India vs Belgium Highlights, Champions Trophy: Late Belgium goal denies India three points

India vs Belgium Highlights, Champions Trophy: Late Belgium goal denies India three points

India vs Belgium Highlights, Champions Trophy: India and Belgium play out a 1-1 draw after the Olympic silver medallist get a late equaliser.

India vs Belgium Live
India vs Belgium Highlights, Champions Trophy: India played a 1-1 draw with Belgium.

India vs Belgium Highlights, Champions Trophy Live: India were denied all three points in their fourth round robin game at the Champions Trophy in Breda, Netherlands. Having taken the lead after 10 minutes courtesy Harmanpreet Singh penalty corner, India rode on numerous chances for Belgium including a staggering 12 penalty corners before Loick Luypaert denied opportunity to get all three points. The 1-1 draw keeps India within chance of going forward and playing the final with one game left for India against hosts Netherlands.

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India vs Belgium Highlights, Champions Trophy Updates:


India and Belgium play out a 1-1 draw with Loick Luypaert denying Men in Blue all three points. India will be disappointed to give away so many chances, so many PCs but credit for that goes to Belgium who made life really difficult. India had chances of their own but didn't make it count


Another PC for India. 32 seconds left on the clock now. Loick Luypaert once again but this time he is denied by Sreejesh. 


PC awarded to Belgium. India contest it saying its a stick. The decision stands and India lose referral. 1 minute and 45 seconds left on the clock. GOAL! It was coming and this time Belgium seize their opportunity. Loick Luypaert keeps it low and rifles it past Sreejesh. INDIA 1-1 BELGIUM


A Belgium player is tripped inside the India D and that's a no brainer. Tenth PC for Belgium. Lovely shot and it is saved away by Sreejesh once again. One big save after another. Moments later, ball is played into the area and deflection comes off the goal post. Belgium so unlucky today


With under seven minutes to play, India get a PC. SV Sunil reckoned it had hit a Belgium foot and upon referral, he's right. REFEREE DOWN! REFEREE DOWN! The shot is wide of the mark and the referee is hit fiercely. Brutal hit. 


Ninth (!!) penalty corner of the game for Belgium. Trapped and it is blocked by Manpreet but with his feet. Make that the tenth PC for Belgium. Strong defensive work once again. Forcing Belgium into revising their strategy from the PC


Yet another fantastic opportunity for Belgium to get the equaliser but the ball set for the corner of the goal is saved by Sreejesh. Been an absolute wall for India. As any other day.

India goal disallowed

A replay of the India disallowed goal and it is a fair call in the end. Mandeep did crash his stick with that of Belgium player. At the end of the third quarter, India continue to lead Belgium 1-0


India do get the ball into the goal this time but the goal is disallowed for some reason. Stick check it seems. India celebrated and the free-hit was awarded to Belgium who tried to catch India out but Sreejesh avoids danger


Huge chance for India to score. Gorgeous ball into the area and three India players are unmarked at the far post but none of them get the required deflection into the goal. The only deflection is wide of the mark. Meanwhile, Belgium are down to ten. Cedric Charlier gets a green card


India are once again down to ten men for two minutes. Dilpreet gets a green card


Jarmanpreet gets hit in the face at the edge of the area but the ball rises which means it is a penalty corner for Belgium. It is hit straight at an India foot and is another PC. This is a great shot and an ever greater save. Superb strike is denied by an acrobatic Sreejesh


A nasty collission out in the middle as Keusters and Manpreet come together. Both go down in a heap following the clash. Birendra Lakra gets a green card in the 34th minute


Third quarter underway and Belgium win a penalty corner early on. A low shot drilled into the India goal is saved by Sreejesh but it raises as it goes wide. The penalty corner produces nothing in the end. 


India lead Belgium 1-0 at the end of the first half. Plenty of chances for India in the first 30 minutes but they've been unable to add to their lead after 10 minutes. Harmanpreet Singh's goal the difference as things stand


Yet another penalty corner for India. Jarmanpreet looked like he was going to get the foot with little angle to work with and he succeeds. The shot comes off a Belgium foot. Another PC awarded. But Belgium ask for a referral for a stick check. Free-hit to Belgium then


With under two minutes to play, a penalty corner for India. The ball hits Briels' foot inside the D. Fourth PC for India. Misconnected on the ball and the chance goes to waste. The second shot is wide of the mark and Belgium get the ball


SV Sunil gets it horribly wrong. In a great opportunity and with plenty of space to play with, Sunil tries to play it in Sardar Singh's path but gets the angles wrong and is in the keeper's path to play away with ease. Big chance!


Florent van Aubel with a shot on the turn but there is a stick tackle from India and that's a penalty corner for Belgium. Blocked beautifully however. India are quick on the counter and get the ball on the other side at lightning speed but the shot on the turn is a poor one. Well wide of the target in the end


The ball comes off a Belgium foot after an attempt to steal the ball from behind and it is a penalty corner for India. The grab on the penalty corner is poor and it comes out of the area before Chinglensana has a shot from distance. It is saved and the ball goes back to Belgium for dangerous play it seems


Big chance for India to double their advantage but the almost one-on-one opportunity is squandered with a poor shot on target. 


Second quarter underway. Penalty corner early into the second quarter for Belgium. But it is a routine save for Sreejesh. Saves it away with the foot


At the end of the first quarter, India lead Belgium 1-0 thanks to that Harmanpreet Singh goal from the penalty corner. 


Thomas Briels, Belgium skipper, gets a whack right underneath the eye. India player tries to play the ball into the area and the follow through catches Briels near the eye. Got to sting! Getting treatment on the sidelines


First penalty corner of the game for India. Harmanpreet Singh with the shy on goal, it looks like it has hit the Belgium player stationed on the post. Initial decision is of a penalty stroke. If going in, it will be a penalty stroke, else another PC for India. Tough call. Penalty corner it is, ball was going off the target. Second penalty corner for India. GOAL!! INDIA LEAD!! Harmanpreet Singh scores his third goal of the tournament. Thunders it low to the keeper's right. Loic gets a stick on it but can't keep it out. INDIA 1-0 BELGIUM


Beautiful play inside the Belgium D by India. Ball moves down the right and Mandeep had the time and space to scoop the keeper but the angle is a bit too much in the end. Hits the post and comes out. 


First penalty corner of the game comes to Belgium. But danger is averted quickly


Belgium get the game underway. They're in their red kits and India in their all blue. Belgium attack from left to right and India from right to left.


Teams walk out with the national flags by the volunteers. India's national anthem is followed by Belgium's. And we're ready for the start!

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A huge result for Pakistan hockey as they beat Argentina 4-1 in the first game of the day. Incredible result for a side that had yet to open their account and do so by beating the Olympic champions!


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India vs Belgium Live

Hello and Good Evening! Thanks for joining us in our continued coverage of the Champions Trophy. India have a daunting challenge ahead of them when they face Belgium in their fourth game of the tournament. So far: two wins, one loss. 

India vs Belgium Live

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