Colombia beat India 2-1: Match highlights, how India’s first FIFA U-17 World Cup goal happened and more

Colombia beat India 2-1: Match highlights, how India’s first FIFA U-17 World Cup goal happened and more

India conceded the second goal seconds after scoring the equaliser through Jeakson Singh.

India conceded the second just seconds after they equalised. (Source: PTI)

This match pretty much summed up what football is all about. If there was any person in the country who sat down and watched this as their first football match, that period between the 80th and the 84th minute is as typical of the game as it gets. Jeakson Singh scored for India with the perfect header and they weren’t even done celebrating when Juan Penaloza scored his second of the day and silenced the JLN stadium. Apart from that, goalkeeper Dheeraj Singh was the best player in the pitch and made some absolutely breathtaking saves. This Indian team showed in this match that they have what it takes to challenge the big sides. Colombia’s defence is leaky, as was apparent from their previous match against Ghana and India exploited it. They need to improve in more areas than one but this team showed Indian football’s potential.

FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017, India vs Colombia Match highlights:  

FULL TIME: India 1-2 Colombia. Wasn’t that something!

94′: Gomes runs into the box from the right side of goal and takes a shot at the near corner, brilliant save from Dheeraj Singh

90′: 5 mins added on, Amarjit makes a good run down the left before cutting into the centre, runs into too many yellow shirts and passes it back to a team mate who tries to make a cross to Jadhav. Jadhav was off side and so doesn’t make the run

89′: The match was quiet for a long time and then all hell breaks lose between the 81st and 83rd minute. That is football for you. Colombia make a few inroads after that but India maintain their composure


83′: GOAL! And Colombia equalise, absolutely crazy sequence of events here. India were ecstatic with their goal and it seems the adrenaline was still pumping when Colombia broke, Juan Penaloza takes advantage of a big hole in the box and scores his second of the night

82′: GOAL! Jeakson Singh scores! India level the proceedings, Jeakson meets the goal with the perfect header and puts it past Mier to become the first Indian to score in a FIFA tournament

76′: Third big chance for India, Aniket Jadhav manages to take it into the box but his touch is too heave, by the time he takes the shot Mier had made himself big enough to close all angles, the ball goes out of the box, India try to keep the pressure up but Colombia come through

74′: The bandaged Boris Singh comes off for Nongdamba Naorem

72′: Campaz is set free with a pass from centre to the left, his first touch is too heavy and it roles far too close to the touchline, India able to deal with the threat.

65′: Change for India, Aniket Jadhav replaces Abhijit Sarkar, who had the first chance to score

60′: A bit of quiet period this as the, Colombia swap Daymon Cortes for Robert Mejia, Boris Singh gets a bandage to his head after a collision. It has been more of a midfield game in these last five minutes with one exception being when the ball was sent up field by Colombia, Dheeraj came of his line to clear it. He has been the best player on the pitch so far

53′: India respond with a flurry of attacks. A cross is sent in from the right side of goal to Rahul Kannoly. Rahul unable to get up in time and his header is wayward

48′: GOAL! Juan Penaloza with a brilliant goal from outside the box, Colombia take the lead. Colombia have been putting pressure on the Indian goal for some time now. Penaloza receives the ball and cuts in from left side of goal and takes the shot from outside the box, the ball crashes into the net on the far side.

HALF TIME: India could have been 2-0 up in this half. They blocked out the Colombian attacks – Dheeraj Singh dishing out a near perfect performance so far. They were booting hopeful balls upfield in the early minutes but the attacks became more carefully worked out towards the end. The one-two played between Boris and Abhijit Sarkar that led to the first chance remains the standout of the match so far. 

45′: Another chance for India, Rahul hits the post! Colombia are finding it difficult to deal with India’s counters, Rahul gets the ball inside the box from the brilliant Boris, is completely unmarked, takes the shot and hits the post on the near side

42′: Colombia break on the counter and India swamp the box. Campaz tries to control the box but it is taken away from him, the ball is not cleared well and Meneses volleys from outside the box left side of goal. It is a rocket of a shot and Dheeraj does well to parry it away.

36′: A great ball in by the Colombian wingman from the right wing. Campaz meets it perfectly and directs it towards goal, Dheeraj dives to his left to make the save!

30′: Ninthoinganba darts forward with the ball through the right side of midfield, is overpowered by Colombian defenders. The clearance reaches Campaz but Dheeraj gets off his line and kicks the ball away, catches Campaz in the back in the process.

26′: Campaz receives a lofted ball inside the box but is immediately hounded by a blue shirt, the ball is cleared and there is a clash of legs between Campaz and Anwar Ali. Colombia make a half hearted penalty appeal but attention is reserved for Ali

25′: It has been pretty much more of the same. Colombia trying to break through but India staunch with their two line defence. Boris Singh, on the other hand, showing what India missed in the first match as he breaks forward every chance he gets

15′: Big chance there for India through Abhijit Sarkar! Ninthoinganba wriggles with the ball down the right wing and somehow gets it to Boris who plays a brilliant one-two with Sarkar. The latter then takes the shot and it is straight at the Colombian keeper, goes out for a corner which is cleared by Colombia

12′: Colombia certainly dominating possession but India seem to be pretty comfortable in defence. India depending on sideways passes whenever they are on the ball but Colombia are able to take it back far too easily

5′: Not much to talk about in the first five minutes, Colombia had won a throw in from left side of the Indian goal, it was powered in and a Colombian attacker tried to parry it to the far post, easy pickings for Dheeraj. Meanwhile, lost of empty seats in the JLN stadium

KICK OFF: India take the first kick of the ball wearing blue, Colombia in yellow

1949 hrs IST: GROUP A Table:


1926 hrs IST: Full time scores around India: 

Ghana 0-1 USA (New Delhi)

Turkey 0-3 Mali (Navi Mumbai)

1917 hrs IST: Thatal and Suresh were the ones who provided the link between the defence and midfield. Long passes up the field from the defence line was not spotted too often on Friday and that was because of the ability of these two to make space and pass the ball. It seems India might be going for a more direct approach. With all that said though, it is only when the match starts that one will get to know for sure.

1904 hrs IST: Team News

India XI: Dheeraj Singh (GK), Boris Singh, Namit Deshpande, Anwar Ali, Sanjeev Stalin, Jeakson Singh, Amarjit Singh Kiyam (C), Ninthoiganba Khumanthem, Abhijit Sarkar, Rahim Ali

Subs: Jitendra Singh, Suresh Wangjam, Aniket Jadhav, Komal Thaltal, Hendry Antonay, Laengmawia, Nongdamba Naorem, Mohammad Shahjahan, Prabhsukhan Gill, Sunny Dhaliwal

Coach: Luis Norton De Mattos

Colombia XI: Kevin Mier (GK), Andre Cifuentes, Thomas Gutierrez (C), Leandro Campaz, Luis Lopez, Juan Penaloza, Yadir, Meneses, Gustavo Carvajal, Fabian Angel, Deyman Cortes

Subs: Nicolas Gomez, Christian Andrade, Andres Perea, Brayan Gomez, Robert Mejia, Deiber Caicedo, Juan Vidal, Etilso Martinez, Daniel Melo, Santiago Barrero

Coach: Orlando Restrepo

1900 hrs IST: It seems Komal Thatal will be on the bench alongwith Suresh Singh, Boris Singh starts. Full team news soon.

1845 hrs IST: From what coach Luis Norton De Mattos said in interactions with the media prior to this tournament, this World Cup was always going to be a learning curve for India. That could be seen clearly in the first match against the United States. What could also be seen was that India never broke their formation, even after being three goals down. It was also just dumb luck that prevented the scoreline from 2-1 with six minutes left in the match, always a sticky situation for the team in the lead, in this case the United States.


Colombia would hence be facing a team that showed grit in their first ever World Cup match and with practically nothing to lose. India were never expected to progress beyond the group stage while the same cannot be said about Colombia. There is no doubt that this match would be a test for Colombia. For the Indian colts, though, this is another chance to prove that they have more than what meets the eye.