Pakistan Hockey Federation Secretary invites Narinder Batra for discussion

Pakistan Hockey Federation Secretary invites Narinder Batra for discussion

Pakistan hockey team captain Muhammad Imran said that India was trying to create an issue out of a non-issue.

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Pakistan players were condemned for their behaviour after their win against India in 2014 Champions Trophy in Bhubaneshwar. (Source: AP)

The secretary of the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) Shahbaz Ahmed has invited Hockey India to hold talks to resolve any grievances or misunderstandings they might have about Pakistan hockey.

“I don’t think by giving strong statements any issue can be resolved. It is best the two federations sit down and have talks and try to resolve any issues,” the former Pakistan captain told PTI on Wednesday.


Hockey India President Narinder Batra issued a statement on Monday saying:”I would love to have Pakistan players but not with the kind of behaviour they displayed in the Champions Trophy. And they have shown no regret of that incident in writing or otherwise. I don’t want to politicize the issue but that kind of behaviour was unacceptable. Least we need an apology from them.”

Batra’s statement came after it was confirmed that no Pakistani player would feature in the lucrative Hockey India League (HIL) this year.


Batra was referring to the incident that occurred after the semi-final of the last Champions Trophy in December when soon after their 4-3 win, Pakistani players started celebrating their victory in a wild fashion and removed their shirts and some of them making obscene gestures towards the crowd and media, prompting their coach Shahnaz Sheikh to come into action and take away his players.

“There is no doubt that it is a setback for our players as they can not only improve their game but also earn well if allowed to play in the Hockey India League. I think Pakistan and India need to improve their hockey ties by holding talks. We would welcome any move by Hockey India to discuss any issues with us,” Shahbaz said.

He pointed out that the Junior World Cup is also due to be held in India next year and he would like to see Pakistan do well in the event.

“My view is clear Pakistan and India need to play bilateral matches as this will not only boost the sport in both countries but also produce brand names in hockey which is way behind when it comes to sponsorships and earnings for players when compared to other sports like cricket in the subcontinent,” he added.

Meanwhile the captain of the Pakistan team, Muhammad Imran has said that India was trying to create an issue out of a non-issue.

“Their demand for an apology is childish. Because when the incident happened soon afterwards the FIH banned two of our players and rebuked Shafqat Rasool. It also accepted our stance so the matter was over then why dig it up now,” he questioned.