Shubhankar Sharma explains stand on vegetarian food after denying it has ‘anything to do with religion’

Shubhankar Sharma, India's latest gold sensation, had to clarify about his tweeted which explained why he choose to be a vegetarian.

By: Sports Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 2, 2018 10:52:39 pm

shubhankar sharma Shubhankar Sharma has two titles on European Tour since December.

One name in Indian sports that has grabbed headlines recently is Shubhankar Sharma. The golf star from India has made headlines in the international media as well after Sharma won twice on the European Tour since December 2017. But the Shubhankar had a taste of Twitter trolling when he reacted to recent news story done about his diet by Golf Digest.

A story about Shubhankar being a rare vegetarian on the tour was published and the reason for that being was because of his “religion.” But he clarified in a tweet that it was more about “culture” than “religion.”

“It’s not exactly the religious reasons that I don’t eat meat, but it’s more of a cultural issue in my family. We do not believe in harming another life to fulfil our apetite/ needs,” he tweeted.

But twitterati began reacting to tweet saying that even “tress are living beings”. He had a few reactions stating the same so Shubhankar had to tweet again saying that his “tweet does not mean to offend anyone. It’s a personal choice. As someone said, plants are living beings too. So it’s a matter of perception.”

At the World Golf Championship in Mexico City in March, Shubhankar was leader till the final day before finishing tied ninth. He played in the final group with Phil Mickelson.

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