Sultan Azlan Shah Cup, key highlights: India lose opening match 3-2 against Argentina

India went down fighting in the opening match of Sultan Azlan Shah Cup as they lost 3-2 to Argentina.

sardar singh axed from HWL final squad India vs Argentina: Sardar Singh-led India went down 3-2 in Azlan Shah opening match. (Source: File)

Gonzalo Peillat’s hat-trick helped Rio Olympics champions Argentina defeat India in the opening match of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2018 in Ipoh, Malaysia on Saturday. The match was highlighted by heavy rain due to which play got suspended during the fourth and final quarter of the match. Amit Rohidas gave India hope with a brace, thanks to penalty corners. All five goals came through drag-flicks in the match. It was a spirited performance by India, who were down to 10 men in the final five minutes of the match after Sumit was awarded a yellow card. India will now play England on Sunday. Under Sardar’s captaincy, the Indian team has never returned home from Sultan Azlan Shah without a medal.

India vs Argentina hockey updates:

  1. 3:52PM
    03 Mar, 18
    India 2-3 Argentina

    Match comes to an end as India go down 2-3 against Argentina as it poured heavily. Three wonderful strikes from Gonzalo Peillat and Amit Rohidas' brace were the highlights of the match other than heavy rain, which suspended play in the final quarter.

  2. 3:46PM
    03 Mar, 18
    Yellow card for Sumit

    That's a yellow card for Sumit after his hockey falls and blocks the opponent's way. Less than five minutes to go as India down to ten men

  3. 3:37PM
    03 Mar, 18
    Match resumes

    The match between India and Argentina resumes with 10 minutes still to go. Will India find an equaliser or pehaps take the lead? Will we see Amit Rohidas's hat-trick? Let's see

  4. 2:59PM
    03 Mar, 18
    Match suspended

    The match between India and Argentina gets suspended due to adverse weather. The commentator announces that the break is for 10 minutes. Gives a good rest to the players, who looked tired.

  5. 2:56PM
    03 Mar, 18
    First quarter begins with heavy rain

    It has started pouring at the Azlan Shah Stadium. Fourth quarter continues amidst loud thunder and thick rain.

  6. 2:52PM
    03 Mar, 18
    End of third quarter

    Even though India began the third quarter on a strong note, somewhere they lost the intensive, giving Argentina back the lead. Will India be able to make a difference in the final quarter?

  7. 2:48PM
    03 Mar, 18
    India low on intensity

    India are losing their intensity now as the third quarter is nearing its end. Repeated wrong passes have given the opponents possession, which will prove costly.

  8. 2:41PM
    03 Mar, 18

    Peillat's hat-trick! Argentina are quick to get back their lead after they get their fifth penalty corner.A brilliant flick by Peillat leaves keeper Suraj Karkera helpless.

    India 2-3 Argentina

  9. 2:36PM
    03 Mar, 18

    India begin the third quarter on a positive note as Rohidas sends a great flick to level the game. From 2-0 down to 2-2, India have gotten into the momentum.

  10. 2:34PM
    03 Mar, 18
    Third quarter begins

    Third quarter begins with a penalty corner to India. Dark clouds can be seen forming in the background. It will most probably rain. 

  11. 2:23PM
    03 Mar, 18
    End of second quarter

    The second quarter saw two goals, both through penalty corners. While Peillat scored his second in the match, India's Amit Rohidas capitalised on a penalty corner to reduce the margin to 1-2.

  12. 2:18PM
    03 Mar, 18
    Goal! India 1-2 Argentina

    With 5 minutes left in the second quarter, India get their first penalty corner.  Varun Kumar hits the defender and waste the chance but were lucky to receive a second penalty corner. Amit Rohidas makes the most of the chance to reduce the gap by 1-2.

  13. 2:14PM
    03 Mar, 18
    Goal! India 0-2 Argentina.

    Another penalty corner, another Peillat goal! The Argentinian makes good use of the opportunity as he makes it 2-0 for his side. India are in danger now and need to take things in their hand to turn the game around.

  14. 2:07PM
    03 Mar, 18
    Second quarter

    Argentina have gotten into  their groove after taking the lead as they quickly take the ball in possession.

  15. 2:03PM
    03 Mar, 18
    End of first quarter

    And with that, we come to the end of the first quarter. Argentina get the lead after receiving double penalty corners as Gonzalo Peillat scores. India need to not give up and play with the same enthusiasm they started the match with.

  16. 2:00PM
    03 Mar, 18

    With less than five minutes to go in the first quarter, Argentina get the first penalty corner.  India defend it well but the opponents receive another penalty corner, which was successfully converted by Gonzalo Peillat, making it 1-0 in favour of Argentina

  17. 1:53PM
    03 Mar, 18
    India in attack mode

    Good start from India, who dominate possession against Argentina. India still looking for a chance to score but have displayed good speed 

    India 0-0 Argentina

  18. 1:48PM
    03 Mar, 18
    India looking for early chances

    Match getting intense as India go into the attacking mode  but Argentina hold their fort strong.  India still looking for a breakthrough.

  19. 1:42PM
    03 Mar, 18
    Match begins

    India begin on a defensive note as the opening match of the campaign is underway in Ipoh

  20. 1:37PM
    03 Mar, 18
    National anthems

    Both the teams stand for their respective national anthems. It is a tough game for India in the hot and humid temperatures against a confident Argentina.

  21. 1:25PM
    03 Mar, 18

    Sardar Singh will lead the side in the opening campaign against Argentina

  22. 1:11PM
    03 Mar, 18
    India vs Argentina LIVE

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2018 match between India and Argentina. This is the first match of the tournament. The match is going to begin shortly