How can this happen? Middle-stump uprooted but bails unmoved, see pic

How can this happen? Middle-stump uprooted but bails unmoved, see pic

A rare dismissal of Moonee Valley batsman Jatinder Singh in which the stump was gone but bails were intact has left cricket fans debating.

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Batsman Jatinder Singh was given out despite the bails remaining unmoved.

A rare dismissal on Saturday has divided cricket enthusiasts around the world. Batsman Jatinder Singh playing against Strathmore Heights for Moonee Valley in the Mid Year Cricket Association match was given out despite the bails remaining unmoved.

Even though the middle stump fell, the bails remained intact, leading to a debate whether dismissing him was the right decision or not.

Jatinder’s captain Michael Ozbun said that nobody had ever seen something like that before and even the umpire was confused.

“There was a little bit of debate and the umpire was a bit confused as well,” the Australian media reported Ozbun as saying. “Nobody had seen anything like that before.”


Ozbun narrated the confusing incident. He said, “I was on the boundary, I saw the stumps fly and thought ‘all right, he got bowled, it was a silly shot’. Then everybody was standing around the wickets and I didn’t know why. I went out there, saw what was going on and it was very confusing.”

Despite the confusion, the teams decided that Jatinder should be out. “We had no idea what the actual ruling on it was, but we all admired it for a few minutes,” Ozbun said.

“You probably couldn’t do that again if you tried. We weren’t sure if maybe (the stumps) were put it at a slight angle so there was just a little bit of pressure.

“When they were sitting on the stumps, they were in the grooves. It wasn’t like the middle of the bails were above the stumps or anything.

MYCA president Neil Daly said that the umpire made the right call. “The ball had to have hit at the exact right point that the stump didn’t fly up, it went down,” he said.

“The only similar incident I had was a bail slipped down between the stumps and wedged between the stumps,” Daly said.

“It was given not out because it hadn’t completely been removed. They put the bail back on.”

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