FIFA to pick new president; five candidates battle it out for the coveted post

FIFA to pick new president; five candidates battle it out for the coveted post

The candidates who would be battling it out for FIFA's supreme post as member nations pick Sepp Blatter's successor on Friday.

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Sheikh Salman is the front-runner to become next FIFA chief. (Sources: AP)

FIFA would pick Sepp Blatter’s successor on Friday and there are five men sighting the highest FIFA post.

Here are the five candidates:

Sheikh Salman
Sheikh Salman belongs to the Baharini Royal family and is also the President of the Asian Football Confederation. Salman is the front-runner to become next FIFA chief. The Baharian is a power back with money, experience and the possible support from Asia’s 46 votes. Sheikh Salman signed a MoU with African Confederation in January which pledge support his candidature. He and his family has been accused of torture and imprisonment of pro-democracy protesters including football players during the “Arab Spring” in 2011.

Gianni Infantino
As UEFA general secretary, he implemented the Financial Fair Play policy. Also oversaw the Euro Championship increasing from 16 to 24 teams. Infantino is lawyer by profession with an abilityof speaking five different languages. He has been alleged to rig Champions league draw through the use of vibrating balls and magnets.

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Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein
Prince Ali is a member of Jordinian royal family and holds the rank of Major General in the Jordanian Armed forces. He mounted a great challenge last year against Sepp Blatter before bowing out evetually. He offers to increase the grants FIFA gives to member associations from $250,000 to 1 million every year. The 39-year old successfully campaigned to lift the ban on female Islamic players wearing headscarves in competitions. Ali hasn’t got any corruption charges against him.

Tokyo Sexwale
Tokyo Sexwale grew up during the Apartheid era in South Africa. He was jailed on Robben Island as a political prisoner for more than a decade along side Nelson Mandela and after his release made a fortune in mining and energy. He seeks more places at future World Cups for South Africa. Tokyo hosted the South African version of the TV reality show ‘The Apprentice’. He was a memeber of the 2010 World cup organising committee in South Africa and alleged to have made a $10 million payment to accounts controlled by Jack Warner.

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Jerome Champagne
He is a former French diplomat. His years with FIFA have helped jim cultivate relationships with various Federations, particularly in Gulf and Africa. He is an experienced deal maker. He has worked on gaining recognition for Kosovo, which means FIFA members can play friendlies against Kosovo, although it is still not a FIFA member. Though, Chmpagne hasn’t got any corruption charges against him but his proximity to Sepp Blatter can be a headache. He has never criticised Blatter’s tenure openly.