India vs Australia Hockey World League Finals: India draw 1-1 against Australia

India vs Australia Hockey World League Finals: India draw 1-1 against Australia

India begin their Hockey World League Finals with a 1-1 draw against Australia in Bhubaneshwar.

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India began their Hockey World League Finals campaign with a 1-1 draw against Australia in Bhubaneshwar.

India and Australia ended their first game of World Hockey League Finals match 1-1 in Bhubaneshwar on Friday. Beginning the match on a high note, India took the lead in the 20th minute through a brilliant goal from Mandeep but Australia levelled it a minute later by converting a penalty corner. Both teams matched each other in every aspect of the game but could not find another goal and the match ended in a draw. In the eight-time tournament,  all teams are guaranteed for a quarter-final spot as there are only eight teams. Last time at HWL Finals, India lost three of their group games and yet went on to win a bronze medal. This could be one of the toughest tournament for the young Indian team that is without the iconic Sardar Singh. Australia are one of the favourites but there is no guarantee as world hockey is not dominated by a single team.

India vs Australia Hockey World League Finals Highlights

60′ End of the match and there is not winner. India and Australia remain tied 1-1 and begin their tournament with a draw.

55′ No goals yet for the either team. Five more minutes remaining in this match. A goal here will give one team the win.

50′ India waste no time in attacking the Australia goal in the final quarter. Who will break the deadlock here?


45′ End of Q3 in Bhubaneshwar. The score is still 1-1. Nothing to seperate the two teams. India and Australia have played some quality hockey so far

45′ Some chances for India but they fail to convert. Latest is one from Akashdeep whose shot is over the bar. Still no lead for any team

36′ Another PC for Australia! Straight into the foot of Rupinder Pal Singh. That means another PC for Australia. Third for them in this attempt. Saved again!

36′ Penalty corner for Australia. Not the best of defending techniques from Varun. India need to save this. Save by the Indian defender. But Australia are reviewing for an Indian foot

32′ India get two back-to-back penalty corners but fail to convert even one of the them. Scores are still tied 1-1. The pace has slowed down a bit

30′ India and Australia have matched each other and have done the same in the scoreline. Both teams are level at 1-1 at half-time!

28′ India quick in their play especially switching the play. Depending more on passing on the first touch. Both teams have been brilliant

24′ Five minutes remaining in the second quarter and the score is level 1-1. Both teams have played fantastic hockey so far

21′ GOAL! Australia are level! A bit of goalkeeping error from Chitke and Jeremy hayward converts the penalty corner. India 1-1 Australia

20′ GOAL! Mandeep Singh with a great goal. Manpreet with a cross pass and Lakra intercepts, passes it to Mandeep who pushes it inside, tumbling!

18′ Chance! Akashdeep gets the ball inside the circle after some comedy of errors by Australian defence. But his shot is just wide. Score is India 0-0 Australia

16′ Start of the second quarter in Bhubaneshwar. India will look to take the lead against Australia and keep up the momentum

15′ End of the first quarter in Bhubaneshwar and the score is 0-0. No goals scored by either team but nice start to the game.

13′ Save! Chitke with a brilliant save to deny Australia a goal through penalty corner. Now Australia on the attack and India trying to defend

9′ India start dominatingly. They have had more possession than Australia and the defence has been spot on so far.

6′ Penalty corner for India. Rupinder Pal Singh takes the shot but it is saved by the goalkeeper. That is a chance wasted by India

01′ India with the first attack from left to right. Inside the circle now. Reverse shot but saved by the goalkeeper. Exciting start to the match!

1930 hrs IST: Done with the national anthems in Bhubaneshwar. Players taking their positions. This is a big match for India and Australia

1920 hrs IST: Moments away from the start of the match between India and Australia. Both teams are out on the pitch for the national anthems!


1900 hrs IST: India take on Australia in their first match of the Hockey World League Finals in Bhubaneshwar. A big match for the home team as they can gain a lot of confidence if they start on a winning note.