Express LOL: Things that are less boring than the ARG-NED semi-final

Argentina and Netherlands played some dull football for 120 minutes with no attacking instinct.

| Updated: July 10, 2014 7:00:11 pm

Yesterday was the Netherlands VS Argentina World Cup semi-final. Something everyone was waiting with bated breath for with absolutely no reason at all. The match was as boring as it was long. With a score of 0-0, most of us were left wondering why we woke up on our living room floors this morning.

It also got us thinking on some other things that have been ALMOST as boring as yesterday’s match. Some things that came to mind were:

Those history classes where we learn about King Arthur the First. And the Second. And the Third.


Family functions where old aunties and uncles ask you when you’re getting married


Listening to your grandparents talk about how much better life was “in their time”


36 hour-long train journeys where you’re stuck next to an annoying man who won’t. stop. talking.


Completing that monthly report for your boss, the deadline of which was two days ago


Watching that couple from college break up and get back together … again


Kyunki Mother-in-law bhi Kabhi Daughter-in-law Thi


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