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IPL 2018, SRH vs KKR Highlights: Rashid Khan turns things around to take SRH to final

IPL 2018, SRH vs KKR: Sunrisers Hyderabad snapped their four match losing streak to beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 13 runs in Qualifier 2 at Eden Gardens.

IPL 2018, SRH vs KKR: Rashid Khan turned things around for SRH. (Source: Express photo by Partha Paul)

IPL 2018, SRH vs KKR Updates: Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 13 runs to qualify for the IPL Final where they will play CSK. At one stage, as KKR chased 175 runs for the win, they looked to be on course for the win. And a comfortable one at that. But then Rashid Khan came into the attack and with three pivotal wickets, turned the course of the match. If that wasn’t enough, he was monumental in the field as well to take SRH to the win – their first since May 5. Earlier, he turned the game around with the bat as well. KKR looked to be in command until Rashid changed the complexion of the game with a 34 run cameo at the end, from 10 balls, which resulted in 50 runs from the last three overs. Dhawan, Saha started on a bright note for SRH putting together a 50-run stand. But SRH then lost two quick wickets of Dhawan and Williamson in the same over. As Saha, Shakib put together 20-odd runs, wickets continued to fall to stop the flow of runs. (IPL 2018 Home | News | SRH vs KKR Full Scorecard)

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IPL 2018, SRH vs KKR: Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Kolkata Knight Riders at Eden Gardens


Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 13 runs and will face Chennai Super Kings in the final on Sunday (May 27). Carlos Brathwaite goes for 5 runs in the final over and KKR finish on 161 runs. So, it will be 1 vs 2 in the final after it was 1 vs 2 in the Qualifier 1. SRH snap their four match losing streak. What a turnaround!

0 runs

Full delivery to Kuldeep Yadav who grinds it out. Brathwaite reckons he's taken it and its a wicket. Goes upstairs and given not out. No hat-trick.


Shubman Gill walks back for 30 runs from 20 balls and who else but Rashid Khan with the catch. He's the magnet for the ball at this stage. Everything going his way and he's making no mistake. Pitched up, Gill connects well but Rashid is a safe pair of hands on the boundary rope


Shivam Mavi walks back for 6 runs from 4 balls. Brathwaite comes round the wicket, Mavi with little room to whip it for a boundary. Connects well but it is sent straight to Rashid Khan at deep mid-wicket


Shivam Mavi on strike and Carlos Brathwaite has the ball. First ball is well outside off, Mavi connects with the ball and it goes to the boundary. Bounces just shy of the boundary

Gill and Mavi in the middle

Can the U19 stars take KKR to IPL final?


After going for five runs in the first balls, Siddharth Kaul concedes a six on the last ball! Outside off, pitched up and Shubman Gill sends it over the long-off fielder for a six. Fantastic hit and that changes things!

EQUATION: KKR need 19 runs from 6 balls


Piyush Chawala departs for 12 runs from 12 balls. Goes for the full slog but gets nothing on it and Siddharth Kaul strikes! Kaul points to the heavens as he celebrates his second wicket. 

Super Bhuvi!

Yet another strong over for SRH with five singles in the first balls before a boundary on the last ball. Pitched up and thumped straight back by Shubman Gill for a boundary. Bhuvi gets a hand to it but can't prevent it from going away for a boundary towards long off. 

EQUATION: KKR need 30 runs from 12 balls

Superb bowling by Siddharth Kaul

Lovely bowling by Kaul - giving away little room, no width, perfect line and length and little that either Chawla or Gill can do. Just picking it out off their feet. Full toss on the last ball but Chawla fails to connect properly.  4 runs from the over. 

EQUATION: KKR need 39 runs from 18 balls


It has gone soaring into the stands off Piyush Chawla's bat. Thumping hit over the deep mid-wicket boundary for a massive six. Helps the equation a touch in KKR's favour. 

EQUATION: KKR need 43 runs from 24 balls


KKR need Shubman Gill to do a repeat of his exploits against CSK. Boundary to Khaleel Ahmed and this is super timing from the India batsman. Back of a length and it has been spanked for a four on the tup

Rashid takes the plaudits

Rashid Khan finishes with 4-0-19-3 and he's turned this game upside down. Warne has something to say!


Andre Russell goes for 3 runs from 7 balls and that is a massive wicket for SRH and Rashid Khan! Failed to read the googly and it comes on to Russell who ends up getting a thick outside edge which is plucked by Dhawan at first slip. KKR go six down and it is SRH's game to lose from here!


How did Andre Russell survive here? Shakib's slider goes between bat and pad as Russell looks to defend but it fails to go on and hit the stumps. Took the inside edge, hit the pads and then almost hit the stumps. Not taken by the keeper either. 


Chris Lynn walks back for 48 runs from 31 balls and is the game now in SRH's favour? Lynn is frustrated with himself and bangs the bat on his helmet as he walks back. Lynn goes for the sweep and one shot too many. Rashid Khan strikes!


Dinesh Karthik departs for 8 runs from 6 balls and that is a big wicket for SRH! Goes on the backfoot in an attempt at creating room for a cut but the balls comes into him off the surface. Takes the underedge and rattles the stumps. Shakib Al Hasan and rest of the SRH team celebrate. 


Chris Lynn and DK reading Rashid Khan perfectly. Rocking on the backfoot and thumping the boundaries. On card for the chase in comfortable fashion


Robin Uthappa walks back for 2 runs from 8 balls and KKR lose their third wicket as Rashid Khan strikes. Uthappa attempts a reverse sweep and gets nothing on the delivery which rattles the leg stump. Poor shot there by Uthappa


Nitish Rana departs for 22 runs from 16 balls. Tries to take a double but slips at the non-striker's end while trying to make the turn and that is enough to give SRH the little edge for the run out. KKR are 87/2 in 8.3 overs


Chris Lynn with twin boundaries off Carlos Brathwaite and KKR's spell of big overs continues. First one is sent towards third man for a four and next one is sent towards sweeper cover for a four. Lands just short of the boundary and a six

Rashid Khan into the attack

Introduction of spin and Rashid Khan comes into the attack after the Powerplay overs. First ball and SRH review. Leg-break straightens and the sweep takes the glove on its way. Took the glove on its way to the keeper and it has been dropped as well. Initial appeal was for lbw and it is not that either. SRH lose their way

KKR in the lead

SRH need to pick up quick wickets if they are to come back from here


One more maximum for KKR and for Nitish Rana. This time he goes towards the on-side. Goes soaring over the fine leg boundary for a six. Top edge maybe but it is comfortably into the stands. 


Nitish Rana uppercuts it and it sails over the third man fielder Ricky. Puts in a proper leap to hold on or at least prevent a six but it evades him in the end. Uses the pace of the ball from Khaleel to send it over the boundary line


HUUUUGE WICKET FOR SRH! Sunil Narine walks back for 26 runs from 13 balls. Siddharth Kaul comes into the attack and is quickly on to it by removing the dangerous Narine. Knuckle ball by Kaul does the job and the top edge goes comfortably into Brathwaite's hands at long-on. Brathwaite's celebrations say it all!


Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes into the attack and the flurry of boundaries continue. KKR are off to an absolute flier. Low full toss around off and Narine punches it for a four. Next ball, a SIX! Length ball outside off once again and this one is effortlessly sent over long off for a six. Boundaries continue to flow out of Narine's bat. Thick inside edge and it goes running away towards backward square leg for a four. Next ball, another boundary. Almost out of disgust with the poor delivery. Superb over for KKR. They're 38/0 after 3 overs


Khaleel Ahmed gets a not-so-warm welcome to the IPL. Good pace on the first delivery but the line is all wrong and it is comfortably played fine for a boundary by Narine. Lynn ends the over with a thumping, flat six. Slower one, length ball outside off, and Lynn smokes it over deep cover for a six. 

Chris Lynn, Sunil Narine open

Chris Lynn and Sunil Narine come out to open for KKR and Bhuvneshwar Kumar has the ball. 175 runs to get. OFF WE GO!

Piyush Chawla at the break

Piyush Chawla in the mid-innings chat: "It feels good. Bowling on this kind of a wicket and going only for 20-odd in 3 overs, feels good. The wicket looks little bit better than the other night. Under lights it's not easy to judge the catch. The way our batting unit is batting, we just need to back ourselves."

SRH finish for 174/7

SIX! Sunrisers Hyderabad finish with a sixer! Rashid Khan once again and he's read the slower one once again and it has gone sailing over the long on boundary for a six. Remarkable finish for SRH and Rashid. 34 runs from 10 balls and the complexion of this game has changed completely now!


"MS Dhoni-like!" says the commentator as Rashid adds a six to the mix. Moves away a touch and just smartly used the pace of the ball to send it into the stands. Goes over deep backward square for a comfortable six!


Rashid Khan continues to go after KKR bowlers at the death and these could be some important runs. Slower one by Prasidh and Rashid judges it beautifully to send it towards long off for a boundary!


Excellent start to the last over. Prasidh Krishna bowling the final over of the SRH innings and it starts off with a boundary. Short and outside off by Prasidh and Bhuvi sends the cut over backward point


Well outside off by Mavi and Rashid Khan chases it and gets plenty of bat on it to send the ball soaring into the stands for a six. 12 runs from the over and SRH bring up their 150 runs


Finally KKR make a mistake in the field. Piyush Chawla at the boundary misjudges it and the ball goes all the way for a six. Rashid charges down and throws his hands at it. Chawla ran in and found himself in a no man's land. Ends up parrying it for a six. Had he stood his ground, it may have come straight to him. 


Yusuf Pathan walks back for 3 runs from 7 balls and SRH are seven down. KKR are on fire here. Bowling perfectly and superb fielding at the same time. No chance for SRH. Full and outside off by Mavi, spliced by Pathan and it is taken by Chawla. Fantastic bit of fielding!


Carlos Brathwaite walks back after scoring 8 runs from 4 balls. Runs it down to third man and looks to steal a second run but fantastic throw from Nitish Rana right next to the stumps makes it easy work for DK. Takes away the bails and SRH go six down


Low full toss for Carlos Brathwaite by Prasidh Krishna and it has been sent soaring into the stands for a six! Sends it over cow corner for a massive hit!


Deepak Hooda departs for 19 runs from 19 balls and Sunil Narine strikes. Tried the sweep and it didn't work. This time he goes for the reverse sweep and it doesn't work out either. Off-break from Narine comes into Hooda and ends up splicing it towards backward point for Chawla. 

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