Netherlands beat India 3-1 in Hockey World League semi-finals group stage match: Match highlights

Netherlands beat India 3-1 in Hockey World League semi-finals group stage match: Match highlights

India found themselves unable to find a way through as the Netherlands took an early lead and never let go of the control they gained out of it. Akashdeep Singh scored for India but that was the only highlight for the Blues

This result means that India finish second to Netherlands in the group stage

This match might be a rude wake-up call for India. They have improved vastly over the last couple of years but Netherlands took control of the match in the beginning and never let go. They had a few glitches but India were sloppy and could not convert the chances that they got. It was only a moment of magic from Akashdeep Singh that gave India a glimmmer of hope but Netherlands maintained composure and saw it through the final two quarters.

India vs Netherlands, Hockey World League semi-finals Highlights: 

1947 hrs IST: Hooter goes for the last time but India have gone for a referral for a PC. It is turned down and so the scoreline remains 3-1. India have been absolutely blown away by Netherlands here. It means that they finish second in their Hockey World League semi-final group

1944 hrs IST: PC for Netherlands, they take it but are unable to get into goal

1941 hrs IST: Pass across the face of goal and Ramandeep dives forward to get a touch, unable to do so. A rare chance that for India


1937 hrs IST: India awarded a PC and Croon gets yellow-carded. 

1928 hrs IST: Third quarter ends and India are still trailing 3-1. It has been more of the same, the Netherlands dominated possession but were making lesser chances. India, on the other hand, were looking comfortable in possession

1925 hrs IST: India are seeing more of the ball but the nippy Dutch are not letting them do anything meaningful with it. They are still looking more comfortable of the two teams when they have the ball

1921 hrs IST: A big chance there for India as they intercept a ball and passes it to Mandeep. He charges through the center of the pitch and none of the Dutch players are able to get to him. The goalie positions himself perfectly and prevents Mandeep from scoring

1920 hrs IST: It’s still all Netherlands and they are also ringing in the changes. India are unable to get anything on the ball at the moment

1915 hrs IST: Second half starts, it’s India 3-1 Netherlands. The Dutch are still dominating possession but India looking more confident than they did in the first half

1906 hrs IST: HALF-TIME! India trail Netherlands 1-3. It has been all Dutch with a dash of Blue in this first half. Netherlands controlled proceedings for most of it and scored goals to show too. But India snatched one back against the run of play through some brilliance from Akashdeep. They then gave some jittery moments to their opposition. It’s game on now

1904 hrs IST: Big chance or India, the ball was put into the D from the right side and almost found Sunil but a Netherlands defender puts his stick in at the right time

1902 hrs IST: GOAL! Akashdeep snatches one back for India. This time the goalie cannot stop it. He did not have too much space and so, just chucks it into goal

1900 hrs IST: India put the ball into the D, Akashdeep takes it on the turn and drives into goal but the Dutch goalkeeper is at the right place at the right time, takes it full to the chest

1856 hrs IST: GOAL!! Netherlands score again and this one came out of nowhere. A sloppy pass from India was intercepted and Netherlands spare no time in getting it to the D, it comes to Pruisjer who smashes it into goal. That’s his third of the tournament, Netherlands’ third of the match

1854 hrs IST: A bit of a lull as both teams are unable to find a way into the opposite D. Netherlands would be happier with this temporary stalemate

1850 hrs IST: Netherlands get into the Indian box but the the defence intercepts the ball and gets it out. The Dutch have started the second quarter on similar note to the first one

1848 hrs IST: First quarter ends and Netherlands have won this one. It seems the Dutch may be changing their keeper for the second quarter. India have had a few chances but Netherlands have been dominant

1845 hrs IST: PC for Netherlands, it is driven in and Van der Wield takes the sweep, and it hits another Indian leg. Another PC and that too is seen off by India

1844 hrs IST: Billy Baker spins just inside the circle and takes a shot. Akash Chikte saves it brilliantly!

1841 hrs IST: Its a PC for India now. India were not initially rewarded it, they reviewed the decision and it went their way. But it is a wasted opportunity as the shot is intercepted and Netherlands counter, India find a way to defend it. India are slowly finding their feet now but they have been completely dominated by the Dutch in this first quarter

1839 hrs IST: GOAL! Netherlands score through a PC. Neth is the specialist and he delivers once again. Surender took a shot on his foot and conceded the PC

1838 hrs IST: Sardar intercepted a ball and puts it into the D, Talwinder receives it and but could not get into goal

1835 hrs IST: The early goal didn’t give us time to go over a few details, India are in their traditional blue but Netherlands are in their alternative black and orange jerseys

1828 hrs IST: GOAL! Netherlands find an early lead and India are behind in the first five minutes. Thierry Brinkman is the man who scores

1823 hrs IST: The teams are out on turf, national anthems are being played and we are seconds away from the start of the match. 

1819 hrs IST: Here are the teams;

India XI: Harmanpreet Singh, Kothajit Singh, Surender Kumar, Sardar Singh, Akas Chikte, Harjeet Singh, Pardeep Mor, SV Sunil, Akashdeep Singh, Chinglensana Singh, Ramandeep Singh


Netherlands XI: Billy Bakker, Valentin Verga, Sander De Wijn, Sander Baart, Robber Kermperman, Mirco Pruijser, Bjorn Kellerman, Thierry Brinkman, Pirmin Blaak, Floris Waterlboer, Mink van der Weerden

1725 hrs IST: Netherlands and India have run through the group stage of the Hockey World League Semi-Finals like hot knife through butter. In the six matches that they have played thus far, they have scored a combined 24 goals and conceded just three goals. It means that they are now through to the semi-finals and this match will decide who will finish top of the group, which in turn will play a big role in deciding who they face in the semi-final.