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Thursday, July 02, 2020

Vincy Premier T10 League 2020 Highlights: Salvan’s unbeaten 68 hands Ambris’ Breakers their first defeat

Vincy Premier T10 League 2020 Highlights: Hikers chased down a total of 106 with six balls to spare as opener Salvan Browne hit an unbeaten 32-ball 68, the second-highest score of the tournament. 

By: Sports Desk | Updated: May 28, 2020 5:29:46 pm
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Vincy Premier T10 League 2020, Day 6 Highlights: The first clash of day 6 of the T10 league, Fort Charlotte Strikers were beaten by Grenadine Divers by 31 runs. Strikers are still at the bottom of the table with six consecutive losses in a row. In the second clash of the day Dark View Explorers were comprehensively beaten by Kesrick Williams’ Botanical Garden Rangers by eight wickets with eight balls to spare.

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In the last match of the day, table-toppers Salt Pond Breakers led by Sunil Ambris were handed their first defeat of the tournament by La Soufriere Hikers. Hikers chased down a total of 106 with six balls to spare as opener Salvan Browne hit an unbeaten 32-ball 68, the second-highest score of the tournament.

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Vincy Premier T10 League 2020 Highlights:

23:39 (IST)27 May 2020
Salvan finishes off in style

Delorn Johnson bowls the penultimate over. This has been an exceptional run chase from Hikers. Explosive batting from Salvan Browne and sensible approach from Desron Maloney. Johnson, the experienced campaigner is feeling the pressure. FOUR! Salvan ends the match with a boundary and remains unbeaten for 68. Hikers beat Breakers by 8 wickets with 6 balls to spare. Breakers first defeat in the tournament. LSH - 106/2 after 9 overs

23:33 (IST)27 May 2020
Hikers dominate

Donwell Hector into the attack. Skipper Desron Maloney starts off the over with a boundary. FOUR! Second boundary in a row. Maloney is looking to finish this off in a hurry. He pulls again, this time gets just a single. Salvan Browne goes for a slog sweep, gets inside edge, no run. FOUR! Salvan moves to 61 with that boundary, the second-highest individual score of the tournament. A single to end the over. LSH - 95/2 after 8 overs, Target - 106

23:30 (IST)27 May 2020
Salvan hits fifty

Westrick Strough continues. Desron Maloney gets a single off the first ball. WIDE! That was above the helmet. FIFTY! Salvan Browne gets to his maiden half-century in the tournament from 23 deliveries. A single via leg byes off the next ball. FOUR! Browne hits down the ground, his eighth boundary of the innings. This maybe Sunil Ambris' Breakers first defeat of the tournament. LSH - 81/2 after 7 overs

23:24 (IST)27 May 2020
Salvan nears fifty

Sunil Ambris continues. BOWLED! Tilron Harry deceived by the length. He departs for 3. Desron Maloney is the new batsman in. WIDE! That was going down the leg side. Maloney gets off the mark with a single. Salvan Browne plays with soft hands, gets a single. A dot ball to follow. Maloney drives through covers, takes a single. FOUR! Misfield costs Ambris again as Salvan gets another boundary. He moves to 49, his personal best in the tournament. LSH - 68/1 after 6 overs

23:19 (IST)27 May 2020
Salvan gets second chance

Javid Harry continues. Tilron Harry gets a single off the first ball. DROPPED! Salvan Browne gets dropped at deep mid-wicket and the ball runs towards the boundary as well. Reprieve for the Hikers' opener. He gets a couple of runs off the next delivery. A dot ball to follow. Another couple of runs for Salvan as he moves to 42. LSH - 60/1 after 5 overs

23:15 (IST)27 May 2020
Salvan punishes Ambris

Sunil Ambris introduces himself into the attack. Salvan Browne hits him for a boundary off the first ball. Tilron Harry is still struggling to spot the ball, he gets a single off the second delivery. SIX! Salvan gives Ambris a taste of his own medicine. He is making a statement here. FOUR! Salvan goes over mid on fielder's head for a boundary. LSH - 51/1 after 4 overs

23:11 (IST)27 May 2020
Strough leaks runs

Westrick Strough into the attack. Salvan Browne is constantly looking for boundaries. Strough conceded a boundary via byes, poor wicketkeeping. Browne gets a boundary from the over. 16 runs from the over. LSH - 35/1 after 3 overs

23:06 (IST)27 May 2020
Harry draws first blood

Trapped in front Dillon Douglas survives the first appeal and gets a couple of runs through overthrows. But the second ball hit him right on the pads. Douglas departs. Javid Harry gets the first wicket. Tilron Harry is the new batsman in. The left-arm spinner bowls well. LSH - 19/1 after 2 overs

23:03 (IST)27 May 2020
Salvan gets lucky

Hikers' run chase gets off to a good start. Attacking batsman Salvan Browne hits a boundary off the first ball and then gets dropped off the next. Two singles from the over and Salvan finishes the over with a six over Delorn Johnson's head. LSH - 12/0 after 1 over

22:48 (IST)27 May 2020
Challenging total

Rayan Williams into the attack and he starts off with a wide. Swing and a miss from Kadir Nedd as he moves too much across. A single off the next ball. Another swing and a miss, Delorn Johnson could not connect. WICKET! Takes the aerial route again but caught at long on. He departs for 1. Full toss from Rayan, Nedd takes a couple of runs. 100 up for Breakers! FOUR! Top edge off Nedd's bat runs towards the boundary line. Nedd remains unbeaten for 46. Good comeback from Hikers after the 27-run over. SPB - 105/4 after 10 overs

22:42 (IST)27 May 2020
Economical over despite extras

Kimson Dalzell bowls the penultimate over. Swing and a miss but Kadir Nedd manages a single. WIDE! That was just outside the wide line. A swing and a miss from Delorn Johnson. WIDE! Kimson trying to pitch it full and wide. WIDE! Pulls the length back but could not correct the line of that delivery. A single taken off the next delivery. Another swing and a miss, this time from Nedd. A couple of runs off the next ball, good running between the wickets. A single to end the over. SPB - 97/3 after 9 overs

22:36 (IST)27 May 2020
Expensive over

Jeremy Haywood continues and he bowls a no ball. FREE HIT! Kadir Nedd came down the track but missed the ball completely, no run off that delivery. SIX! Nedd gets hold of that one and hits a six past the long on fielder. He goes for a similar shot but gets just a single. SIX! Wesrick Strough gets one in slot and he hits it over long on for a massive six. WICKET! Top edge carries to the backward point fielder. Delorn Johnson is the new batsman in. SPB - 89/3 after 8 overs

22:29 (IST)27 May 2020
Thomas succumbs to pressure

Right-arm pacer Kimson Dalzell into the attack. He starts off with a wide. He cramps Kadir Nedd for room, just a single. Kimson creates few problems for Urnel Thomas with the ball moving away from him. Thomas is struggling to get off strike. STUNNER! What a catch near the boundary line, inches away from it. Thomas departs for 3. SPB - 73/1 after 6.5 overs

22:23 (IST)27 May 2020
Big score on cards

Jeremy Haywood into the attack. A single off the first ball. SIX! Kadir Nedd hits the short ball over square leg fielder's head for a maximum. Nedd is looking dangerous now. He takes a single. Thomas gets a single after facing a dot delivery. Nedd takes a single, retains strike. SPB - 70/1 after 6 overs

22:20 (IST)27 May 2020
Nedd takes over

Dillon Douglas continues, Kadir Nedd pulls and gets a single off the first ball. Urnel Thomas is the new batsman in, capable of hitting the long ball. He faces his second dot delivery. He gets off the mark off the next ball. Nedd faces two dot deliveries. SIX! Nedd dances down the wicket and hits the ball over the ropes for a huge six. SPB - 60/1 after 5 overs

22:16 (IST)27 May 2020
Lewis dismisses Ambris

Othneil Lewis continues. Sunil Ambris gets a single off the first delivery. Kadir Need hits the full toss down the ground, gets a single as fielder stops it just inside the boundary. FOUR! Ambris chips it over the 30-yard circle for a boundary. WICKET! Ambris departs for 32 trying to hit another big hit. Lewis gets the big breakthrough. SPB - 51/1 after 3.4 overs

22:12 (IST)27 May 2020
Breakers off to a flier

Dillon Douglas into the attack. Sunil Ambris finds the gap and gets a couple of runs. WIDE! That was just outside the wide line. Ambris flicks, gets another single. SIX! That should have been caught by the long on fielder. Kadir Nedd hits his first maximum. Nedd works the ball towards short fine leg, takes a single. Ambris gets bad on a wide delivery down the leg side, just a single. A dot ball to end the over. SPB - 45/0 after 3 overs

22:09 (IST)27 May 2020
Lewis stops boundaries

Othneil Lewis into the attack. Kadir Nedd takes a single towards square leg. Sunil Ambris flicks but this time gets just a single. Nedd plays the ball in the gap and gets a couple of runs. He takes a quick single off the next ball. Edged but safe! Ambris gets a single. Nedd is beaten by Lewis off the last ball of the over. SPB - 33/0 after 2 overs

22:06 (IST)27 May 2020
Ambris creates record in first over

Salt Pond Breakers bat first. Tilron Harry opens the bowling. FOUR! Sunil Ambris flicks the ball towards square leg for a boundary. SIX! Ambris hits that one over the left-arm pacer's head for a maximum. He tries to get down the track but Harry shortened the length, a dot ball. FOUR! Ambris hits that one over covers for a boundary. FOUR! Exquisite cover drive from Ambris. This has been a tremendous start for Breakers. FIVE WIDES! That was down the leg side and the wicketkeeper could not get glove on it. FOUR! Another flick off the pads and Ambris hits his fourth boundary of the over. 27 runs from the over, a record in the league. SPB - 27/0 after 1 over

21:50 (IST)27 May 2020
Playing XIs

Salt Pond Breakers: Sunil Ambris, Delorn Johnson, Rickford Walker, Donwell Hector, Javid Harry, Kevin Peters , Kadir Nedd, Seon Sween, Wesrick Strough, Christroy John, Urnel Thomas

La Soufriere Hikers: Desron Maloney Dillion Douglas, Othneil Lewis, Salvan Brown, Rayan Williams, Casmus Hackshaw, Kenson Dalzell, Jeremy Haywood, Tilron Harry, Kimson Dalzell, Camano Cain