How Arsenal can clinch fourth place in the Premier League, all scenarios explained

How Arsenal can clinch fourth place in the Premier League, all scenarios explained

Mathematically, there are three possibilities for Arsenal to finish in the fourth position of the Premier League this season.

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The top four battle will come to an end on Sunday when Arsenal face Everton in their last game. (Source: Reuters)

Arsenal kept alive their slim hope of making it to the top four positions of the Premier League 2017 season.

Arsene Wenger’s men defeated bottom placed and already relegated Sunderland 2-0 on Tuesday to stay in the battle of top four in order to qualify for the Champions League next season.

The fight will come to an end on Sunday when the fifth placed Arsenal will face Everton in their last game of the season. Arsenal on 72 points stand with a point difference to fourth placed Liverpool while Manchester City are at the third with 75 points.

Here are the possible outcomes that Arsenal can hope for:

Arsenal win, Liverpool lose/draw


If Arsenal win their final game against Everton, and Liverpool is beaten by already relegated Middlesbrough, the Gunners will overtake Jurgen Klopp’s side to sit at the fourth position with 75 points.

Arsenal draw, Liverpool lose

If Everton are successful in restricting Arsenal and Liverpool end up losing to Boro by 2-0, Arsenal will finish on the fourth position.

Arsenal win, City lose

Hypothetically, if Arsenal win the last match and City lose to Watford, the Gunners will make it in the top four, provided the goal difference between of 5-0 between the two teams is overturned.

Arsenal are in a position where their Champions League fate for the next season lies in the hands of the opponents. There is also a possibility of a playoff between Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal.

The league’s rules state: “If at the end of the season either the league champions or the clubs to be relegated or the question of qualification for other competitions cannot be determined because two or more clubs are equal on points, goal difference and goals scored, the clubs concerned shall play off one or more deciding league matches on neutral grounds, the format, timing and venue of which shall be determined by the board.”

Manchester United’s defeat to Tottenham Hotspur left them without a chance to make it to the top four, leaving their only hope of qualifying for Champions League by winning the Europa League final.