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Sunday, July 05, 2020

Vincy Premier T10 League 2020, Day 4 Highlights: Sunil Ambris shines again in Breakers 49-run victory

Vincy Premier T10 League 2020 Day 4 Highlights: Sunil Ambris unbeaten 41 followed by his 2/4 helped Salt Pond Breakers beat Botanical Garden Rangers by 49 runs

By: Sports Desk | Updated: May 26, 2020 5:32:26 pm
vpl The VPL T10 League entered into its fourth day on Monday. (File Photo/AbuDhabiT10)

Vincy Premier T10 League 2020, Day 4 Highlights: The first clash of the T10 league carnival was a one-sided affair. First marquee player Sunil Ambris delivered with the bat with an unbeaten 41 helping his side post 104/2. In the second innings, he delivered with the ball taking two wickets for four runs in his two overs. Javid Harry took starred with the ball taking three wickets for seven runs. Salt Pond Breakers won the match by 49 runs against Botanical Garden Rangers.


In the second match, opener Salvan Browne’s 44 helped La Soufriere Hikers post 84/5. In reply, Fort Charlotte Strikers could post 73/8, losing the match by 11 runs. In the last clash of the fourth day, Grenadiers Divers were beaten by Dark View Explorers. The Divers could not chase down a total of 87 as they suffered a batting collapse. Leg-spinner Sealron Williams starred with the ball taking three wickets for 11 runs.

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Vincy Premier T10 League 2020 , Day 4 Highlights:

23:38 (IST)25 May 2020
James holds his nerve

14 runs needed off last over. Lindon James bowls the last over of the innings. Anson Latchman gets a single off the first delivery. Obed McCoy goes for the big shot but only gets a single. Latchman gets another single. RUN OUT! McCoy wanted a couple of runs and Latchman was found short off the crease. 10 runs needed off 2 balls. James bowls a yorker and McCoy manages just a single. Last ball of the innings, Braxie Browne gets a single. Grenadine Divers lose the match by 7 runs. 

23:34 (IST)25 May 2020
Hooper makes the run chase tough

Shamon Hooper bowls the penultimate over. LBW! Wayne Harper gets trapped in front of the wicket. Obed McCoy the next man in. After two dot balls, he gets a boundary via an outside edge. Divers need 14 runs off the last over. An excellent over from Shamon. GRD - 73/7 after 9 overs

23:30 (IST)25 May 2020
Divers in trouble

Wayne Harper is the new man in. Razine Browne gets a couple of runs after an overthrow. BOWLED! Sealron Williams makes Razine his third victim. WIcketkeeper-batsman Anson Latchman in the middle. He takes a single off the first ball. Harper takes a single off the last ball, retains strike. GRD - 69/6 after 8 overs

23:27 (IST)25 May 2020

Richie Richards goes for the big shot but is caught at the fence. Sealron Williams gets his second wicket. GRD - 65/5 after 7.1 overs

23:25 (IST)25 May 2020
James keeps it tight

Right-arm medium Lindon James into the attack. Razine Browne is the new batsman in the middle. A single for both batsmen off the first two balls. WIDE! That was down the leg side. Another single taken by Browne. Richards hits the ball hard but could manage just a single. James bowls a full delivery, an inside edge off the bat and he takes a single. Another single to end the over. GRD - 65/4 after 7 overs, Target - 87

23:21 (IST)25 May 2020
Samuel departs after valuable cameo

Sealron Williams continues. SIX! Alex Samuel goes for the big shot again and finds the fence. That one went to the cow corner. A dot ball to follow, he is looking to deal in sixes. SIX! Another one from Samuel. It's his third six of the innings, the only way he is scored. The ball has been lost. A new one has been brought in. He goes for another but could not get under it. A couple of runs for him. Next ball, swing and a miss. BLINDER! Shamon Hooper, the long on fielder dives forward and takes the catch. The Danger Man is gone. He departs for 20. GRD - 59/4 after 6 overs

23:17 (IST)25 May 2020
2 wickets but too many extras

Left-handed batsman Tijourn Pope comes to the crease. WIDE! WIDE! WIDE! Trying to make the batsman reach for it, three wide deliveries. RUN OUT! A terrible mix-up between the two batsmen. Pope could not recover on time and get back. Another wicket goes down in the fifth over. Richie Richards comes to the crease. WIDE! Beats the wicketkeeper as well. A couple of runs taken as well. Next ball, a dot one as Richards plays it towards the point fielder. Same shot, same result. GRD - 45/3 after 5 overs, Target 87

23:13 (IST)25 May 2020

Sealron Williams comes into the attack. The leg-spinner gets the wicket off the third delivery. BOWLED! Opener Shem Browne departs for 13. GRD - 39/2 after 4.3 overs

23:10 (IST)25 May 2020
Samuel goes big

Alex Samuel is the new batsman in on the non-striker end. WIDE! That was way outside the off stump. Shem Browne struggling against Darius Martin's pace. Two dot balls. He manages to take a single off the next ball. Another wide delivery from Martin. SIX! That extra delivery cost him. Samuel pulls that one for a maximum, a clean strike. GRD - 38/1 after 4 overs

23:06 (IST)25 May 2020
Martin strikes

Right-arm pacer Darius Martin continues. Dropped! Shem Browne goes for the big shot and finds Andrew Thomas who could not hold on to the catch. WICKET! Asif Hooper top-edges that one and wicketkeeper goes after it, taken safely. Martin gets the reward for his hard work. He troubled Asif with raw pace. GRD - 29/1 after 3.2 overs

23:03 (IST)25 May 2020
Hooper vs Hooper

Right-arm off spinner Shamon Hooper into the attack. A couple of runs to start with. Shem Browne takes a single off the third ball he faces. SIX! Pitched up and Asif Hooper dispatches it with disdain for a maximum over long on. Asif takes a single off the next ball. FOUR! Shem Browne gets a boundary now. A big over for the Divers. GRD - 28/0 after 3 overs

22:59 (IST)25 May 2020
Martin keeps it short

Right-arm fast bowler Darius Martin into the attack. Martin starts off with a dot ball. Next delivery, Asif Hooper pulls it along the ground for a couple of runs. WIDE! That was over Hooper's helmet. Short ball again, Hooper plays it towards point fielder, a dot ball. Martin is hitting the deck hard, all Hooper could do was get his body away from the short ball. He defends the next ball, no run. WIDE! Down the leg side. Another dot ball to finish off the over. GRD - 14/0 after 2 overs

22:53 (IST)25 May 2020
Divers start well (Target 87)

The run chase is underway. Right-arm off-spinner Daron Greaves opens the bowling. Shem Browne misses the first ball. FOUR! Browne gets off the mark with a boundary. FOUR! Another boundary for Browne as he hits the ball over the offside field. He works the next ball towards the leg side and takes a single. Left-handed batsman Asif Hooper on strike. Hooper lets the first one go. A single to end the over. GRD - 10/0 after 1 over

22:40 (IST)25 May 2020
Explorers post a fighting total

Tijourn Pope starts off the final with a wide, a single taken off it too. FOUR! The new batsman Kody Horne plays the perfect cover drive and gets a boundary. Horne gets a single off the next ball. Thomas goes for the shot but finds the point fielder, just a single. Pope comes back well and finishes with two dot balls. DVE - 86/4 after 10 overs

22:34 (IST)25 May 2020
McCoy delivers in penultimate over

Left-arm fast bowler, Obed McCoy back into the attack. McCoy mixes up the pace. Two singles off the first three balls. Even the set batsman Deron Greaves is facing problems. Explorers should go for big shots with eight wickets in hand. FOUR! Greaves flicks that one away for a boundary as McCoy misses his line a bit. RUN OUT! That's a confusing run out. Greaves tried to scoop the slower ball. A wide ball and he lost his balance. The non-striker Andrew Thomas wanted a single but he did not go for it. And then he gets run out. Greaves out for 27. BOWLED! That was a peach of a delivery, too much for Davian Barnum. McCoy finishes well, living up to the expectations. DVE - 75/4 after 9 overs

22:29 (IST)25 May 2020
Another wicket slows run rate

Right-arm pacer Razine Browne continues. A single off the first ball. WICKET! Lindon James runs out of luck. This time he gets caught on the boundary. Left-handed batsman Andrew Thomas comes in to bat. Deron Greaves works it off his pads, takes a single. Next ball, Thomas gets squared up but survives. Last ball of the over, just a single off Thomas' bat. DVE - 68/2 after 8 overs

22:25 (IST)25 May 2020
James gets lucky

Right-handed batsman Lindon James comes in to bat. FOUR! James plays the pull shot but did not time it well. The top-edge goes over the short fine leg fielder for a boundary. DROPPED! That went way up in the sky but the inner circle fielder drops it and blames it on the sun. Some laughs from the dugout. DVE - 64/1 after 7 overs

22:23 (IST)25 May 2020
Hooper out for 34

Right-arm pacer Braxie Browne into the attack. FOUR! Deron Greaves flashes his blade but could not time it well. Nevertheless, the ball runs past the square boundary. Next ball, Greaves misses and so does the wicketkeeper, a single taken. FOUR! A beautiful cut shot from Shamon Hooper. LBW! Looking to make room again but deceived by the inswinger. Brazie gets the wicket. Hooper departs for 34. DVE - 59/1 after 6.4 overs

22:20 (IST)25 May 2020
50 up for Explorers

Right-arm pacer Razine Browne into the attack. Deron Greaves takes a quick single after hitting it towards the point fielder. A wider delivery to follow but just inside the line. Shamon Hooper takes a single. Greaves takes another single, no loose deliveries from Browne. FOUR! That was full and angling in. Hooper gets a boundary with an inside edge. FOUR! Hooper advances down the crease and flicks the ball towards leg side for a boundary. DVE - 50/0 after 6 overs

22:16 (IST)25 May 2020
McCoy starts well

West Indies left-arm fast bowler Obed McCoy into the attack. He starts off with a dot ball. Next ball, McCoy bowls a no ball. Hooper gets a single off that delivery. FREE HIT! Deron Greaves makes room for himself but McCoy bowls it wide off him. No run off the free hit delivery. Good bowling from McCoy, two more dot deliveries. Greaves guides the ball towards the third man, takes a single. Next ball, an inswinger beating Shamon Hooper. McCoy appealed for caught behind but the umpire says no. DVE - 39/0 after 5 overs