Real Madrid take 3-1 lead against PSG in Champions League round of 16 tie

Real Madrid came from 1-0 down to take a two-goal advantage against PSG.

Real Madrid vs PSG Live score Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice. (Source: Reuters)

It is always silly to call any team other than Real Madrid favourites in a Champions League match at the Santiago Bernabeu but that was the notion before this match. It was strengthened when Adrien Rabiot put PSG in front in the first half and Real Madrid were on the backfoot. But two Cristiano Ronaldo goals and a Marcelo beauty showed that Real Madrid despite their questionable league form, remain the force to beat in the Champions League. PSG still have a valuable away goal but this does look like an uphill struggle for them. Millions can’t buy you a big-game mentality after all.

Real Madrid 3-1 PSG, Match Highlights

  1. 3:07AM
    15 Feb, 18
    FULL TIME! Real Madrid 3-1 PSG

    Neymar made a final attempt at goal for a penultimate kick of  the game and Sergio Ramos does enough to parry it over the line and the referee blows the whistle for full time. It was a see-saw of a match but PSG still unable to seal the deal away from home to a traditional European power. Zidane's substitutions paid off, particularly that of Marco Asensio. 

  2. 3:02AM
    15 Feb, 18
    GOAL! Real Madrid 3-1 PSG (Marcelo 86 mins)

    Marcelo, the brilliant Marcelo. He arrives in the box on time for another brilliant pass from Asensio and turns it in to make Real favourites to advance now. Asensio has changed the game since coming on

  3. 2:58AM
    15 Feb, 18
    GOAL! Real Madrid 2-1 PSG (Ronaldo 83 mins)

    Try keeping HIM out of the game! Marco Asensio charges down the left flank and tries to find Ronaldo all the way the other side of the field, two PSG defenders unable to do anything but the third puts a foot to stop it from reaching its target, it goes back to Asensio, who puts it back in and Areola unable to get a hold on, Ronaldo does well to push it into goal

  4. 2:53AM
    15 Feb, 18
    78 mins

    Substitutions for Real: Casemiro goes off for Lucas Vasquez, Isco off for Marco Asensio

  5. 2:50AM
    15 Feb, 18
    75 mins

    How close was that! Berchiche receives a pass from Neymar and makes a pass along the ground from the left towards the right diagonally across the box, Mbappe and Dani Alves stretch for it but both are unable to get to it. Real were caught out completely there

  6. 2:48AM
    15 Feb, 18
    74 mins

    It's all about Real Madrid's defence at the moment. Dani Alves, Neymar, Mbappe and co are raining in balls of all shapes, sizes and angles, Varane and Ramos have done well to keep them all out so far

  7. 2:43AM
    15 Feb, 18
    69 mins

    Neymar tries to get a cross into the box and it clatters onto the side of the referee's head point blank. He stops the play looking a little disoriented.

  8. 2:43AM
    15 Feb, 18
    66 mins

    MInutes earlier, Benzema had been robbed a chance to score off an Isco cross as it was picked off his feet by the PSG keeper. Cavani goes off for Meunier while Benzema subbed off for Bale

  9. 2:39AM
    15 Feb, 18
    64 mins

    Adrien Rabiot seems to have taken down Luka Modric just outside the box and replays show he has dived like a swimmer, Ronaldo to take, and he crashes it onto the wall. Meanwhile, Gareth Bale is getting ready to come on

  10. 2:31AM
    15 Feb, 18
    55 mins Real 1-1 PSG

    Rabiot shoots a volley from a cross and that hits Sergio Ramos' hand to be deflected away. PSG appeal for handball but the referee has none of it. Little Ramos could have done to get his hand out of the way. PSG are upping the ante here but Real are not far behind. 

  11. 2:24AM
    15 Feb, 18
    49 mins Real 1-1 PSG

    Real get the ball rolling and minutes later, Neymar passes the ball to Mbappe inside the box right of centre. Mbappe has space to take the shot, takes it at the near post and Navas gets down in time to clear the danger. 

  12. 2:22AM
    15 Feb, 18
    Ronaldo's 100th Champions League goal for Real Madrid

    Source: Reuters

  13. 2:07AM
    15 Feb, 18
    HALF TIME! Real Madrid 1-1 PSG (Rabiot 33, Ronaldo 45)

    Between the two goals, the one big moment was Karim Benzema whipping a shot from outside the area and Areola pulling off a brilliant save to parry it off. What a half of football we have had. PSG were pegged back in the early minutes of the match but Neymar, Cavani and Mbappe started connecting near the Real box and started making things happen. Neymar did collect a yellow card in all this for a needless challenge on Nacho. The first goal came through Adrien Rabiot. Real were never out of it, though and Lo Celso, who has to be subbed off soon, gave away a penalty that Ronaldo converted. That was the Portuguese captain's 100th Champions League goal for Real Madrid. 

  14. 2:02AM
    15 Feb, 18
    GOAL! Real 1-1 PSG (Ronaldo 45 mins)

    Lo Celso, already on a yellow card, gets a couple of touches on Kroos inside the box and the German goes down like  a house of cards on fire. It was a clear penalty though and a silly challenge from Lo Celso. Ronaldo of course, takes it and of course, scores with a thumping effort into the bottom left hand corner

  15. 1:56AM
    15 Feb, 18
    37 mins

    Just a couple of minutes later, Ronaldo finds himself free inside the box after collecting a loose pass from Berchiche with. He goes for power and skies it. PSG then attack, Neymar gets it to Cavani who steers it to the bottom right. Casemiro, who is one of the countless white shirts inside the box, gets a touch to it and it goes out

  16. 1:50AM
    15 Feb, 18
    GOAL! Real 0-1 PSG ( Rabiot 33 mins)

    PSG have been pushing back Real for some time now and they are rewarded. Rabiot sprints into the box in time for meeting Neymar's backheel touch off a cross from Kylian Mbappe. Cavani and Neymar were both there for it and Navas went their way, instead, it was Rabiot who struck it to the other side of the goal

  17. 1:45AM
    15 Feb, 18
    27 mins

    Breathless action, PSG reach the Real end Neymar skips past a couple of challenges inside the box running to the right inside the box but loses the ball, it rolls toward Mbappe but Varane clears it away. Real counter, Marcelo makes an impossible looking long ball to Ronaldo who has only the keeper to beat. He ends up blasting the ball onto Areola's face. That pass from Marcelo was so good it deserved nothing less than a goal

  18. 1:43AM
    15 Feb, 18
    25 mins

    ......and hits it over the post. 

  19. 1:41AM
    15 Feb, 18
    24 mins

    Lo Celso fouls Isco just outside the box a little left of centre and gets a yellow card, he is yellow carded and it seems a harsh booking from the replays, Ronaldo takes......

  20. 1:37AM
    15 Feb, 18
    19 mins

    Neymar once again whips in a cross from the left but it doesn't find Cavani, the Brazilian appeals for handball on Nacho who was in the way but the referee does not budge. Isco then leads a Real counter and crosses in an attempt to find Ronaldo but Marquinhos heads it away 

  21. 1:30AM
    15 Feb, 18
    13 mins

    Neymar dashes down the left and catches Real Madrid unawares, puts the ball low into the box looking for Cavani and he would have had it not been for a timely intervention from Raphael Varane who slides in and puts the ball out for a corner. First real involvement from Neymar in a PSG attack in the game

  22. 1:27AM
    15 Feb, 18
    10 mins

    PSG's first real chance of the match goes begging as Berchiche decides to go for goal instead of passing to Cavani which may have been the better option. The ball then goes back to the PSG half of the field where Marcelo lands awkwardly in his shoulder after a collision with Dani Alves. He seemed to be in some pain but admirably gets up and back into the game

  23. 1:24AM
    15 Feb, 18
    5 mins

    The action is on the PSG side of the field so far, Marcelo plays a one-two with Benzema left of centre makes his away inside the box but the ball is knocked out of danger. Only briefly though as Ronaldo whips in a curler that is somehow saved by the PSG keeper

  24. 1:19AM
    15 Feb, 18
    3 mins

    PSG got the ball rolling and Real Madrid straight away press deep, there was an early shout for a penalty from the home side but the referee waved it off. Berchiche seemed to have fouled Kroos in that instance and Kroos later goes on to foul Neymar. Ferocious start from Madrid

  25. 1:13AM
    15 Feb, 18
    There they are!

    The teams walk out on to the pitch with star-struck children trotting alongside the players

  26. 12:53AM
    15 Feb, 18
    A chance for redemption for PSG

    The last time they travelled to Spain to play one of the two football giants that reside in the country, PSG suffered a defeat like no other. They came into the match leading 4-0 against Barcelona and even got an away goal at the Nou Camp. Even then, they lost 6-1 and became one of the reasons why a wall of noise surrounded Catalonia that day. Neymar was the chief architect of PSG's destruction that day. Now he has donned the very colours he had vanquished and a far more confident PSG are facing a stumbling Real Madrid. If ever there was a chance for redemption for Unai Emery, this is it.

  27. 12:46AM
    15 Feb, 18
    Valentine's Day produced some heart touching pics, such as:

    (Source: AP)

  28. 12:36AM
    15 Feb, 18
    Bale on the bench for Real Madrid, Thiago Silva replaced by Presnel Kimpembe

    Zidane seems to have gone back to trusting Isco now that the Champions League is reaching its business end. Lasanna Diarais benched ahead of Giovani Lo Celso, Angel Di Maria also starts on the bench on his competitive return to the Bernabeu

  29. 12:33AM
    15 Feb, 18

    Real Madrid: Navas, Nacho, Varane, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Modric, Kroos, Casemiro, Isco, Benzema, Ronaldo.

    Subs: Casilla, Bale, Hernandez, Lucas, Hakimi, Asensio, Kovacic.

    PSG: Areola, Dani Alves, Marquinhos, Kimpembe, Yuri, Verratti, Lo Celso, Rabiot, Mbappe, Cavani, Neymar.

    Subs: Trapp, Thiago Silva, Di Maria, Meunier, Diarra, Draxler, Pastore.

  30. 12:21AM
    15 Feb, 18
    Welcome to our coverage of a galactic scale clash of money bags

    Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Kylian Mbappe, Edinson Cavani, Angel Di Maria Sergio Ramos, Marcelo - these are some of the names that will be plying their trade at the Santiago Bernabeu today. It is matches like these that brings out the strangeness of modern-day professional football. The combined costs of acquiring these players, their wages and their brand values would come to an an amount that might be close to the annual turnover of a multi-national company. All these billionaires will be running behind a ball trying to get it into their respective goal posts, the same thing you may find kids doing on their preferred empty stretch of the street or local playgrounds on a rainy day.

    Let's get into the swing of things then; Real Madrid have had a horrendous season. They actually qualified for the ROund of 16 after finishing second in their group and have to be content with fighting for a Champions League spot in La Liga. PSG, on the other hand, have flattened any opposition that have come their way this season. One thing is for sure, at the end of this two-legged fixture, a giant will be left licking their wounds.