Commentator’s nightmare — (Johan) Djourou marking (Oliver) Giroud.To make things worse, Djourou has a brother Oliver.

Published: June 22, 2014 12:54:38 am

For teams from the Americas, their record as of Friday against nations from other regions: played 12, lost 2. New world embarrassing the old one?

Commentator’s nightmare — (Johan) Djourou marking (Oliver) Giroud.To make things worse, Djourou has a brother Oliver.

It is a good thing Mathieu Valbuena is the delegated French set piece taker. His 5’5” frame renders him quite useless in the air. Except when he belied it to jump on to Girourd’s back in celebration of his goal.

Italy coach Cesare Prandelli once remarked that he dreamed of winning the World Cup by using seven different formations in seven matches. Well, head back to the drawing board Cesare!

As things stand, Costa Rica will rest several key players against England. Take a few minutes to think about that.

A hat-trick is just not on the cards for Karim Benzema— denied by an own-goal in the first game, a saved penalty and the referee’s whistle in the second. What will be next one wonders. A goal ruled out by a pitch invasion?

You wonder what the mood was at the royal residence on Friday. Mourning England’s ouster or would the Queen have been jumping in joy now that she won’t have to kiss Balotelli?

What was that mysterious blue object goal-scorer Carlos Costly was chewing? A smurf’s finger and part of a Frenchman’s foot were the best guesses on the social media. And considering how rough Honduras have been so far, no putting it past him.

When your team hasn’t scored a WC goal for close to a decade, it doesn’t matter how it comes. Poor Jerry Bengtson’s attempt for Honduras, though, ended in embarrassment. He had both handled the ball and was off side.

Italian fans left frustrated when their side was caught off-side eleven times against Costa Rica but they still couldn’t match England’s all-time record in World Cup matches — 20 vs Kuwait in 1982.

Ecuador’s enner Valencia scored twice against Honduras and is one of the leading scorers, yet it was team mate and captain Anton Valencia who got his contract extended last night with Manchester United Friday. A case of mistaken identity perhaps?

Defender Victor ‘The Nightmare’ Bernandez, built like a raging bull,  looked all the more intimidating for the Ecuadorian defenders as he marked his run-up for a free-kick. As if he were Shoaib Akhtar readying himself to hurl a thunderbolt.

‘Roy in’  is the new chant from England’s rivals following Greg Dyke’s public support to Roy Hodgson. Failures ensured till 2016?

France and Switzerland share a 600km border and a language. The close ties continued in football, with their last three games drawn. All good things have to come to an end though.

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