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Sunday, December 15, 2019

UEFA Super Cup 2019 Highlights: Liverpool win on penalties in Istanbul against Chelsea

Liverpool vs Chelsea, UEFA Super Cup 2019 Highlights: Liverpool and Chelsea meet in the first all-English UEFA Super Cup final.

By: Sports Desk | Updated: August 15, 2019 12:01:19 pm
Liverpool vs Chelsea, UEFA Super Cup 2019 Highlights: Liverpool won the Super Cup 5-4 on penalties against Chelsea. (Source: Twitter/@LFC)

Liverpool vs Chelsea, UEFA Super Cup 2019 Highlights: Champions League winners Liverpool won the Super Cup 5-4 on penalties against Chelsea on Wednesday after the game ended 2-2 following extra-time. With the first nine penalties, all converted, Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham saw his effort blocked by the legs of Liverpool keeper Adrian to hand victory to Juergen Klopp’s side in the annual clash between Champions League and Europa League winners.

While the Super Cup does not carry anywhere near the prestige of either of UEFA’s two season-long competitions, the first-ever all-English affair was a good quality encounter played in hot, muggy conditions.

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Liverpool vs Chelsea, UEFA Super Cup 2019: Highlights


    04:03 (IST)15 Aug 2019

    In case you missed the trophy lift, you shouldn't.

    03:23 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    Adrian after the shootout

    "Welcome to Liverpool. It was a crazy week. I am happy for the team. I am happy to get a trophy. I am really happy for the fans. It was a long game but in the end it was a great finish for us. To be fair I tried to stop when I saw him. The striker is so intelligent. I touched him with the penalty but he was looking for that. I told the referee I tried to stop but it doesn’t matter. We got the title and have to enjoy tonight. "

    It’s humid. You can’t really tell on the telly. It was a tough game. Chelsea are a good side: Jordan Henderson  

    03:17 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    PENALTIES: Liverpool 5-4 Chelsea

    Tammy Abraham pushes the ball straight in the middle and Adrian saves with a trailing leg. 

    The Liverpool players storm towards Adrian after making the final save.  Liverpool have won the Super Cup on Penalties! 

    03:15 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    PENALTIES: Liverpool 5-4 Chelsea

    Mo Salah sends Kepa the wrong way. Do-or-die situation for Chelsea

    03:14 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    PENALTIES: Liverpool 4-4 Chelsea

    Emerson blasts it inside the net and Adrian dives in the wrong direction

    03:13 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    PENALTIES: Liverpool 4-3 Chelsea

    Kepa once again goes in the right direction but Alexander-Arnold’s has the final say.

    03:11 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    PENALTIES: Liverpool 3-3 Chelsea

    Mason Mount smashes it high into the right corner 

    03:11 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    PENALTIES: Liverpool 3-2 Chelsea

    ALMOST! Kepa goes in the right direction and may just have got a hand to it but the ball still goes inside the goalpost. 

    03:10 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    PENALTIES: Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea

    Clinical stuff by Ross Barkley as he smashes it high into the left corner  

    03:09 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    PENALTIES: Liverpool 2-1 Chelsea

    Fabinho buries his penalty into the bottom left corner 

    03:08 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    PENALTIES: Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea

    Bang on by Jorginho as he once again scores from the penalty spot

    03:07 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    PENALTIES: Liverpool 1-0 Chelsea

    Roberto Firmino sends Kepa the wrong way. 

    03:02 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    120' Extra-time fails to separate both the sides

    Mason Mount with another attempt but Adrian manages to keep the ball out of the Liverpool goalpost. He fails to hold onto the ball and the rebound goes straight to Abraham whose effort is blocked by a Liverpool defender. The referee blows the whistle as the match heads into the tiebreakers. LIV 2-2 CHE 

    02:56 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    113' Chelsea continue the attack

    Acrobatic stuff by Adrian as he denies Mason Mount from finding the nets. The youngster dribbles past a defender and strikes it on target from the edge of the D but is denied by a diving effort from the goalie. A minute later Pedro does something similar but his attempt goes wide of the post. LIV 2-2 CHE  

    02:49 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    106' Final 15 mins

    The final fifteen minutes of the extra time is underway with Chelsea getting the ball rolling. Will the match end after 15 minutes or are we going into the tie-breakers? LIV 2-2 CHE 

    02:46 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    Half-time in extra-time

    The first period of the extra time is over and both the teams score one goal each. Liverpool bring in Divock Origi in place of Sadio Mane, while Ross Barkley replaces Mateo Kovacic for Chelsea  LIV 2-2 CHE 

    02:38 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    101' GAME ON!

    Game on as Chelsea are back in business. Jorginho squares things off for the Blues from the PENALTY SPOT. Pedro plays dangerous ball inside the Liverpool D, and Abraham makes sure to make something out of it. The youngster goes for the ball but he is taken down by a rash challenge by Adrian and the official points it at the penalty spot. Jorginho steps up for the spot-kick and sends the keeper in the wrong direction with a cheeky push inside the goalpost. LIV 2-2 CHE 

    02:34 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    95' Liverpool are back in front

    Liverpool are back in front as Sadio Mane scores his second goal of the night. Roberto Firmino makes a run towards the left after being played onside by Kurt Zouma. He waits for Liverpool players to storm into the box before squaring the ball to Mane at the edge of the box, who blasts the ball inside the top corner of the post. LIV 2-1 CHE  

    02:28 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    91' Extra Time underway!

    We are underway with the first half of the extra time as Liverpool make one change. Trent Alexander-Arnold comes in for Andy Robertson. Joe Gomez will fill in at left-back now  LIV 1-1 CHE   

    02:25 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    90' Match goes into extra-time

    Nothing separates both the sides after 90 minutes of enthralling football as the match goes into extra-time. LIV 1-1 CHE   

    02:19 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    89' Extra time looming

    Extra time looming as we go into the dying moments of the regular time. Despite having numerous attempts at the goal, the scoreline looks settled at 1-1, unless we have a late drama waiting for us. LIV 1-1 CHE  

    02:15 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    85' Chelsea substitution

    Chelsea make their final change as Fikayo Tomori replaces Andreas Christensen. Meanwhile, Henderson also gets in the referee's book for his challenge on Emerson. LIV 1-1 CHE  

    02:13 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    81' Free-kick from a dangerous position

    Chelsea skipper Azpilicueta bumps into Mane as the Liverpool striker falls on the ground. The referee intervenes and books Azpilicueta, but he is not happy with the booking as he argues with the referee. The free-kick is just 25 yards away from the goal and Salah gets ready to take the set-piece. However, his attempt sails over the bar and the score remains the same. LIV 1-1 CHE 

    02:09 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    75' Kepa keeps things in control

    Chelsea survive a major scare as Kepa produces back-to-back saves to keep the scoreline at 1-1. It all started with Henderson delivering a low corner from the right as Matip sets it up for Salah, who takes a shot but Kepa manages to get a hand on it. However, the ball doesn't get out of the danger zone as it falls straight at Van Dijk's legs. The Dutch slams it at the face of the goal but Kepa gets his hands on the ball and pushes it on to the bar. Plenty happening but the goals are not coming. LIV 1-1 CHE 


    02:03 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    74' Chelsea make double substitution

    After a series of attack both the sides have run out of a little steam. Meanwhile, Chelsea make a double substitution as Olivier Giroud and Christian Pulisic make way for Tammy Abraham and Mason Mount  LIV 1-1 CHE  

    01:52 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    64' Chelsea try to take control

    Chelsea have responded well after conceding the early goal in the second half. Meanwhile, Liverpool make their second substitution as Gini Wijnaldum comes in for James Milner  LIV 1-1 CHE 

    01:39 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    48' Sadio Mane squares things off for Liverpool

    Liverpool start the second half on a strong note as Sadio Mane squares things off for Liverpool inside three minutes. Liverpool make a second-half substitution as Roberto Firmino comes in for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and the substitution pays off for Juergen Klopp. After gathering a lofted delivery by Fabinho from the deep, Firmino takes an attempt at the goal but his shot after being saved by Kepa falls right in front of Sadio Mane, who scores from close range. LIV 1-1 CHE  

    01:20 (IST)15 Aug 2019

    Olivier Giroud's goal stands the difference between both the sides as Chelsea go into the break with a one-goal advantage.  

    01:11 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    35' Chelsea take the lead

    Chelsea have taken the lead as Olivier Giroud beats the Liverpool goalkeeper after a brilliant pass from Christian Pulisic. Kante finds Christian Pulisic in the center and the American does what he does best. He doesn't lose control, dribbles past two Liverpool heads and passes it to Giroud standing unmarked in free space. The Frenchman then uses his left foot to gently push the ball past Adrian to hand Chelsea the well-deserved lead. LIV 0-1 CHE  

    01:04 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    30' Mane with a free header

    CORNER! An incoming delivery by Milner and he finds Mane in the middle who's unmarked. However, the striker fails to make use of the space as his header takes a deflection but Kepa has no trouble dealing with it. LIV 0-0 CHE 

    00:57 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    22' Pedro rattles the crossbar!

    A brilliant through ball by Kovacic and Pedro makes a great run to reach there first. However, Andy Robertson is there to deal with the danger. Minutes later Pedro once again threatens the Liverpool goalpost as his effort from a tight angle rattles the crossbar and goes away to safety. Both Giroud and Pedro are combining well for Chelsea in the front. LIV 0-0 CHE    

    00:50 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    16' Kepa with a FINE SAVE!

    Brilliant save by Kepa as Liverpool's main man Mo Salah strikes from close range. The Egyptian after receiving the ball runs inside the Chelsea D but Kepa dives to his right to deny Liverpool from taking the advantage. LIV 0-0 CHE  

    00:47 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    13' Brilliant clearance by Christensen

    A great run by Henderson from the right and he delivers a low cross aimed towards Mane in the center. However, the incoming ball is brilliantly dealt with Christensen, who throws himself to clear the ball away for a corner. LIV 0-0 CHE

    00:44 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    9' Fabinho fails to give Liverpool early advantage

    Liverpool are getting into good positions as a loose ball goes straight to Fabinho on the left near the Chelsea box. The Brazilian is free and he goes inside the D before blasting his shot straight into Kepa's hands. The Chelsea goalkeeper has no trouble dealing with it. LIV 0-0 CHE

    00:39 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    5' Mane's over-head effort goes in vain

    With just five minutes on the clock, we have witnessed some thrilling end-to-end footballing action. First, it was Pulisic for Chelsea who penetrated inside the Liverpool box but was blocked by Matip at the right moment. A few minutes later it's Mane who tries to grab the limelight with an overhead kick. However, both the sides are yet to have their first attempt at the goal. LIV 0-0 CHE

    00:33 (IST)15 Aug 2019

    Peep peep! The referee blows the whistle and Liverpool get the ball rolling. For Liverpool, Sadio Mane is playing as the main striker with Salah on the right and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on the left.  

    00:29 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    Minutes away from Kick-Off

    Players from both the sides have arrived in the pitch and we are getting done with the pre-match rituals. The stage is set and we are minutes away from the kick-off.  

    00:24 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    Opening ceremony underway

    Quite a show of light and sound!

    00:22 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    Both the coaches ahead of the clash

    Frank Lampard: "I wasn’t here last year, winning the Europa League, they fought for this. We want to win it. The lads are ready. The players who got us here last year deserve a crack."

    Jurgen Klopp: "You have to consider all the different circumstances. Maybe we have to go a little longer. It all has to be involved."

    00:17 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    Building Up!

    Players are getting ready and we are minutes away...

    Liverpool vs Chelsea, UEFA Super Cup 2019: Liverpool vs Chelsea in all English final. (Reuters)

    Liverpool vs Chelsea, UEFA Super Cup 2019: Liverpool is unbeaten against English teams in Europe over six games stretching back to 2009, when it lost a Champions League quarterfinal to Chelsea.