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Carlos Queiroz demands Jurgen Klinsmann resignation from FIFA after his comments on Iran team

Following Iran's 2-0 win over Wales, Jurgen Klinsmann had said fouls and confronting officials are in the culture of Iran.

Iran players celebrate with Iran coach Carlos Queiroz after the match. (Reuters)

In a series of tweets on Sunday, Iran National team coach Carlos Queiroz made a scathing attack on Jurgen Klinsmann, who had questioned Iran’s gamesmanship against Wales

Following Iran’s 2-0 win on Wales, Jurgen Klinsmann had said fouls and confronting officials are in the culture of Iran.

“This is just part of their culture, and how they play, then they work the referee, you saw the bench always jumping up, working the fourth official and the linesman, constantly in their ears, constantly in your face. Kieffer Moore will probably tell you more after the game about little incidents that we didn’t see,” Klinsmann had said during the post-match show at BBC.

The furious Iranian manager responded to Klinsmann’s comments and demanded that the former German striker must resign from his role in Fifa’s technical study group.

“Dear Jurgen; You took the initiative to call me Carlos, so I believe it is proper to call you Jurgen. Right? Even not knowing me personally, you question my character with a typical prejudiced judgment of superiority.

“No matter how much I can respect what you did inside the pitch, those remarks about Iran Culture, Iran National Team and my Players are a disgrace to Football. Nobody can hurt our integrity if it is not at our level, of course.

“Even saying so, we would like to invite you as our guest, to come to our National Team Camp, socialize with Iran players and learn from them about the Country, the people of Iran, the poets and art, the algebra, all the millennial Persian culture…

“… And also listen from our players how much they love and respect Football. As American/German, we understand your no support. No problem. And despite your outrageous remarks on BBC trying to undermine our efforts, sacrifices and skills, we promise you that we will not produce any judgments regarding your culture, roots and background and that you will always be welcome to our Family.

“At the same time, we just want to follow with full attention what will be the decision of FIFA regarding your position as a member of Qatar 2022 Technical Study Group. Because, obviously, we expect you to resign before you visit our camp. Carlos.”


However, Klinsmann, in his BBC newsletter on Sunday, writes, “Yesterday, I said how excited and involved Iran were as a collective – fans, bench, manager, players – in their game. Some felt I was saying they’d influenced officials, others felt I was saying there were doing something wrong. I wasn’t at all – I was simply pointing to how they show their emotions in this World Cup, we all do in different ways.”

After a World Cup start clouded by a disastrous loss and persistent questions about the civil unrest back home, Iran is celebrating the prospect of its first ever trip to the knockout stage.

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First published on: 27-11-2022 at 08:06 IST
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