India vs Australia Hockey Champions Trophy 2018 Final Highlights: India win silver medal after loss to Australia

India vs Australia Hockey Champions Trophy 2018 Final Highlights: India win silver medal after loss to Australia

India vs Australia Hockey Champions Trophy 2018 Final Highlights: India settled for silver after losing to Australia in final.

India vs Australia Live Score Hockey
India vs Australia Hockey Champions Trophy Final Highlights: India lost to Australia in final.

India vs Australia Hockey Champions Trophy Final Highlights: History repeated itself in the Hockey Champions Trophy as India settled for silver medal in the tournament after losing to Australia in the final via shootout. In the 2016 edition, India had lost to the same opponents in a similar manner. Australia won their 15th goal medal at Champions Trophy. India won their second silver medal after winning their first in 2016.

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India vs Australia Hockey Champions Trophy 2018 Final Highlights

India settle for silver

That was a wonderful performance from India minus the shootout! India needed more composure but only Manpreet Singh could score. Tyler Lovell showed why he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. But a brilliant final of the final Champions Trophy edition. Australia will keep the trophy


AUSTRALIA WIN! Edwards scores the final shot to win Australia a 3-1 win over India in the Champions Trophy final! Edwards is very calm and just left it over Sreejesh from the right to hand Australia the title. That is Australia 15th title. India will settle for silver medal

Manpreet scores

Manpreet scores! He keeps India alive. Sreejesh needs to save this shot Australia 2-1 India. That is India's first goal in the match. It is a fake from Manpreet. He goes left and then turns right to beat Lovell

Sreejesh saves

SAVE! Sreejesh has made another save to keep India alive. India need to score this shot! Australia 2-0 India. That is a top save from Sreejesh! He is completely out of defence and falling to his right but sticks out at the last moment to save

India miss

Lalit has dragged it out. India miss the third shot! Australia 2-0 India. Lalit wanted to go right but Lovell is brilliant with his defence. He comes out to block Lalit and he has panicked. Drags it out

Sreejesh saves

SAVE! Sreejesh keeps India in the shootout with a save! Australia 2-0 India. That is a top save from Sreejesh! He is completely out of defence and falling to his right but sticks out at the last moment to save

India miss

Harmanpreet Singh scores for India but it is after the buzzer! Australia 2-0 India. Harmanpreet is trying to score from his left but then shuffles to right but loses the ball. He sends a screamer from a tight angle to score for India. But the referee says it is after the buzzer. India fail to score twice now

Australia score

Beale scores Australia! Australia 2-0 India. That's over a falling Sreejesh. Smart work from Beale as he drives Sreejesh to left then lifts it to his right. Australia up 2-0 now

India shot

Sardar Singh misses! That was lame. Australia 1-0 India. Sardar comes down straight in the middle and tries to move right. He is blocked by Lovell. Stunning defence this. India fail in first attempt


Australia will begin with the shootout! Australia score off the first shot! Australia 1-0 India. Sreejesh was beaten smartly. Australia take the lead in this shootout

FULL-TIME! India 1-1 Australia

That's the end of the regulation time! India and Australia remain tied at 1-1! We are heading for a shootout. One top class match between India and Australia. In 2016 final, India and Australia were in a shootout after the match ended 0-0. Australia won that final!

Australia attack

Australia trying hard to get into the Indian goal! But the Indian defence has been excellent led by the star Sardar Singh. We are into the final minute of the game!

India 1-1 Australia

Five minutes remaining in the match! Either teams need a goal to get a win. India attack. A cross from right. It has missed everyone including Manpreet at the far post who had open goal! What a chance but is wasted

India shot saved!

Dilpreet with another shot from close but it is saved by Lovell! Manpreet played it inside to Dilpreet who turned around to beat the defender. Seven more minutes remaining

Final 10 minutes

We are into the final 10 minutes of the game! India and Australia are still tied 1-1. Can India score here? Their defence has been brilliant so far!

Dutch chant India, India

The Dutch fans are chanting "India, India" and they are backing them to win this. India drew 1-1 against Netherlands yesterday. India build another attack

Quarter four!

Australia with two early attacks on India goal! India need to defend well and look for the counter. They need a goal to have this under their control

End of Q3 India 1-1 Australia

That is the end of the third quarter! India have made a comeback by scoring in this quarter and equalising. Now, it is about the 15 minutes that are remaining in this game. Will India claim their first Champions Trophy hockey gold?

India chance

Mandeep has been so good today! His shot is saved again. India have been brilliant in the last few minutes. Lover with a stick save. India and Australia are still tied 1-1

GOAL! India equalise

India were mounting a couple of attacks. One from the top of the D which was stopped. But a similar second attack was passed to three players standing from the top of the D to the goal. Vivek was the one to slot this home! India are now level

India 0-1 Australia Live Score

India are charging at the Australia goal but the chance is denied again and again! This is a very close where India should have score and equalised.

Post for India!

A ball played into the circle and is saved by Australia goalkeeper! Mandeep on the rebound pushes it in but hits the post! India are denied!

India fail

India fail to convert the PC! A variation was tried where after the push, the ball was played to Manpreet who is too close to the flicker. Wasted chance for India

PC to India

India get a PC in the 33rd minute after a referral! That is a back stick of an Australian player. This is a great chance for India to equalise!

Second half

Australia get the second half underway in the final! Australia lead 1-0 with 30 minutes of play remaining. India need an equaliser soon

HALF-TIME! India 0-1 Australia

That is half-time! India and Australia are seperated by a single goal by Govers who converted a penalty corner in the 24th minute! India need a comeback in the second half. They have been brilliant in the game but a goal is missing

GOAL! Australia 1-0 India

GOAL! Australia are in the lead! The PC is converted by Govers in the 24th minute. Sreejesh got a hand to it but it got deflected into the goal. Australia lead 1-0

Sreejesh save!

It's a cross from the right and Indian defender fails to stop it! Australia need to tap it in but Sreejesh saves. It's PC for Australia in the second quarter

India 0-0 Australia

Australia are now dominating possession in the middle. Indian defence tested again and again. So far, India have done well to deny Australia any goal scoring opportunity

India PC in 18th

PC for India as Surender foxes the Australian defence. Harmapreet will take the shot. Australia come up with the defence. The shot is blocked! India 0-0 Australia

Q1: India 0-0 Australia

End of first quarter in the final! India and Australia are goalless in the first 15 minutes of the game. India deserved the lead but Australia have been brilliant in the defence. 

SV Sunil misses

Surender with a great interception in the middle and he goes left to Dilpreet who tries a reverse shot. It is saved. The rebound is to SV Sunil who misses it. That should have been the lead for India

Another PC

India earn another PC but that is also defended well. Two PCs in two minutes for India but no goals. This should have converted by India for the lead

PC to India

A referral from India which good as they get a PC! The push is poor and they try to make it a field goal. But it is defended well by Australia

India 0-0 Australia

India and Australia have just exchanged attacks so far and not managed to find a goal in the first five minutes of the game. Both teams are focussed on defending


We are underway in Netherlands! India and Australia are playing in the final Champions Trophy final like the last edition. India are playing from left to right in the traditional blue kit. Australia in the gold and green

Teams are out

The two teams are making their way to the field. We will have the Nationals Anthems of the two teams before the match begins.

India are ready

India have a chance of winning their first ever gold medal of the Champions Trophy. The whole country is behind them.

Netherlands beat Argentina

Netherlands claim the bronze medal of the Champions Trophy after they beat Argentina in the playoff game. Argentina, the Olympic champions, have not looked their best in this tournament

India vs Australia Final Live!

Two years back, India and Australia were involved in an epic clash and it was at the same stage. India were in a transitional phase and slowly stepping up in world hockey. Australia were the champions. India reached the final of 2016 Champions Trophy and played their heart outs to keep Australia to a 0-0 draw in regulation time. Australia defeated India in the shootout. But now they have a chance to avenge the loss as both teams clash in the final of the 2018 edition and the last of Champions Trophy

India vs Australia Live

India vs Australia Live: India qualified for final after 1-1 draw against Netherlands.

India vs Australia Live Score Hockey Champions Trophy 2018 Live Streaming: India started the Champions Trophy with wins against Pakistan and Olympic gold medallist Argentina but since then, win evades the team. Following the big wins, India were beaten 3-2 by Australia and have drawn with Belgium and Netherlands by 1-1 scoreline. In both games, India were tested and conceded late goals to come out with a single point instead of all three. The late goals conceded continues to be India's problem and they need to ensure full concentration if they are to get past this strong Australia side.