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Monday, November 30, 2020

IPL 2020, KKR vs RR Highlights: Massive win in final league match catapults KKR in play-off race

IPL 2020, KKR vs RR Highlights: Play-Off Equation: RR are eliminated. KKR need SRH to lose their last league match against MI, or alternately, a less-than-narrow victory in the match between RCB and DC to overtake one of these three teams on net run rate.

By: Sports Desk | Updated: November 1, 2020 11:21:37 pm
iplIPL 2020, KKR vs RR

IPL 2020, KKR vs RR Highlights: Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) beat Rajasthan Royals (RR) by a massive 60 runs to leapfrog from 8th spot to 4th spot on the points table. With this result, RR are eliminated. KKR need SRH to lose their last league match against MI, or alternately, a less-than-narrow victory in the match between RCB and DC so as to overtake the loser of that match on net run rate.

KKR, batting first, put up 191/7 in 20 overs on the back of a 35-ball 68 by skipper Eoin Morgan. Jofra Archer (1/19) bowled a sizzling spell to start off, even though Shubman Gill (36) and Rahul Tripathi (39) went big against the other bowlers in the Powerplay. Rahul Tewatia (3/25) struck thrice in the middle overs to disrupt KKR’s momentum. Eoin Morgan (68*) saw frequent wickets fall around him in the middle order before taking charge in the final overs. Pat Cummins (4/34) rocked the RR top order in the chase with 4 wickets in the Powerplay, before Jos Buttler (35) and Rahul Tewatia (31) put up some resistance. RR eventually ended with 131/9 in 20 overs.

IPL 2020

Match 54, Dubai International Cricket Stadium, 01 Nov, 2020

RR 131 / 9 (20.0)


KKR 191 / 7 (20.0)

Shreyas Gopal23 23
Varun Aaron0 8
Pat Cummins4.0 34 4
Shivam Mavi4.0 15 2

Kolkata Knight Riders win by 60 runs

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IPL 2020, KKR vs RR Highlights:

23:17 (IST)01 Nov 2020
KKR win by 60 runs

RR finish with 131/9. That's it for RR. KKR have finished in style. They have climbed from 8th to 4th with this result. They will now look to the two remaining matches to see if they can sneak into the play-offs on Net Run Rate. Morgan and Cummins came up with the trumps when required. Huge contributions from them tonight, as RR faded away under the spotlight.

23:12 (IST)01 Nov 2020
RR 129/9 after 19

9th wicket. Mavi claims a second wicket. Caught and bowled. Kartik Tyagi is out for 2. KKR still on their way to massive NRR-boosting win. Number 11 Varun Aaron comes in in the 19th over. Just 2 runs comes in the over. KKR still just 16 runs away from their automatic play-off ensuring mark. Can they keep it down in the last over? Nagarkoti bowls the 20th.

23:02 (IST)01 Nov 2020
8th wicket - RR now hurting KKR's net run rate

Gopal and Archer are now hurting KKR's net run rate. The required run rate is now 25, so effectively, RR's campaign is over. But every run they add is taking away from KKR's NRR. Nagarkoti bowls the 18th. Archer is caught out at long on. RR 125/8 after 17.3

22:59 (IST)01 Nov 2020
RR 123/7 after 17

Archer enters at 9. A few leading edges from the batsmen off Chakravarthy and then Mavi in the 16th over but both land safely. Gopal reverse sweep for four as Narine bowls the 17th over. It's official now: KKR cannot ensure play-off qualification tonight. Neither can RR, who have 3 overs remaining to get an unlikely victory. KKR, who look to have the game in the bag, now need to wait for the results in SRH vs MI and DC vs RCB to know if they can sneak through.

22:45 (IST)01 Nov 2020
RR 105/7 after 14.4 overs

Cummins bowls the 14th. 5 runs off it. Gopal gets a top edge that lands in no man's land. Even if KKR do miss the 79-run margin, they will get themselves in a comfortable place in the NRR column, and can still overtake the loser of the RCB vs DC match. Tewatia goes for the slash against Chakravarthy in the 15th over. Gets a top edge. Gone for 31. RR 105/7 after 14.4 overs

22:37 (IST)01 Nov 2020
17-run NRR cushion left for KKR - RR 96/6 after 13

Shreyas Gopal comes in at 8. Narine bowls the 12th. Tewatia smashes him for a four and a six. Are KKR missing a trick by not going for the jugular here? Their win tonight is almostr ensured now, but their 79-run margin is being let go off. Chakravarthy continues in the 13th. Gopal defends. KKR need to dismiss RR within 17 more runs to ensure qualification, which is looking unlikely now. RR 96/6 after 13

22:27 (IST)01 Nov 2020
Buttler out for 35

Buttler is ensuring KKR's dream start is brought to an end. Cracks a four down the ground as Nagarkoti bowls the 10th over. 37 runs added by this pair. Chakravarthy bowls the 11th. And gets the big wickets. Buttler smashes but holes out in the deep on the leg side. He is gone for 35. RR 80/6 after 10.4 

22:16 (IST)01 Nov 2020
KKR need to dismiss RR within 47 more runs to ensure qualification

Nagarkoti gives Tewatia some width and the left hander smashes a four through the covers. Narine bowls the 9th. Buttler smashes a six. As for RR, they need to win this match with 6.2 overs to spare to overtake DC and RCB on NRR. Which looks unlikely at this stage. KKR could still do it -- by winning by 79 runs -- but they need to see the back of Buttler quickly. RR 66/5 after 9

22:07 (IST)01 Nov 2020
KKR need to win by 79 runs to ensure qualification

Play-off equation: KKR can ensure they qualify for the playoffs if they win tonight by 79 runs. If they can do that, they can overtake both RCB and DC on net run rate. Which will mean they'll quailify irrespective of the SRH vs MI result. And... the loser of RCB vs DC will end up getting knocked out.

KKR go to their spinners. 4 runs each off the 6th and 7th, bowled by Chakravarthy and Narine.

21:59 (IST)01 Nov 2020
Cummins 4/29 after 3 overs - RR collapse continues

Riyan Parag and Jos Buttler are in in the 4th over. Mavi's over is a maiden. Parag leaves balls wells alone. RR extremely tentative now. Their play-off dreams are evaporating. Cummins continues in the 5th. And strikes again. Another nick through to Karthik. Parag falls for a 7-ball duck. RR 37/5 after 5

21:50 (IST)01 Nov 2020
Wicket after wicket

Another wicket! Samson nicks behind to DK in Mavi's 2nd over. Wicket after wicket! And big names are falling. Samson is out for 1. Mavi gets his name on the wickets column now. KKR are flying! A big win could take their NRR closer to SRH's as well. It's all happening here in Dubai! RR 32/4 after 3.3

21:47 (IST)01 Nov 2020
Cummins rocks RR top order

Smith and Samson the new men in for RR. Cummins continues in the 3rd. Smith tucks away a four to the leg side. And then Cummins hets Smith to edge one on to his stumps. What a start for KKR and Pat Cummins. He is one 3/24 after 2 overs now. RR's top order lies in utter disarray. Smith out for 4. RR 32/3 after 3

21:42 (IST)01 Nov 2020
Flying DK cuts short Stokes's stay

Shivam Mavi bowls the 2nd over and makes a great start. Stokes mistimes a few, one almost back to the bowler. A run out chance missed as Mavi fumbles with the ball. Karthik's vocal cords extend themselves as he expresses his displeasure. Stokes might have been in though. He smashes a four over covers to follow. Then there's the breakthrough for KKR! DK flies and takes a one-handed catch! Stokes cannot believe it. What a catch! Stokes gone for 18. RR 27/2 after 2.1

21:32 (IST)01 Nov 2020
Can Varun do it in dewy Dubai? - Chase begins

RR begin their chase of 192. Tonight's loser will be eliminated. The winner will have to wait for the SRH vs MI match to find out if they are in. The key to this chase could well be if Varun Chakravarthy can grip it in dewy Dubai. He's been their most prolific bowler by a mile, with 15 wickets, but could the abundant dew at the ground pose a problem? Cummins has abundant problems in the first over! Uthappa smashes a six over fine leg, Stokes smashes another six to end the over. Uthappa holes out in the deep off the last ball. RR 19/1 after 1

21:11 (IST)01 Nov 2020
Morgan's 35-ball 68.takes KKR to 191/7 in 20 overs

Tyagi bowls the 20th. Cummins nicks through to the keeper, which is a terrible result for KKR because it leaves Morgan stranded at the non-striker's. Nagarkoti comes in at 9. And does get the single required off the situation. Morgan has 3 balls to face. Three sixes could get us to 200! A smash to long off! No run taken. Turns down the single. Smash to fine leg. No run taken again! Twice, Morgan turns down the single. One ball left now. Finds the shot he was looking for off the last ball. Monstrous six down the ground. KKR put up 191/7 after 20 on the back of Morgan's 35-ball 68.

21:05 (IST)01 Nov 2020
50 for Morgan

Stokes bowls the 19th. Cummins smashes an overpitched slower ball for six over long off. Morgan thumps a six over long on. To get to his 50 finally. Off 30 balls. Morgan smashes another six down the ground. Stokes gives his England skipper a grin. Morgan plays a decliacate late cut for four. Stokes in furious now. Morgan moves to 62. KKR 182/6 after 19

21:01 (IST)01 Nov 2020
Archer finishes with 1/19

Cummins joins Morgan with the Dre Russ show having been cut short. Russell seen with steam coming off him in the dugout. Stokes back to bowl the 17th. Morgan ends the over with a cut through the gaps for four. Archer bowls the 18th. Cummins takes him on. McCullum said a bit earlier KKR would get to 180 or die trying. Morgan has been stuck in his 40s for three overs now. Archer finishes with 1/19 in his four overs. KKR 158/6 after 18

20:50 (IST)01 Nov 2020
Russell out for 25 off 11

Archer bowls the 15th. Russell gets a few sweet strikes away. An edge runs past Samson for four. A six is smashed over midwicket then. Morgan swings and misses against Archer. Tyagi bowls the 16th. Rusell seems to have gotten himself in. A six smashed over long on to start the over. Another six down the ground. Third ball, he goes again! But he is caught out at deep point. A cry of anguish from Russell, who collapses in his crease in disappointment. The zip of 2019 had just seemed to be coming back. He is gone for 25 off 11 balls. KKR 144/6 after 15.3

20:41 (IST)01 Nov 2020
Morgan stands up to Royals

Russell comes in at 7. Gets KKR to 100 with a single to start off. Morgan and Russell have 7 overs to face. RR completely on top with the last passage of the innings coming up. RR go to Gopal in the 14th. Could they have gone to Archer to finish KKR's backbone off? Russell mistimes. Morgan times well. Back to back fours for the skipper. And then a six down the ground. Morgan is hitting stride! Another long and high six to finish the over. 4, 4, 6, 6. KKR 121/5 after 14

20:32 (IST)01 Nov 2020
Karthik out for duck

Morgan looks to take responsibility now, with Karthik having joined him. Slaps a one-bounce four to deep midwicket as Tewatia bowls his last over in the 13th. And it's Tewatia who strikes again! Karthik is out for a first ball duck. An inside edge that goes for an easy catch to Smith. KKR 99/5 after 12.3