India vs Australia, Sultan Azlan Shah Cup: India go down 2-4 against Australia

India put up a decent fight in their Sultan Azlan Shah Cup game against Australia but lost to them 2-4, a game in which they needed a win.

india vs australia hockey India lost their game against Australia 2-4.

India were winless in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup and faced a strong Australia side in what was a must win game for them. But they failed to come out on top and lost the game 2-4 despite putting up a good fight. The loss means that India will not qualify for the final of the tournament. After losing 2-3 to Olympic champion Argentina and drawing their second game 1-1 against England, India needed a win against Australia to keep their hopes alive but the Aussies have now needed their hopes. Australia now have three wins from three games and have qualified for the final.

India vs Australia, Hockey Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

  1. 5:10PM
    06 Mar, 18
    India lose 2-4 to Australia

    That is the final hooter and India will go down to Australia. They needed a win in the game but Australia come out on top 4-2. India tried hard throughout the game but Australia were the better team. India may not advance to the final now!

  2. 5:06PM
    06 Mar, 18
    India fail to convert PC!

    India got the PC with 2:41 remaining but no one could make the stop at the top of the D. An opportunity wasted from India. There is no goalkeeper for India. Australia 4-2 India

  3. 4:58PM
    06 Mar, 18
    GOAL! India 2-4 Australia (Ramandeep Singh)

    Another of goal for India. This time it is Ramandeep who gets his name on the board! Brilliant reverse shot from him and India are trying to get back in this game

  4. 4:57PM
    06 Mar, 18
    GOAL! India 1-4 Australia (Sumit Kumar)

    Finally a goal for India! They have broken the Australian defence and credit to Ramandeep Singh for doing it. Brilliant game from him. He runs on the back line and then passes to Sumit Kumar who taps it in!

  5. 4:49PM
    06 Mar, 18
    End of Q3: India 0-4 Australia

    A dominant performance from Australia in third quarter and they now lead 4-0. The match has slipped away from India. 15 minutes remaining. 

  6. 4:47PM
    06 Mar, 18
    GOAL! India 0-4 Australia (Blake Govers)

    Goal for Australia and it is just showing how poor India have been in this game. The defence was once again all over the place. PC was awarded to Australia which was defended by Suraj but then Govers stole the ball from Indian defenders and shot a reverse hit between Suraj's leg for the fourth goal!

  7. 4:44PM
    06 Mar, 18
    GOAL! India 0-3 Australia (Daniel Beale)

    Another goal for Australia after India show poor defence! Daniel Beale tried three times before finally tapping one into India's goal. Suraj defended the original shot, Beale got the rebould which was again stopped, another rebound which was finally tapped in!

  8. 4:39PM
    06 Mar, 18
    Australia fail to convert PC!

    Two PCs in two minutes but Australia fail to convert both of them. India will consider themselves lucky that they are still trailing 0-2. Australia have been brilliant in their defence as well

  9. 4:34PM
    06 Mar, 18
    GOAL! India 0-2 Australia (Zalewski 35')

    GOAL! Against the run of play, Australia have scored again. Indian defence was nowhere close to the Australian players and they take the advantage. the goalkeeper was protecting the right side but Zalewski got the pass on the left and deflected it

  10. 4:32PM
    06 Mar, 18
    India 0-1 Australia

    No change in the scoreline after five minutes in the third quarter. India are attacking on a consistent basis but cannot find the goal.  Australia too have been strong. They lead 1-0

  11. 4:25PM
    06 Mar, 18
    Second half: Goalkeepers changed for both teams

    India and Australia have changed their goalkeepers just before the second half. The players set for the final 30 minutes of the match. India trail Australia 0-1 and will look to turn that around first

  12. 4:15PM
    06 Mar, 18
    Half-time: India 0-1 Australia

    The teams go to half-time with India trailing Australia. A goal via penalty stroke for Australia and they lead the match 1-0 at half-time. Still 30 minutes to go in this game and India will be looking to bounce back!

  13. 4:14PM
    06 Mar, 18
    Penalty corner for India

    First penalty corner of the game and it goes India's way! Varun Kumar is at the top of the corner to take the shot. Ramandeep will push it in. It is a powerful drag which goes past the keeper and has hit the post! Unlucky for India! No goal!

  14. 4:12PM
    06 Mar, 18
    GOAL! India 0-1 Australia (Mark Knowles)

    GOAL! Mark Knowles has converted the penalty stroke for Australia. They take the lead. Powerful stroke towards the right and the diving Pathak cannot stop it. India 0-1 Australia

  15. 4:11PM
    06 Mar, 18

    Error from Indian defence as an Australia shot going towards the goal was stopped by body. It's a penalty stroke for Australia! Big moment in this game and Australia can take the lead before half-time!

  16. 4:09PM
    06 Mar, 18
    Nothing to separate the teams!

    Three minutes remaining to half-time and still goalless in Ipoh. There is nothing to separate the two teams. Both have attacked but defence of both teams have denied the other team

  17. 4:01PM
    06 Mar, 18
    25' India 0-0 Australia

    The second quarter has not seen any goals so far. India have tried to penetrate the Australian defence, they have failed to do so. Five minutes gone in the second quarter

  18. 3:55PM
    06 Mar, 18
    End of 1st quarter: India 0-0 Australia

    No goals in the first quarter despite both teams playing at a serious pace. India will happy with their efforts and also their defence to deny Australia so far. Second quarter begins in two minutes

  19. 3:51PM
    06 Mar, 18
    India 0-0 Australia

    Still no goals from either teams. They have not created the best chances either. Australia with another attack and are inside the Indian penalty area. Indian defence has done well so far in this game

  20. 3:47PM
    06 Mar, 18
    India 0-0 Australia Live

    India get their first chance to score but Sumit's shot has gone wide. There was no one to back that shot. The game is still tied 0-0 as both teams have exchanged the possession and most of the game has been centred about the midfield

  21. 3:40PM
    06 Mar, 18
    India 0-0 Australia

    Krishan Pathak tested early! The Australians were inside the Indian circle and took the shot. A brilliant save from Pathak to deny Australia a goal. Corner for Australia

  22. 3:39PM
    06 Mar, 18
    1' India 0-0 Australia

    India begin proceedings with a push back. Ramandeep Singh to Sardar Singh. Early interception from Australia and they already have possession. India need a win to stay alive in this tournament

  23. 3:34PM
    06 Mar, 18
    National Anthems of the teams

    The teams are out for the national anthems! First will be national anthem of India, followed by the national anthem of Australia.  Crowd in the stadium is decent

  24. 3:33PM
    06 Mar, 18
    Big game: India vs Australia

    India take on Australia and the players are out in the middle for the game. India need a win, Australia are already winning. Veteran Sardar Singh will once have the responsibilty of carrying the young team on his shoulders.

  25. 3:14PM
    06 Mar, 18
    England beat Ireland 3-1

    The first game of the day is over. England, who have lost one and drawn another, have won their first game of the tournament. They beat Ireland 3-1 in a close encounter. Can India also get their first win?

  26. 2:56PM
    06 Mar, 18
    India vs Australia Sultan Azlan Shah Cup game

    Welcome to the coverage of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup game between India and Australia. The second game of the day will see the runners-up from last year face Australia in a must-win game. India have drew the previous game and lost the one game. Australia, however, have won both their games so far in the tournament. Will India get their first win of the tournament?