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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

IPL 2021, RR vs PBKS Highlights: Samson’s ton goes in vain as Punjab beat Royals by 4 runs in thriller

IPL 2021 RR vs PBKS Highlights: Deepak Hooda registered his highest IPL score. His 28-ball 64 included six sixes and four fours.

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Updated: April 13, 2021 12:37:44 am
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IPL 2021, RR vs PBKS Highlights: Chasing a mammoth total of 222, Sanju Samson anchored the run chase and became the first player to score a century on IPL captaincy debut. Samson could not finish the match as Punjab Kings (PBKS) won the match by four runs. Arshdeep Singh defended 13 runs in the final over keeping Rajasthan Royals (RR) at bay. RR lost two early wickets in the powerplay overs. Ben Stokes got out for a duck whereas Manan Vohra registered a single-digit score. Jos Buttler, Shivam Dube and Riyan Parag helped with cameos but could not stay at the crease till the end. Arshdeep was the pick of the bowlers for Punjab picking up three wickets for 35 runs including Samson off the final delivery of the match.

Earlier Samson won the toss and elected to field first. The decision did not work in RR’s favour as PBKS posted 221 for six wickets in the first innings. Making his IPL debut, Chetan Sakariya got the wicket of Mayank Agarwal in powerplay overs. PBKS recovered well as KL Rahul and Chris Gayle took bowlers to cleaners. Gayle got out to Riyan Parag for 40. Deepak Hooda was promoted up the order ahead of Nicholas Pooran and it worked in PBKS’ favour.

Hooda went on a six-hitting spree in the middle overs as hit six sixes in his innings. Hooda got to his half-century in just 20 balls and registered his highest IPL score. He got out after scoring 64 runs from 28 deliveries. Rahul continued the onslaught as he scored 91 runs from 50 deliveries before getting out in the final over. Rahul’s innings was laced with seven fours and five sixes. For RR, Sakariya was the pick of the bowlers taking three wickets for 31 runs in four overs. The left-arm pacer gave just five runs and took two wickets in the final over of the innings.

IPL 2021

Match 4, Wankhede Stadium, 12 Apr, 2021

RR 217 / 7 (20.0)


KXI 221 / 6 (20.0)

Chris Morris2 4
Mohammed Shami4.0 33 2
Jhye Richardson4.0 55 1

Punjab Kings win by 4 runs

Live Blog

IPL 2021, RR vs PBKS Highlights:

23:48 (IST)12 Apr 2021
Arshdeep Singh holds his nerves

After Chetan Sakariya's impressive IPL debut, it was Arshdeep Singh who stole the show. Given the task of defending 13 runs in the final over against a rampant Sanju Samson, the left-arm pacer delivered under pressure. The youngster held his nerve even after getting hit for a six on the fourth delivery. Samson did everything right but denied a single off the penultimate delivery and then missed the boundary by a few yards. Arshdeep finished the match with three wickets under his name.

23:41 (IST)12 Apr 2021
Samson fails to finish

Arshdeep Singh given the responsibility to bowl the last over with 13 runs needed. Arshdeep starts off with a full wide delivery, a dot ball. Sanju Samson gets bat on the second delivery, just a single. Chris Morris manages just a single off the low full toss. SIX! Samson gets that in the middle of the bat and deposits it over deep extra cover boundary for a maximum. Next ball, Samson turns down a single. WICKET! Samson goes for the big shot over covers again but could not get the distance this time. Deepak Hooda takes the catch and RR fall short of the target by just 4 runs. RR 217/7 after 20 overs

23:33 (IST)12 Apr 2021
Meredith finishes well

Chris Morris comes to the crease. Riley Meredith pulls the length back, a dot delivery as Morris could not hit past the short cover fielder. Morris guides the ball for a single, gets Sanju Samson on strike. SIX! Samson flicks the ball off his pads for another maximum. He is in terrific touch tonight. He gets a single off the next ball. Morris to face the last ball of the over. He was expected to swing for a big one here and he does but could not get bat on it. 13 runs needed from the last over. RR 209/6 after 19 overs

23:28 (IST)12 Apr 2021
Meredith finally strikes

Finally, something good for Riley Meredith on his IPL debut. Rahul Tewatia edges it to KL Rahul, a regulation catch. Tewatia out for 2. Royals still need 21 runs from 11 balls. RR 201/6 after 18.1 overs

23:26 (IST)12 Apr 2021
Samson hits century, creates history

Jhye Richardson into the attack, Sanju Samson into the attack. FOUR! Samson gets one in the slot and finds the gap on the off side. SIX! Samson takes the aerial route and gets his fifth maximum of the innings. CENTURY! Samson hits the boundary and gets to his third IPL century. He also becomes the first player to hit century on captaincy debut. He takes a couple of runs off the next ball. Richardson bowls down the leg side, that's a wide. Two more singles from the over. RR 201/5 after 18 overs

23:20 (IST)12 Apr 2021
Shami makes run chase difficult

Rahul Tewatia, the star of last season's high-scoring run chase comes to the crease. Shami bowls a full delivery, a dot ball. The next ball goes down the leg side, second wide delivery from the over. Tewatia goes the big shot but mistimes, just a single. FOUR! Sanju Samson gets a boundary as the long-on fielder misjudges the ball. A single to end the over, 8 runs from it. RR 182/5 after 17 overs

23:15 (IST)12 Apr 2021
Shami ends Parag's cameo

49 runs needed off 24 balls. Mohammed Shami to bowl his final over. Shami starts off with a wide. Short ball from Shami, Parag tries to guide it over short fine leg but misses. WICKET! A bouncer from Shami and Parag edges to the keeper trying to pull it. RR 175/5 after 16.2 overs 

23:10 (IST)12 Apr 2021
Raining sixes at Wankhede

Murugan Ashwin comes to bowl his final over. SIX! Sanju Samson launches it into the sight screen for a maximum. Samson is playing the absolute captain's knock here. Ashwin pulls his length back, just a single off that one. Riyan Parag goes for a wild slog but misses the ball. SIX! Parag hits it in the air and it teases Deepak Hooda at long-off. SIX! Parag gets that one in the middle of the bat. Another maximum for the youngster. A single to end the over. Huge over for Royals, 20 runs from it. RR 174/4 after 16 overs

23:05 (IST)12 Apr 2021
Samson into 70s

Jhye Richardson to bowl his third over. Two singles off the first two deliveries. FOUR! Samson picks the slower ball and plays it square of the wicket for a boundary. SIX! This is pure timing from Samson. He did not hit it hard just flicked it away for a maximum. A full wide delivery from Richardson, Samson manages a single. Another slow ball from the Aussie and Riyan Parag could not get bat on it. RR 154/4 after 15 overs

23:01 (IST)12 Apr 2021
Pure class from Parag

Now, Mohammed Shami back into the attack. Punjab want to close this game early. Shami starts off with a dot ball. FOUR! That was on the pads and Samson flicks it away for a boundary. A single off the next ball. SIX! Parag picks it up and flicks for a maximum. Even he is surprised after hitting that shot. He gets a single off the next ball. Samson gets another single, retains strike.Royals are still in this run chase. RR 141/4 after 14 overs

22:58 (IST)12 Apr 2021
Parag gets boundary straight away

Riyan Parag comes to bat. He is off strike. Sanju Samson takes a single. FOUR! Riyan Parag gets off the mark with a boundary. RR 128/4 after 13 overs

22:54 (IST)12 Apr 2021
Dube falls

Arshdeep Singh back in the attack. FOUR! Shivam Dube hits straight back past the bowler for a boundary. Two singles to follow. WICKET! Dube departs for 23. Deepak Hooda takes the catch. Arshdeep gets his second wicket of the day. RR 123/4 after 12.5 overs

22:51 (IST)12 Apr 2021
Royals need to accelerate

Murugan Ashwin into his third over now. Sanju Samson gets a single off the first ball. A dot ball to follow to Shivam Dube. FOUR! Dube gets on one knee and hits the ball in the gap wide of the long-on fielder. Three more singles from the over. RR 117/3 after 12 overs 

22:45 (IST)12 Apr 2021
Samson hits fifty

Riley Meredith continues. Shivam Dube gets a single off the first ball. SIX! Sanju Samson hits it towards fine leg boundary for a maximum. This has not been the ideal IPL debut for Meredith. He needs a wicket to redeem himself now. He almost got the wicket of Samson in the previous over. Samson hits the ball in the gap and takes a couple of runs. FOUR! Another short ball and Samson jumps to get bat on it guiding it over KL Rahul for a boundary. Fifty for Samson from 33 deliveries. He is doing what KL Rahul did for Kings. He needs support from the other end. Samson survives after the umpire gave him out. He uses the review to get the decision reversed. A single to end the over. RR 109/3 after 11 overs

22:39 (IST)12 Apr 2021
Required run rate climbing up

Murugan Ashwin back in attack. Two singles off the first two balls. Ashwin misses his line and bowls two wides. Next ball, Sanju Samson mistimes it to long-on, takes a single. Shivam Dube takes a single as well. A couple more runs from the over, good one for Kings. RR 95/3 after 10 overs

22:33 (IST)12 Apr 2021
Samson dropped again

Riley Meredith back into the attack and pitches the slower delivery in the slot. Samsung Samson hits it for a big SIX over long-off. As long as Samson is there, the run chase is alive. A back of the length delivery, no run scored off that one. DROPPED! The long-on and long-off fielders went for the catch but Samson survives. Mayank Agarwal gets his hands on it but drops in the end. Shivam Dube on strike, plays a dot one. He guides the next ball to the third man for a single. Another single to end the over. Good comeback from Meredith after getting hit for a six off the first ball. RR 87/3 after 9 overs

22:28 (IST)12 Apr 2021
Dube starts well

Shivam Dube comes in to bat at No.5. Dube gets off the mark with a boundary as it guides it past the point fielder. Next ball, he hits it in the gap but now well enough. A couple of runs for him. Another couple of runs to end the over. RR 78/3 after 8 overs

22:25 (IST)12 Apr 2021
Richardson gets Buttler

Jhye Richardson back into the attack after an expensive first over. Two singles off the two deliveries. BOWLED! Richardson gets rid of the dangerous Jos Buttler with a slower yorker. Buttler departs for 25, Royals' run chase in disarray. RR 70/3 after 7.3 overs

22:22 (IST)12 Apr 2021
Rahul introduces spinner

Murugan Ashwin into the attack. Sanju Samson plays the pull shot but could not hit it in the gap, just a single. Ashwin bowls a no ball and Jos Buttler is on strike for the free hit delivery. FOUR! Buttler comes down the ground and hits the ball for a boundary. A quick single off the next ball. A dot ball to follow, Samson could not get past the short cover fielder. Ashwin bowls one into the blockhole, second dot ball in a row. Three more runs from the over. RR 68/2 after 7 overs

22:14 (IST)12 Apr 2021
End of powerplay overs

Arshdeep Singh continues. FOUR! Sanju Samson pulls the short ball for a boundary. Samson follows it up with a single. Good bowling from Arshdeep, another dot ball. Jos Buttler gets a single. FOUR! Full toss wide of off stump and it gets the treatment it deserves. All Samson had to do was to get bat on it. A single to finish the over, 11 runs from it. Royals are 14 runs ahead of Kings after the powerplay overs. RR 59/2 after 6 overs


RR: Jos Buttler(w), Ben Stokes, Sanju Samson(c), Riyan Parag, Shivam Dube, Rahul Tewatia, Chris Morris, Liam Livingstone, Shreyas Gopal, Jaydev Unadkat, Kartik Tyagi, Mustafizur Rahman, Andrew Tye, Jofra Archer, Mayank Markande, Anuj Rawat, Chetan Sakariya, Kuldip Yadav, Yashasvi Jaiswal, David Miller, Manan Vohra, KC Cariappa, Mahipal Lomror, Akash Singh

PBKS: KL Rahul(w/c), Mayank Agarwal, Chris Gayle, Prabhsimran Singh, Nicholas Pooran, Shahrukh Khan, Deepak Hooda, Jhye Richardson, Riley Meredith, Ravi Bishnoi, Mohammed Shami, Moises Henriques, Chris Jordan, Mandeep Singh, Dawid Malan, Jalaj Saxena, Murugan Ashwin, Sarfaraz Khan, Fabian Allen, Saurabh Kumar, Ishan Porel, Utkarsh Singh, Darshan Nalkande, Arshdeep Singh, Harpreet Brar

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