Kerala Blasters vs Mumbai City FC, ISL 2018/19 highlights: Kerala Blasters 1-1 Mumbai City FC

Kerala Blasters vs Mumbai City FC, ISL 2018/19 highlights: Kerala Blasters 1-1 Mumbai City FC

Kerala Blasters vs Mumbai City FC, ISL 2018/19 highlights: Halicharan Narzary's first half strike was cancelled out by an injury time stunner by substitute Pranjal Bhumij.

Kerala Blasters vs Mumbai City FC, ISL 2018/19 highlights: Kerala were in the lead for much of the match. (Source: ISL)

Kerala Blasters vs Mumbai City FC, ISL 2018/19 highlights: Kerala Blasters were ahead for much of the match but their lead could have been extended had it not been for the fact that they decided to go for shots in places where they could have played a defence-splitting pass. Ironically, it was a shot from an improbable distance that got Mumbai City a point. Substitute Pranjal Bhumij took a shot from over 35 yards out in the 90th minute. Dheeraj Singh Moirangthem, who had been brilliant throughout this match, went full stretch but could not keep that out.

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Kerala Blasters vs Mumbai City FC, ISL 2018/19 highlights:

FULL TIME! Kerala Blasters 1-1 Mumbai City

Mumbai have created something from utterly nothing here. 19-year-old Assamese player Pranjal Bhumij took a shot from more than 35 yards out and the ball traced a path that took it straight into the top corner of goal. Dheeraj had been brilliant throughout the match but there was nothing he could do to keep that out. That is a cracker-jacker of a shot. Mumbai have created something from utterly nothing here. 

GOAL! Kerala 1-1 Mumbai (Pranjal Bhumij 90 mins)

Where in the world did that come from! Pranjal Bhumij with a strike from over 35 yards out and he beats the 'keeper. The ball nestles in the top left corner of goal. This is incredible stuff. 

87 mins

Dheeraj makes a mistake in trying to punch the ball away and ends up getting body-checked by Goian while he tries to regain the ball. Referee gives a free kick. Dheeraj takes forver to take it and gets a yellow card for his efforts. 

84 mins

Dheeraj Singh comes off his line to punch the ball away and makes another save immediately after that. That seems to have taken a toll and he needs some attention now. Out comes the magic spray. 

79 mins

Courage Pekuson puts a low cross in from the right. Stojanovic is his target and he is completely unmarked. But he doesn't need to be marked, as it turns out, he simply kicks the air and lets the ball knock on his other foot and roll away from him. 

66 mins

A period of possession for Mumbai City FC in which they do absolutely nothing. Matias Mirabaje runs around cluelessly in front of two Mumbai players before passing it back to his defenders. The ball comes back to him, this time in a deeper position and he lets the ball go loose which leads to Sandesh Jhingan pouncing on him and clearing the danger. 

60 mins

Mumbai's counter attack ends when Shehnaj Singh lets fly from 30 yards out. The ball is well over the bar. 

58 mins

Kerala win a corner, the ball is swung in but and travels to the to the other side. Another cross comes in and it just about misses the head of a Kerala player's head. 

48 mins

Doungel drives forward down the left with two players inside of him, he keeps moving forward without passing the ball and in the end, he simply boots the ball straight into the hands of Amrinder. There were no Kerala players inside the box but there was one to whom he could have simply rolled the ball to. Kerala remain impatient. 

The stadium before the match

Who needs those halogen lights?

HALF TIME! Kerala Blasters 1-0 Mumbai City

An interesting half. Halicharan Narzary's strike remains the difference between the two sides. Both sets of players are utterly drenched - playing high octane football in the punishing heat and humidity of Kochi is no mean task. Mumbai, though, will have to tighten up that defence of theirs. Sauvik seems to be a tad bit overwhelmed and most of the attack is coming through his side of the pitch. 

44 mins

Kerala back in the Mumbai box now. Rakip throws the ball in and Poplatnik tries to take control in the box. He is being hounded by Goian and the latter finally wins the battle. David James asking for a penalty on the touchline. 

42 mins

Kerala seem to have decided to sit back now with Mumbai being able to pass the ball back to their 'keeper with absolutely no yellow shirt in their half of the field. 

40 mins

Raynier Fernandes crosses in from the right looking Issoko. The delivery is accurate but Dheeraj rushes out to punch the ball out. One of the rare moments when we have seen him active.

35 mins

Kerala are the only team playing. Mumbai are simply not able to hold on to the ball and the only reason they are not more than two goals down yet is because Kerala are showing a lack of patience once they reach the final third. Nothing special there, though, it is a typical feature of the ISL. 

27 mins

Poplatnik has both hands on the shoulders of Issoko and the latter goes down. Yellow card for the Kerala no. 10

GOAL! Kerala 1-0 Mumbai (Narzary 24 mins)

Somebody needs to wake this Mumbai defence up. Goian messes up while trying to head away a harmless cross, Sauvik Chakrabarti standing with him for some reason. The Indian full back has no clue about Narzary who is standing in a rather hopeful position behind him and the latter has all the time and space in the world to bring the ball under control. He lines up the shot and makes no mistake. 

18 mins

A bit of an exchange between Arnold Sissoko and Kerala Blaster coach David James. It seems it stemmed from the fact that James was protesting a foul that was given against his side. 

10 mins

That early opening has thus far been the only big chance of this match. The match has mostly been played in the midfield area and Kerala have slightly more possession than the away side. 

3 mins

Subhashish is unable to anticipate a cross-field pass by Kerala and Narzary is played in. He attempts to square it once he reaches the box but Amrinder Singh takes the ball in his hand before it does any further damage. A wake up call for the Mumbai defence 


Mumbai City kick off the match in Kochi. The ball is passed to the centre backs, Rakip then boots ball forward and it lands straight into the hands of Dheeraj Singh Moirangthem. 


Mumbai City FC: Amrinder Singh, Sauvik Chakrabarti, Lucian Goian, Subhashish Bose, Shouvik Ghosh, Arnold Issoko, Paulo Machado, Sehnaj Singh, Raynier Fernandes, Modou Sougou, Rafael Bastos

Kerala Blasters: Dheeraj Singh Moirangthem; Mohamad Rakip, Sandesh Jhingan, Nemanja Lakic-Pesic, Lalruatthara, Nikola Krcmarevic, Sahal Abdul Samad, Seminlen Doungel, Halicharan Narzary, Slavisla Stovanojic, Matej Poplatnik

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Mumbai City won't be very happy that they have to face Kerala Blasters away from home right after a very dissapoininting 2-0 loss to Jamshedpur FC in their own city. At the same time, this could also be the perfect opportunity for them to get the season going. The Blasters have a lot of motivation to put up their best today. This is the first home match of the season. It is also the day when they honour the armed forces that helped the state when it was reeling from the floods. 

Kerala Blasters vs Mumbai City FC, ISL 2018/19 highlights:

Kerala Blasters vs Mumbai City FC, ISL 2018/19 highlights: After an uplifting opening day win, Kerala Blasters FC will seek to maintain the momentum as they host Mumbai City FC in their first home game of the season here Friday. Kerala defeated ATK 2-0 in Kolkata in the opening game and will now be in a buoyant mood. Strikers Slavisa Stojanovic and Matej Poplatnik were both among the goals and will provide Mumbai City with a stern test of their defence which was breached twice by Jamshedpur FC.