only KXIP had kept  a check on how many fielders they have inside the inner circle. KXIP fans, no one can blame you today if you scream out that cricket is a cruel, cruel game. 


He is caught right at the ropes by Mayank Agarwal at deep midwicket! Russel goes having made 48 runs off 17 balls. He hit three fous and five sixes. That innings was an assault on the concept of bowling. 

Russell nullifies Shami

Shami had conceded just 19 runs before the start of the 19th over. Russell comes on strike on the third ball and then, it went 6, 6, 6, 4. This is just brutal. KKR have raced past 200 like its no big deal. 

And now Russell starts punishing them

He is going after Tye. Singles off the first two balls and then, it is 6, 4, 4, 6. The first six was off the top edge and so was the third four but who cares. When Russell is smashing them, they reach the boundary by hook or by crook. 

Andrew Tye comes for the 18th over

Russell had heaved the free-hit ball to deep midwicket where Tye bounces the ball back into the field at the boundary. 


And just to rub salt into wounds, it was not because Shami had overstepped but because there were just three fielders inside the inner circle! Ashwin screams in frustration. 

Shami nailing the yorkers

He could not quite get it right in the first ball but then bowls two consecutive deliveries in the blockhole. Just singles off the first three balls so far. 

Into the last four overs, Shami with the ball in his hands

KKR have crossed 150 and they Russell and Uthappa in the middle. To say they are in a strong position is an understatement but Shami was excellent in the first five overs. This will be an interesting battle. 

50 for Uthappa!

He flicks the ball fine and it runs away to the boundary. Uthappa's half century has come off 41 balls. KKR 153/3 off 16. 

In comes Dre Russ

We are into the last five overs now, Viljoen bowling it. Russell has not been able to get on strike with the first two balls being dots. Uthappa manages a single off the third and Russell is at the crease. Here we go! 


Varun Chakravarthy maiden IPL wicket. Rana does not quite get hold of this and long-on takes the catch while running in. His innings ends on 63 off 34 balls. 

6, 4, 6, 1

That is what Rana did in the first four balls of the 14th over bowled by Viljoen. He moves to 63 off 31 balls. 

50 for Rana

He has taken just 28 deliveries to get there, smashing 1 four and 6 sixes in the process. What does he do after reaching that mark, he adds another six to his tally. 


Rana is taking Kings XI to the cleaners. Consecutive sixes in the 13th over and before that he gave Ashwin an absolute nightmare. Rana has now gone to the top of the run scorers list for the season. 

Viljoen returns

But the highlight of the 11th over belongs to 39-year-old Chris Gayle. Rana tried to play the ball to the right of point and Gayle dives to ensure that remains a dot ball. His team mates celebrate with him as if he took a catch. 


The carnage continues. Ashwin launched again, this time by Rana, over long on and it is into the sight-screen. KXIP are being taken for a ride here. 


Andrew Tye stops the seemingly endless flow of runs. Just 5 runs off the ninth over that he bowled. KKR have got off to an absolute flier here. 

9 runs off the seventh

A better over from Varun, although that is only in comparison to that debacle of a first. The pacers have been taken off and its Chakravarthy and Ashwin alternating now. 

Chakravarthy returns

He was given a brutal welcome to the IPL by Narine but he is gone now. Uthappa and Nitish Rana are in the middle. The newbie needs to put that over behind him now. 


What a way to bring up KKR's 50. Uthappa goes down on one knee and deposits Ashwin into the stands over. KKR have breached the 50-run mark within the first six overs. 

OUT! And now Narine

Viljoen strikes in his first over! Narine cramped for room and goes for a wild swing, the ball goes high up into the air once again, this it's Rahul who calls for it and holds on. 

OUT! Lynn dismissed

Lynn tries to go after Shami in the next over, manages to hit two fours. He then tries to go big over the bowler's head off the fifth ball. It goes miles up in the air, David Miller keeps an eye on it all the time. The ball has is meteoring down and Miller somehow holds on. Excellent catch. 

25 run off the second over!

Varun Chakravarthy given a harsh welcome to the IPL by Sunil Narine. Lynn gets off strike off the first ball and then, Narine blasts 24 runs off the next five balls. 1, 6, 2, 4, 6, 6 is how that over went. 

KKR vs KXIP, IPL 2019 Highlights: Nitish Rana, Andre Russell and Robin Uthappa played a key role in Kolkata Knight Riders winning their IPL 2019 opener against Sunrisers Hyderabad at Eden Gardens. They chased down a 184 run target to give KKR a winning start. Russell also contributed with the ball to take two wickets and the Man of the Match honours.

Their opponents today, Kings XI Punjab, beat Rajasthan Royals but it came at a cost of the integrity of the game. R Ashwin's 'Mankading' of Jos Buttler has divided the cricket world. While legally correct, quite a few have questioned the move to run out the non-striker in the controversial manner that always raises eyebrows. KXIP would hope another win is in the offing - but without any controversy this time.