Manchester City vs Tottenham Football Highlights: Manchester City climb to top after 1-0 win

Manchester City vs Tottenham Football Highlights: Manchester City climb to top after 1-0 win

Manchester City vs Tottenham Football Highlights: The teenage sensation Phil Foden scored for Manchester City in only his second start for the Blues and took his side to a 1-0 win.

Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspurs Live Streaming: Manchester City take on Tottenham Hotspurs. (Source: AP)
Manchester City vs Tottenham Football Highlights: Manchester City take on Tottenham Hotspurs. (Source: AP)

Manchester City vs Tottenham Football Highlights: Manchester City took their revenge against Tottenham Hotspurs after the dramatic Champions League exit as they pulled off a 1-0 win at Etihad. There was a lot of debate over Pep Guardiola’s choice of bringing in the teenager Phil Foden into the side. But the brave call worked wonders as the youngster put his side in front with a header in the fifth minute of the match.

The star of the show was Bernardo Silva, though, for the hosts. He created chances and troubled Tottenham’s backline from the right. For Spurs, it was Heung-Min Son who has created a few chances in the first half, but failed to trouble Ederson. The hosts dominated in the second half and did not allow Spurs to create too many chances.

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Manchester City vs Tottenham Football Highlights:


FULL TIME! Manchester City has done it - they have taken their revenge against Tottenham Hotspur for the dramatic Champions League exit. Phil Foden's goal remains the difference - but it was Bernardo Silva who was the main player for the hosts. A 1-0 win takes City to the top of the table and the Premier League title race just keeps getting heated. Over to you, Liverpool.

FULL TIME - Manchester City 1-0 Tottenham Hotspur

92' MCI 1-0 TOT

A little scuffle between Jan Vertonghen and Raheem Sterling has resulted in yellow cards to both the players.

Extra time

Regulation time is up and Manchester City are still leading by a goal. Four minutes extra time - Can Spurs find an equaliser?

89' MCI 1-0 TOT

89' SHOT! Danny Rose finds the ball at the center from a leftward pass from Llorente. He finds the gap and takes a shot at the net. But it has strayed away.

84' MCI 1-0 TOT

84'SUBSTITUTION - Final change in the match and it is the goalscorer Phil Foden who is replaced by David Silva in the match.

78' MCI 1-0 TOT

78' SUBSTITUTION - Toby Alderweireld has been replaced by Fernando Llorente

71' MCI 1-0 TOT

71' SAVE! How could anyone make that save - involuntarily save by Paulo Gazzaniga. Fernandinho races ahead and finds Leroy Sane on left. Sane crossed and finds Sterling in front of the goal. The tap-in effort saved by Gazzaniga from his right leg.

69' MCI 1-0 TOT

69' SUBSTITUTION! Danny Rose is IN for Dele Alli. Another defensive substitution from Pochettino - what is he thinking here?

68' MCI 1-0 TOT!

68' CHANCE! A pass from Fernandinho finds Leroy Sane towards left and he tries to race inside. Manages to find a speed and takes a shot. But the ball just missed the net by a whisker.

65' MCI 1-0 TOT

65' CHANCE! Bernardo Silva races to front of the goal and whips it in to Sergio Aguero in front of the net. The attempt, though, missed the target. It will be Aguero's final touch as he is replaced by Leroy Sane.

61' MCI 1-0 TOT

61'  SUBSTITUTION! Eric Dier has bowed out for Tottenham and Victor Waynama is out. Tactical substiution.

59' MCI 1-0 TOT

59' CHANCE! A long-range pass inside the box to Dele Alli from Christian Eriksen was played out of the danger area by Kyle Walker. But did he hand the ball? Alli is appealing - Walker's hands were out. VAR would have ruled it as penalty.

54' MCI 1-0 TOT

54' FOUR! Foyth tackles down Sterling just a few yards outside the box on the left. Gundogan takes the free kick and it is headed out by Tottenham's defence.

52' MCI 1-0 TOT

52' PENALTY SHOUTS! Phil Foden goes down inside the box and the home crowd appeals for a penalty. The referee has seen it clearly and turns down the appeal. Good call.

49' MCI 1-0 TOT

49'Lung-busting comes from behind and passes it to Aguero eight yards out. But the striker's goalbound shot is blocked Alderweireld, maybe with the use of his hand.

48' MCI 1-0 TOT

48' CHANCE! Bernardo Silva once again tried to make a move, and entered the box. He tried to cross it to GoFOden, Gundogan comes from behind and takes the ball away.

48' MCI 1-0 TOT

Second half - MCI 1-0 TOT

SECOND HALF -  Manchester City are leading. The deficit is not huge and both teams have plenty to play for in the second half. 

Son kicks things and we are underway...

End of first half

First half comes to an end - the goalscorer has been the teenager, Phil Foden. Brave call from Pep Guardiola brought results. But the star of the show has been the midfielder Bernardo Silva for Manchester City. For Spurs, Son remains the only one to create chances.

First half up - Manchester City 1-0 Tottenham Hotspur

44' MCI 1-0 TOT!

44' CHANCE! Son finds the ball and he just runs with it, dodges past City's defend and finds himself one-on-one with Ederson. The Brazilian came in front and big to stop Son on his way.

40 ' MCI 1-0 TOT

40' CHANCE! Danger from Spurs as Lucas gets too much space down the right and the Brazilian whips in a ball that Ederson does well to come and claim just in front of Son, who was racing into the six-yard box for a tap in.

36' MCI 1-0 TOT

36' Substitution! Kevin de Bruyne has pulled a muscle after a shoot and has gone down to the ground. He seems to be in some pain - Fernandinho is warming up on the sidelines. He is off!

34' MCI 1-0 TOT

34' SHOT! This match has been completely dominated in the first half by Bernardo Silva. The footballer finds inside the box, dribbles along and then takes a grounded shot towards goal. Straight into Gazzaniga' hands though.

32' MCI 1-0 TOT

32' SHOT! Bernardo Silva finds the ball and he races ahead, finds a little bit of gap and decides to take a shot. Does not miss it by much. Manchester City continue to build pressure in Tottenham's half

30' MCI 1-0 TOT

30' Finally the ball enters Tottenham's half and Dele Alli tried to pass it inside the box to Moura. The header, though, was feeble and City's defence was up for the challenge.


26' Raheem Sterling makes a cross to Sergio Aguero inside the box - he heads it, but it goes out side. He was off any ways.

22' MCI 1-0 TOT

22'  SHOT! Phil Foden finds the ball with Bernardo Silva delivering the goods again. He was near the edge of the box, he dribbles along with two defenders, and then manages to find the space to take a shot. Straight into Gazzaniga's hands, though.

20' MCI 1-0 TOT

20' PENALTY APPEAL! Bernardo Silva finds the ball and then races inside, dribbling past Tony Alderwiereld. He fell down after a challenge, but the referee did not see too much wrong with that.

17' MCI 1-0 TOT

17' CHANCE! A dangerous pass from Eriksen set Son running. He ran inside the box, and was about go go one-on-one with Ederson. But Laporte was quick to pounce and stop him on the way.

' MCI 1-0 TOT


- Manchester City on Phil Foden

9' MCI 1-0 TOT

9' FOUL! Lucas Moura found an opening and started running, but he was tackled down by Gundogan. The referee will pull things back, but no cards out yet.

5' MCI 1-0 TOT

5' GOALLL! Bernardo Silva comes from the left, and makes a cross to Sergio Aguero inside the box, who heads it to Phil Foden in front of the goal. The teenager heads it inside the back of the net. 


3' MCI 0-0 TOT

3' SHOT! John Stone tries to clear, makes a mistake and finds Lucas Moura, who passes it to Heung-Min Son near the right corner. Son enters the area and takes a shot, only to be saved by Ederson. 


0' Sergio Aguero gets the ball rolling and the match is underway...! 


PFA men's young player of the year shortlist
Alexander-Arnold (LIV)
David Brooks (BOU)
Marcus Rashford (MUN)
Declan Rice  (WHU)

Raheem Sterling (MCI)

PFA men's player of the year shortlist:
Sergio Aguero (MCI)
Virgil Van Dijk (LIV)
Eden Hazard (CHE)
Sadio Mane (LIV)
Bernardo Silva (MCI)
Raheem Sterling (MCI)

MCI vs TOT, UCL, Highlights

Want a refresher on what happened earlier this week when these two sides collided? Here, we have you sorted:

Gary Neville addresses Phil Foden selection

“Guardiola has reached the point where he’s realised this is his moment. He’s handed him his second Premier League start in a massive game. The feedback I’ve been getting from the club over the past few weeks is that they may as well stop having an academy if this lad doesn’t get a chance.”

- Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville

Phil Foden starts for City

Manchester City's teenage midfielder Phil Foden makes his second Premier League start for Manchester City. What impact will the young player have on the match?

Pre-match talk

"We have to react on Saturday,” said Manchester City’s manager in the wake of his side’s defeat on Wednesday night. “But don’t think too much right now, sleep as much as possible and then we will prepare for the game. It’s tough. It’s cruel, but we have to accept it. We fought a lot, nine, 10 months for the Premier League. It’s in our hands. It’s tough, but we have to do it.”

-Pep Guardiola

Pre-match talk

There’s a lot of work to do, the competition doesn’t wait and does not allow you to relax or enjoy this type of situation,” said Tottenham’s manager. “We need to be competitive on Saturday again. It is difficult to stop your mind and realise all that happened. We arrived back so late, tried to sleep a little bit, but this morning [Thursday] I started to work and prepare for the next game, assess the players and talk a lot.

“We are going to play in a different competition. City are fighting for the Premier League. It’s not because it’s Tottenham that they are going to find revenge, they are going to fight for the three points like us. We want to be in the top four for the end of the season. It’s going to be another battle.”

- Pochettino

They have arrived

Tottenham Hotspurs are in the house:

Manchester City vs Tottenham Football Highlights:

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola said his players will not forget their painful Champions League loss to Tottenham Hotspur but expects them to show the same intensity when they face the north London club again in the Premier League on Saturday. City's quadruple bid ended when they went out of Europe on the away goals rule on Wednesday, despite winning 4-3 win at the Etihad Stadium, after the two-legged quarter-final tie finished 4-4 on aggregate.

Guardiola's side thought a late goal from Raheem Sterling had earned them a place in the semi-finals but the effort was ruled out after a video assistant referee (VAR) review confirmed that Sergio Aguero was offside in the build-up.