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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Women’s Hockey World Cup quarterfinals highlights: India go down against Ireland in penalty shootouts

India vs Ireland, Women's Hockey World Cup quarterfinals: Ireland beat India 3-1 on penalty shootouts.

By: Sports Desk | Updated: August 3, 2018 12:26:07 am
Hockey World Cup Live India vs Ireland, Women’s Hockey World Cup: India are defeated in quarterfinals.

India vs Ireland, Hockey World Cup quarter-finals Highlights: Indian women hockey team played a hard-fought battle but eventually went down to Ireland in the quarterfinals of the Women’s Hockey World Cup on Thursday. Despite the high-intensity match, there were no goals scored, dragging it to penalty shootouts which Ireland won 3-1. With the win, Ireland booked their semifinal berth where they will meet Spain.

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India vs Ireland, Women's Hockey World Cup quarterfinals Highlights: Ireland beat India 3-1 on penalty shootouts


    00:08 (IST)03 Aug 2018

    It's all over for India, who looked like they gave it their all in the quarterfinal. Hard luck! But Ireland's journey in the World Cup has been no less than fairytale. They last played a World Cup in 2002. Their players, as per Irish Times, pay 550 euros each to play for the national team. They are the second lowest team in the tournament (16). Now, they are in the semifinals.

    00:04 (IST)03 Aug 2018
    India 1-3 Ireland

    Ireland score on their fifth attempt and seal their spot in the Semi Finals.

    00:02 (IST)03 Aug 2018
    India 1-2 Ireland

    India finally open their account in the fourth stroke.

    00:01 (IST)03 Aug 2018
    India 0-2 Ireland

    Ireland do well to double their lead as they score on their fourth stroke

    23:59 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    India 0-1 Ireland

    Trouble for India as they miss their third stroke as well.

    23:59 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    India 0-1 Ireland

    Ireland score their third stroke and take lead.

    23:58 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    India 0-0 Ireland

    Monika takes India's second stroke but shoots wide.

    23:57 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    India 0-0 Ireland

    Ireland miss their second stroke after a brilliant dive from Savita.

    23:55 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    India 0-0 Ireland

    Rani misses as well.

    23:54 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    India 0-0 Ireland

    India save the first. Next up captain Rani Rampal.

    23:52 (IST)02 Aug 2018

    The Hockey World Cup quarterfinal between India and Ireland goes into shootouts. It all comes down to Savita now to make crucial blocks. Remember, the winner plays Spain in semifinal.

    23:49 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    India down to ten players

    India are down to ten players for two minutes in the remaining match of 3.5 minutes. Even though it is a high intensity match, there hasn't been a clear cut opportunities from either ends.

    23:45 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    Penalty shootout?

    We are in the final five minutes of the fourth quarter, which is swinging back and forth between the two sides. The Indian team is pushing its limits for a breakthrough. Match seems to be heading into penalty shootout.

    23:38 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    India penalty corner

    India receive a penalty corner in the final quarter. However, the Irish goalkeeper McFerran does well to keep her side out of danger as Rani's shot failed to give India lead.

    23:30 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    End of third quarter

    That's the end of third quarter as the score still stands 0-0. Both teams look intent on not giving advantage to the other side. 

    23:29 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    India look for Rani

    India are relying heavily on their captain Rani to lead them towards an opening goal. Whenever the Indian side builds up to attack, they lose the possession as they wait for Rani to go for the goal.

    23:25 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    Good defence by India

    India do well to defend as Daly Nicola plays through a reverse stick to put the ball inside the circle. 

    23:23 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    India move forward

    Sunita's tackle deep in the Indian half causes a quick turnover in play and the Indian hockey team breaks forward.

    23:23 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    Third quarter

    The match moves into the second half. Neither of the teams have lost their intensity as they reach into the third quarter. India have slightly lost their second quarter vigour. 

    23:08 (IST)02 Aug 2018

    Both sides continue to look for opening goal as the match continues remains goalless at half-time. It has been a hard-fought contest so far as both sides refuse to leg go of possession.

    23:03 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    Savita saves

    India have found their groove in the second quarter of the quarterfinal as they look to be stealing the possession a little more than the previous quarter. Meanwhile, Savita makes a brilliant save to cast away danger.

    22:58 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    Intensity increases

    Most of the action is taking place in the midfield as both sides refuse to let go of possession. Both teams are lacking when it comes to attack. 

    22:53 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    Ireland get first opportunity

    The second quarter is underway. Ireland create the first opportunity as they break forward but Lilima is in the right position to stop the danger before it grew.

    22:49 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    End of quarter one

    The first quarter comes to an end. Ireland began well, with strong possession but it seemed to level out towards the end of the quarter. An intense match underway in London with both teams giving their all for the semifinal berth.

    22:46 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    Ireland possession

    Ireland hold possession in the first quarter of the match as India continue to look for an opening chance. Ireland defence stands tall as India struggle.

    22:41 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    Ireland start well

    Good start for Ireland as India look like they are still warming up. Ireland's Pinder and O'Flanagan finding space in the circle. India look to attack but the Irish wall stands tall.

    22:35 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    Match underway

    India's quarterfinal match against Ireland underway. In the group stage, India lost to Ireland. Revenge is on their mind as semifinal spot is at stake.

    22:33 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    National anthems

    The teams are out on the field. National anthems are being sung. The players are taking positions as the quarterfinal is about to kickstart. Semifinal spot at stake.

    22:20 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    Ireland's Starting XI

    Here is the Starting XI of Ireland's hockey team:

    22:18 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    Starting XI

    Here is the Starting XI of India, who eye semifinal spot.

    22:09 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    Rani Rampal appeals to fans

    Here is an appeal by Indian captain Rani Rampal asking fans to give their full support to the team ahead of the quarterfinal clash against Ireland. “We need your support and blessings. On the ground, each player will give their 100 percent, but you guys please give us your 100 percent support outside the ground,” she said. "We all will make you feel proud in tomorrow’s game. Keep supporting India. Jai Hind."

    22:03 (IST)02 Aug 2018
    India vs Ireland Live

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of Hockey World Cup quarterfinals match between India and Ireland. India have revenge on their minds as they attempt to book their second semifinal spot ever. 

    India vs Ireland, Women's Hockey World Cup quarterfinals Live Score Live Streaming: India play Ireland for semifinals spot.

    India vs Ireland, Hockey World Cup quarters Live Score Live Streaming: India had to slog it out to make it to the quarterfinals, having drawn 1-1 against England and USA respectively and losing 0-1 to Ireland. Having come second best in their last two meetings, it would be quite a task for the Indians to beat Ireland. The Irish have been in ominous form having topped Pool B ahead of higher-ranked USA and India.