Lionel Messi’s little act for opponent’s son is heartwarming

Lionel Messi’s little act for opponent’s son is heartwarming

Lionel Messi chatted and posed for a photo with Real Betis and Mexico player Andres Guardado’s young son during the la Liga season.

Lionel Messi with Real Betis player Andres Guardado's son.
Lionel Messi with Real Betis player Andres Guardado’s son. (Source: Instagram)

Argentina star Lionel Messi’s soft side has been revealed in a behind-the-scenes video from Barcelona’s season where they won the league and the domestic trophy (Copa del Rey). He’s always been a humble hero and it has shown at numerous times through his legendary career. His reaction to meeting Real Betis midfielder Andres Guardado’s young son will quite definitely melt your heart.

In a video released by Guardado’s wife, the Mexican player can be seen holding his son outside Barcelona’s away dressing room at the Estadio Benito Villamarin soon after a 5-0 defeat earlier in the season.

As Messi leaves the dressing room in a game where he scored a brace, the child screams ‘Messi’ and the Barcelona forward notices the young one at the door. In what could have been a quick hello and done, Messi stays for a chat, poses for a photo and then goes back on. He gives the two-and-a-half-year-old a high five before taking him from Guardado’s hand, holding him and having a chat.

With Messi talking to the kid, Guardado is quickly snapping away pictures before Leo hands the delighted child back to his father, giving the Real Betis man a hug and making his way out of the tunnel.


The video pans back to the youngster’s face and he is clearly delighted to have met his hero – and despite wearing the Real Betis kit, it’s clearer who his personal favourite is!

BONUS VIDEO: Lionel Messi is a nightmare for his dog as well

Messi’s brilliant touch and exquisite skills have been beating defenders and goalkeepers to death for a very long time. He has the ability to use his silky touch to go past defenders and make it look the like the ball is glued to his boot. Not just mere mortals, Messi is difficult to deal with for his dog as well – as a video shows.

In the video, Messi juggles the ball multiple times and each time beats his dog to stay in control. Makes us question, who even has a chance?