Real Madrid sign Vinicius Junior, confirms Flamengo’s former president Kleber Leite

Despite Kleber Leite's confirmation, there has been no official announcement by Real Madrid so far.

Flamengo ex president confirm Real Madrid signed 16-year-old Vinicius Junior. (Source: Reuters)

After pursuing the Brazilian teenager for months, Flamengo’s former president Kleber Leite confirmed that Vinicius Junior is set to play for Real Madrid and has already signed the deal.

As Barcelona and other top clubs from Europe showed interest in the 16-year-old, Spanish leaders were quick to act and fix the deal for what is estimated at around £38.7million from Flamengo.

Real took the quick step and got early signs to seal the deal in order to not meet the same fate they did with Neymar.

Confirming the news, Leite said that the transfer could be next year. “Vinicius Junior is already a Real Madrid player. His departure (from Flamengo) could be next year and we will see him with the Brazilian team in January 2019 or, more likely, in July 2019,” MARCA reported him as saying.

He even confirmed the amount of the transfer saying that Los Blancos will pay 45 million euros for Vinicious’ move from Flamengo. “The clause now for a transfer abroad is 45 million euros, and that is the same price that Real Madrid will pay to Flamengo.”

He went on to say, “I’m surprised with some things I read, see and hear. For example, when they say Vinicius Junior has renewed his contract. He is now closer to Real Madrid! Friends, he’s not closer to Real Madrid. He’s already at Real Madrid.”

Among other players that Zinedine Zidane hopes to get under the Los Blancos banner is Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea.

Transfer rumous also surround James Rodriguez, Alvaro Morata, Pepe, Luka Modric, and Toni Kroos.

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