India vs Ireland, Sultan Azlan Shah Cup: Ireland stun India to clinch 3-2 victory

Shane O'Donoghue, Sean Murray and Lee Cole scored the goals for Ireland as they beat India 3-2 in the final round robin game.

India are playing Ireland in Sultan Azlan Shah Cup. Varun Kumar and Ramandeep scored for India. (Source: Hockey India/Twitter)

Needing a massive victory over Ireland to open doors for final, India started their final round robin game against Ireland in attacking fashion. The side led by Sardar Singh made the most of the penalty corner in the first 5 minutes of the match to take an early lead. Varun Kumar took the PC and Ramandeep deflected the stroke inside the net to give India a 1-0 lead. The second quarter saw much more action with Ireland building pressure early on and making the most of a free hit to equalise. Shane O’Donoghue scored the equalising goal for the Irish. But two minutes later, India found a way to regain their lead by converting another penalty corner into the goal. Amit Rohidas scored the goal to give India 2-1 lead at half time. Sean Murray and Lee Cole scored a goal each in the third quarter to give Ireland the lead. India tried to create chances in the final quarter but failed to go past a cautious Irish defence. Ireland beat India 3-2. With the defeat against Ireland, India will not play in the gold medal match of the tournament.

India vs Ireland Hockey, Sultan Azlan Shah Cup highlights:

  1. 5:06PM
    09 Mar, 18
    Ireland beat India 3-2!

    What  a turnaround by Ireland to comeback from 1-0 down to win it 3-2 against India. Resolute performance from the men in green - they came back twice to regain the lead. Final score India 2-3 Ireland! With the defeat against Ireland, India will not play in the gold medal match of the tournament.

  2. 5:01PM
    09 Mar, 18
    56' PC to India!

    India have been given another bonus here - a penalty corner. Just 4 minutes remaining. Will they equaliser?

  3. 5:00PM
    09 Mar, 18
    53' PC to India!

    India have been awarded a penalty corner here - will they equalise now? Noooo! The shot from Amit Rohidas was slightly off the mark and India continue to search for the equaliser. India 2-3 Ireland

  4. 4:55PM
    09 Mar, 18

    Brilliant run from Sumit Kumar inside the box but once again lacked the finessse in the final touch to convert it into goal. India still continue to search for goals as Ireland remain cautious in defence. India 2-3 Ireland

  5. 4:53PM
    09 Mar, 18
    India 2-3 Ireland

    India are looking to attack in the final quarter but Ireland are playing very defensively. They are not allowing India any room or window to create chances. India need to score at least two more goals to keep a door to the final open.

  6. 4:47PM
    09 Mar, 18
    End of third quarter - India 2-3 Ireland

    This quarter has completely turned around the game with Ireland scoring twice to take the lead. India tried to create some chances but lacked quality in finish to get back into the game. India need to win to keep their doors to final open. Final quarter. Lots to play for both teams.

  7. 4:44PM
    09 Mar, 18
    Ireland take the lead!

    GOALLL! Ireland have taken the lead with another Penalty Corner. A deflection from Lee Cole takes the scoreline to India 2-3 Ireland. What. A. Turnaround.

  8. 4:42PM
    09 Mar, 18
    42' PC to Ireland!

    Ireland have another Penalty corner here. Can they convert this to take the lead over India?

  9. 4:38PM
    09 Mar, 18

    ALMOST! India almost scored a goal here with Gurjant Singh takign the ball inside the box and taking a shot but the ball went just a short distance away from the goal post.

  10. 4:35PM
    09 Mar, 18

    GOALLL! Sean Murray scored the goal. Defensive error from India. They let the ball come inside the box and a flick pushed the ball inside the goal. IND 2-2 IRE

  11. 4:31PM
    09 Mar, 18
    33' India 2-1 Ireland

    India are leading 2-1 at the moment and are building pressure early in the third quarter. India would want to extend their lead here before the final quarter to feel at a safer position.

  12. 4:18PM
    09 Mar, 18
    PC to Ireland!

    Ireland have received a penalty corner just in the last few remaining seconds of the second quarter. Will they make something out of it? SAVE! Terrific work by India goalkeeper Karkera. End of 2nd quarter. India 2-1 Ireland at half time!

  13. 4:16PM
    09 Mar, 18
    India 2-1 Ireland

    2 minutes remaining in the second quarter and it has been an action-packed 15 minutes. There is still time for another goal here. Ireland keeping the possession. Can they equalise?

  14. 4:13PM
    09 Mar, 18
    India scores!

    INDIA LEAD! Amit Rohidas with a thundering drive from a PC and it hits the roof of the net. Some strike that! India lead 2-1 in the second quarter.

  15. 4:13PM
    09 Mar, 18
    Ireland scores!

    O'Donoghue equalises for Ireland to equalise 1-1! Free hit for Ireland led to the goal with the ball ending inside the box. The goalkeeper was away from the post which cost India.

  16. 4:04PM
    09 Mar, 18

    Ramandeep one-on-one with the Ireland goalkeeper but he hit it wide off the goalpost. ALMOST!

    India are building pressure here but they have managed to keep the Irish quiet in the middle.

  17. 4:00PM
    09 Mar, 18
    PC to Ireland!

    Ireland have been awarded a penalty corner here but India have reviewed the decision. The referee is taking a look here. After a long hard look, the referee has changed his decision.

  18. 3:58PM
    09 Mar, 18

    CHANCE! Good start from Ireland in the second quarter with the ball almost getting in the net via a deflection.  Positive thinking from Ireland as they continue to keep possession and look to equalise.

  19. 3:55PM
    09 Mar, 18
    End of first quarter, IND 1-0 IRE

    Ireland kept the possession with them in the latter stages of the quarter but failed to find the quality to make anything from it. India's defence was quick to control the situation. India maintain lead. IND 1-0 IRE

  20. 3:52PM
    09 Mar, 18
    IND 1-0 IRE

    With 4 minutes still remaining in the first quarter, Ireland are trying to build pressure to somehow find a way to equalise the score. But India are still keeping most of the possession in the match.

  21. 3:49PM
    09 Mar, 18
    GOALLLL! India 1-0 Ireland

    GOALLLL! India take the lead in the first half. Penalty corner for India reaped award with Ramandeep getting the scoring touch. India gain lead early on. IND 1-0 IRE

  22. 3:39PM
    09 Mar, 18
    1' GAME IS ON!

    Ireland kick off the things. IND 0-0 IRE. Earlier Australia defeated Argentina by 3-1 to stay on the top of the table. India need a huge win to make their chances into the final.

  23. 3:33PM
    09 Mar, 18
    Time for National Anthem!

    The players are on the field and it is time for the National Anthems. First we will have Ireland's national Anthem followed by India's national anthem.

  24. 3:33PM
    09 Mar, 18
    Australia beat Argentina

    Australia have beaten Argentina to end as toppers which mean India still have a chance to reach final.

  25. 3:16PM
    09 Mar, 18
    India need to win big!

    India need a big victory to qualify for the final. But they also have to keep an eye on the other results in the match. The odds are stacked against them. Can they pull of a miraculous achievement? Stay tuned for LIVE updates.

  26. 2:49PM
    09 Mar, 18
    Welcome to our Live Blog!

    Hello and welcome to our Live Blog on the final round robin game of India against Ireland in Sultan Azlan Shah Cup. India still has an outside chance to progress to the final.