Hockey Women’s World Cup Highlights: India go down 1-0 to Ireland

India vs Ireland, Hockey Women's World Cup: India went down 1-0 to Ireland in their second World Cup match on Thursday.

By: Sports Desk | Updated: July 26, 2018 8:33:45 pm
India vs Ireland, Hockey Women’s World Cup: India lost 1-0 to Ireland on Thursday.

India vs Ireland, Hockey Women’s World Cup: The Indian women hockey team went down 1-0 to Ireland in their second Hockey Women’s World Cup match on Thursday. Ireland’s Ana O’Flanagan successfully converted their penalty in the first quarter using her stick to deflect the set-piece attempt into the top-right. Ireland then defended brilliantly to deny India of a chance of equalising. After settling for a 1-1 draw against World No. 2 and hosts England in their Pool B opener, the Indian hockey team failed to capitalise on their match against lower ranked Ireland, who qualified for the quarterfinals with the win against the Indian eves.

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India vs Ireland, Hockey Women's World Cup: India lost 1-0 to Ireland

19:59 (IST) 26 Jul 2018
Full time: India 0-1 Ireland

India go down 1-0 to Ireland in their second match of the World Cup. With the win, Ireland advance to the quarterfinals. They are at the top of Pool B with six points. India, who have earned just 1 point so far, play their next do-or-die match against USA.

19:56 (IST) 26 Jul 2018
Few minutes left

India are in the final minutes of the match and Ireland are confident of not letting go of their lead. Rampal collects the ball from the Irish defender and makes a fierce shot to the far post that is just stopped by Grace O'Flanagan's outstretched leg.

19:50 (IST) 26 Jul 2018
India penalty corner

India receive their seventh penalty corner. But Ireland reads it brilliantly to deny the blue shirts a chance of an equaliser. India's variation on the PC is intercepted by the Irish runner and the ball is cleared away.

19:48 (IST) 26 Jul 2018
Fourth quarter

India build on momentum, as they raise the tempo of their attack. But they are finding it difficult to get past the strong Irish wall.

19:37 (IST) 26 Jul 2018
End of third quarter

That's the end of third quarter but the scoreline remains the same. A brilliant defence by Ireland ensures that India does not get the breakthrought. India under pressure. 

19:30 (IST) 26 Jul 2018
India miss chances

India miss two chances to score the equaliser. Those were good chances that India would be regretting to have missed. India's first attempt by Gurjit  from the set-piece is saved by the Irish GK.

19:27 (IST) 26 Jul 2018
India aggressively attack

India looking desperate now. They are aggressively attacking. The Ireland side, however, needs to be given credit for coming prepared to defend well. 

19:23 (IST) 26 Jul 2018
Third half underway

The teams are back after half-time with India hoping for a breakthrough.  Ireland skipper Kathryn Mullan gets a green card from the referee. The green side down to ten players.

19:18 (IST) 26 Jul 2018
Lively environment in the stadium

A lot of Ireland supporters in the stands, celebrating and dancing, cheering for their side while a Punjabi song is being played in the stadium to bring smiles to the Indian faces. The teams prepare for the third quarter. 

19:08 (IST) 26 Jul 2018
End of second quarter

And that's the end of second quarter. Ireland continue to lead India 1-0 as the second quarter goes goalless with India playing under pressure despite being the favourites in the match.

19:05 (IST) 26 Jul 2018
Lilima off-target

That was a close chance for India but Lilima shoots it off-target. India need to relax a bit as they look to be playing under pressure. 

19:03 (IST) 26 Jul 2018
India penalty corner

India receive a penalty corner but fail to make the most of itas Ireland defend well to remove the danger. India bac in attack mode, looking desperately for their first goal.

18:58 (IST) 26 Jul 2018
Second quarter

Ireland receive another penalty corner after Sunita Lakra gets a green card. Third for India so far in the tournament. Savita does brilliantly to extend her arm to the left, making a routine save off the set-piece.

18:52 (IST) 26 Jul 2018
End of first quarter

That's the end of first quarter as India trail Ireland 1-0. 1/3rd of the match left for India to make a comeback after Ana O'Flanagan's goal.

18:51 (IST) 26 Jul 2018
Penalty corner for India

India have a chance of levelling the match as they win a penalty corner right after Ireland take 1-0 lead. They however miss the chance as Gurjit Kaur's shot is brilliantly defended. 

18:49 (IST) 26 Jul 2018
GOAL! India 0-1 Ireland

Ireland draw first blood as they take 1-0 lead in the first quarter after a successful penalty corner. Ana O'Flanagan uses her stick to deflect the set-piece attempt into the top-right.

18:43 (IST) 26 Jul 2018
Ireland with possession

The Irish enjoy a period of possession as their defense passes the ball back and forth after Sunita dispossesses the Irish attacker dribbling upfield.

18:42 (IST) 26 Jul 2018
Gurjit's attempt intercepted

Gurjit's attempt from the set-piece is intercepted by the Irish runner. This match is highly important for India as a win in this match will get them close to a quarterfinal berth and a defeat will make it equally tough for them to advance.

18:36 (IST) 26 Jul 2018
India vs Ireland UNDERWAY

India's Hockey match against Ireland underway in London. The Indian Eves get off to an attacking start as skipper Rani Rampal penetrates the circle, but she is surrounded by the Irish defense and is dispossessed.

18:09 (IST) 26 Jul 2018
India vs Ireland Live

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of India's second match at Hockey Women's World Cup in London. India take on Ireland after a draw against World No. 2 England in their first game. The Indian side will hope to win their first match at the World Cup as they take on lower-ranked Ireland.

India vs Ireland Live Score: India play Ireland in their second match at Women's Hockey World Cup.

India vs Ireland, Hockey Women's World Cup Live Score: The Indians would be desperate to score their first win in the tournament on Thursday. But it would be easier said than done as they will be up against an Irish side which has the capability of springing surprises. India lost 1-2 to Ireland in the HWL Semifinals in Johannesburg last year and revenge would be high on the Rani Rampal-led side's agenda when it takes the turf.