Germany vs USA: Astronauts take rivalry to new heights

The astronauts, part of a research team watched the Germany-USA game from the International Space Station.

Published: June 27, 2014 8:57:46 pm
ASTROFOOT-M Gerst and Wiseman displayed their footballing skills at zero gravity and enjoyed the USA-Germany game on TV sets installed in their capsule. (Source: ReelNASA You Tube video snapshot)

The FIFA World Cup seems to be gripping people all over the world and with the business end of the tournament all set to begin fans and viewers are showing their support more than ever.

They say football transcends many boundaries, American Ried Wiseman and German Alexander Gerst have taken that to a whole new level. The two are currently approximately 25o kilometers above the earth’s surface in the International Space Station and showed their support for their national teams who clashed in a group G encounter on June 26.

The team of astronauts, currently on a research assignment watched the game on TV sets installed in the International Space Station.

The duo recorded a 1 minute video titled “Out of This World Cup” while inside their space capsules, the astronauts took maximum advantage of the zero gravity and broke into acrobatic lunges and somersaults with a mini football. The duo also tweeted a series of pictures and interacted with the German and US football associations.

The video was made public by NASA on their You Tube channel ReelNASA

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