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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy Final, Karnataka vs Tamil Nadu T20 Highlights: Karnataka beat Tamil Nadu by 1 run

Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy Final, Karnataka vs Tamil Nadu T20 Highlights: Karnataka have beaten Tamil Nadu by 1 run in the final. With this win, they are India's domestic T20 as well as OD champions for the season.

By: Sports Desk | Updated: December 1, 2019 10:47:26 pm
Dinesh Karthik’s Tamil Nadu are taking on Manish Pandey’s Karnataka in the 2019 Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 Trophy final.

Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy Final Live Score, Karnataka vs Tamil Nadu T20 Live Cricket Score Streaming Online: Karnataka have beaten Tamil Nadu by 1 run in the 2019 Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy at the Lalabhai Contractor Stadium in Surat on Sunday. Karnataka, batting first, scored 180/5. Put into bat first by Tamil Nadu, KL Rahul (22) and Devdutt Padikkal (32) opened the innings and got off to an explosive start. The match was turned on its head in the 5th over, when Ravichandran Ashwin (2/32) picked up the wickets of Rahul and Mayank Agarwal (0) off consecutive balls. Manish Pandey (60*) then came on and played a responsible hand to take the Karnataka innings to its conclusion. He was ably assisted by Rohan Kadam (35). T Natarajan (0/30 in 4 overs) and Washington Sundar (1/28 in 4 overs) were the best of the bowlers for Tamil Nadu apart from Ashwin.

In reply, Tamil Nadu fell short by 1 run despite a brilliant partnership in the middle order between Vijay Shankar (44) and Baba Aparajith (40). When Washington Sundar (24) and Dinesh Karthik (20) were felled by Karnataka, with the target still not anywhere in sight, it seemed as if Karnataka were on top of their southern neighbours. However, Shankar and Aparajith took Tamil Nadu to the brink of a stunning victory. Shankar was run out in the last over in the bid to take a suicidal run. Murugan Ashwin was on strike off the last ball, with TN needing 2 to tie and 3 to win. He could manage only a single.

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Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy Final, Karnataka vs Tamil Nadu, Highlights:


    22:39 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    Vijay Shankar's heroics

    Spare a thought for Vijay Shankar. He is almost inconsolable. Can't blame him. He brought his team so close to getting a win out of nowhere. Then had to go for a suicidal run. Sacrificed his wicket for the team's cause he knew he absolutely needed to be on strike off the last delivery. Got run out off the penultimate ball of the day, and Tamil Nadu end up losing by 1 run. T20 cricket can be a cruel format.

    22:29 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    Karnataka win by 1 run

    Karnataka are champions! They defend their Mushtaq Ali title. Murugan Ashwin, who could have been a hero, can only manage to get pad to ball. Batsmen run for a single. But that is not going to be enough. They needed 2 to tie the match. What a thrilling final we have just seen!

    22:28 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    Last ball

    Murugan Ashwin on strike because Shankar and Ravi Ashwin had crossed. Murugan Ashwin needs to get 3 off the last ball for TN to win. 2 runs for a Super Over.

    22:27 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    Run out

    Would you believe that! KL Rahul knows that is out. Vijay Shankar is run out on 44. Shankar hit it down to long on. Took the single. Knew he had to get back to be on strike for the final delivery. Cannot make his ground. Absolute carnage on in the last over! TN need 3 to win off the last ball.

    22:26 (IST)01 Dec 2019

    Ashiwn plays it down the ground for a single. Shankar, 43, on strike. TN need 4 runs off 2 balls

    22:25 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    Dot ball

    TN need 5 runs off 3 balls

    22:24 (IST)01 Dec 2019

    Another four! Ashwin is on fire! Fielder puts in a dive in the deep, ball drops in front of him and goes over his head for a four.  TN need 5 off 4 balls.

    22:24 (IST)01 Dec 2019

    Ashwin starts off with a four! Down the ground. The helmet's off for Ashwin. And that is smashed down the ground! Terrific start. TN need 9 off 5.

    22:23 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    Last over

    Ashwin cannot get back for a second off the last ball of the 19th over. And he will be on strike. Shankar, on 43, at the other end. Tamil Nadu need 13 runs in the last over. Gowtham to Ashwin. All set for the most important 3 minutes of the match. 13 runs. 6 balls. Karnataka. Tamil Nadu. The equation is clear. Who will come out on top?

    22:19 (IST)01 Dec 2019

    Ashwin gets 4. A lucky one that. But they all count. Takes a thick edge and runs down fine leg. Shankar then creams a shot. That was as clan as they come. Another 4. Shankar moves to 43*. What a knock this has been from him on the big stage. Koushik being punished. TN need 15 off 8 balls

    22:16 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    TN need 25 off 12

    After quite a few overs that went Tamil Nadu's way, Karnataka have won the 18th over. 5 runs and an all-important wicket in that over bowled by Ronit More. Koushik to bowl the 19th. Gowtham to bowl the 20th then. Vijay Shankar, on 37, on strike. This over to be a make-or-break over. TN 156/5 after 18 overs

    22:11 (IST)01 Dec 2019

    Aparajith is out. Could this be the gamechanger? Aparajith goes for another big shot but cannot connect well. Long on comes under it. This pair have brought back Tamil Nadu into the game. Ashwin comes out at No.7. There is a thrilling finish coming up in Surat. TN need 27 off 15 balls

    22:06 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    TN 151/4 after 17 overs

    Six by Aparajith to start off the 17th over. Is this game running away from Karnataka now? Manish Pandey has his face dug in his hands. Five singles to follow that up. 11 runs off the over. Shankar and Aparajith are timing this chase to perfection. Tamil Nadu's other favourite son, MS Dhoni, would have been proud of this chase. TN need 30 to win off 18 balls

    22:01 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    TN need 41 off 24 balls

    Baba Aparajith unleashes another big one! Karnataka will be feeling the heat now. Furious calculations being made to decide who will bowl the last 4 overs.Gowtham has one left, Ronit More has one left, Koushik has 2. We were thinking Tamil Nadu would have their batting resources stretched, but as it has turned out it is Karnataka's bowling resources being stretched in these final stages of the Mushtaq Ali final. TN 140/4 after 16 overs

    21:58 (IST)01 Dec 2019

    Ronit More is brought back into the attack and he is hit for two boundaries in his first three balls. Vijay Shankar and Baba Aparajith, both in their 20s, are making a contest out of this. They are ahead on par score for the first time in this match. Karnataka, who were favourits to seal this tie a few overs ago, suddenly feeling the heat again. TN need 52 off the last 5 overs

    21:53 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    Shankar moves to 20s

    Clean shot down the ground for 4 over Shreyas Gopal's head. That went to the ropes in a flash. Vijay Shankar, now on 21, will be the one who can change the game around on his own, reckons Amol Muzumdar in the commentary box. 117/4 after 14 overs. TN need 64 from 36 balls

    21:49 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    TN 107/4 after 13 overs

    Baba Aparajith gets the 100 up for Tamil Nadu with a pull shot for six. TN now need 74 off 42 balls. Aparajith is on 15, Vijay Shankar is on 14. There's Ashwin and the tail to come after this, so this pair needs to ensure they do not leave the ones to come with too much to do. On a sidenote, what a script it would be if Ashwin comes on to play the matchwinning knock with the bat in the last 4-5 overs!

    21:46 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    TN 96/4 after 12 overs

    Vijay Shankar and Baba Aparajith have made a good start to this rescue act. Clean hitting from both of them. 85 off 48 needed. Vijay Shankar could be the key here, you get a feeling.

    21:40 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    Crisis time?

    Well it's not time to push the panic button yet, but these two wickets in the last 2 overs - of Karthik and Sundar - have changed the complexion of the game a little. Vijay Shankar and Baba Aparajith, the two new batsmen, will have to pull on a bit of a rescue act here. Should be careful not to lose another wicket for next few overs.

    21:38 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    Gowtham bowls out Washington Sundar

    Another big wicket! Karnataka's spin bowling all-rounders are rising to the occasion. First it was Shreyas Gopal, then it was Suchith who outfoxed Karthik in the last over. This over, it is Gowtham who rattles Washington Sundar's furniture. TN lose another big wicket. TN 80/4 after 10 overs

    21:33 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    Karthik is out

    Dinesh Karthik is stumped out. He was living on the edge anyway - taking the aerial route too many times - and he is foxed by Suchith in the 9th over. He goes for 20. He went for a walk down the track but failed to read the turn off the track completely. TN 76/3 after 9 overs

    21:29 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    Drama in the 8th over

    Big drama off the last ball of the 8th over. Fielder almost pulls off a blinder of a catch in the deep. Takes the catch, has to then step over the ropes because of his momentum, then throws the ball back in and manages to step inside the field as well - only to then drop it. What a brilliant catch that could have been. Dinesh Karthik, and the whole of Tamil Nadu, would have had their hearts in their mouths then. TN 68/2 after 8 overs

    21:24 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    TN 68/2 after 7 overs

    Sundar is on 20. Karthik is on 12. Both these men are solid technical batsmen. Tamil Nadu need them to be around for a few more overs. Three singles come off the first five balls of the 8th over.

    21:19 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    TN 53/2 after 6 overs

    7 runs off the 6th over bowled by Gowtham. And then Dinesh Karthik dispatches Shreyas Gopal for two consecutive fours. Gopal struggling to find the right length. Karthik obliges by punishing him. The field has been spread out by Karnataka now though. 

    21:16 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    TN 46/2 after 5 overs

    46/2 after 5 overs. Coincidentally, Karnataka's score after 5 overs had been exactly the same - 46/2. We are set for an epic clash here, it would seem. Rahul, Pandey and Karun Nair - the three senior Karnataka players have a mid-pitch meeting. There is a TENSE air about this match. Washington Sundar and Dinesh Karthik - two men both of whom will be hoping to have tickets for Australia when the World T20 comes around next year, are in the middle with a point or two to prove.

    21:11 (IST)01 Dec 2019

    Shahrukh Khan is out! He was consistently going for the big shots. Goes for one too many. Shreyas Gopal gets the wicket. Suchith with the catch in the deep. DK comes in at No.4. And he walks in with a determined air about him. With his baseball-style helmet. He will be looking to do a Manish Pandey for his team. TN 37/2 after 4.1 overs

    21:09 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    TN on the attack

    This has been a good start to the chase for Tamil Nadu. Washington Sundar hits his first ball for a four - he is in some good form - while Shahrukh Khan is continuing his charge at the other end. The likes of Dinesh Karthik, Baba Aparajith and Vijay Shankar to come after this. So Tamil Nadu have the firepower, but do Karnataka have the bowling arsenal? TN 37/1 after 4 overs

    21:04 (IST)01 Dec 2019

    Manish Pandey takes the catch. Nishant mistimes a pull off More. Did not need to do that. There had already been three boundaries in that over. But that's what pressure does. Karnataka get their first wicket. And it is Washinton Sundar who comes in at No.3. He is a rare left hander in this batting order. Will be crucial how he goes today. Made 54* in the semifinal. TN 26/1 after 3 overs

    21:00 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    TN 14/0 after 2 overs

    Shahrukh Khan gets his first four that he meant. Gowtham bowls an expensive over. Nishanth also slaps Ronit More for four down the ground in the next over. After that first over, when both batsmen were struggling to put bat to ball, this innings seems to have found some momentum. And just on cue, another bottom edge runs down for four. These two openers have been lucky with some of their runs, but they all count. TN now 22/0 after 2.3 overs

    20:57 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    TN 3/0 after 1 over

    Great first over from Ronit More. The defending champions, Karnataka, are off to a good start. Krishnappa Gowtham, who is in today in place of Abhimanyu Mithun, bowls the 2nd over. And there's the first boundary of the innings, and it comes in might lucky fashion. Bottom edge goes behind Rahul's legs for four. Shahrukh Khan gets his first 4.

    20:52 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    Chase begins

    Shahrukh Khan and Hari Nishanth open the Tamil Nadu innings. Ronit More bowls the 1st over. 181 to win. Here we go!

    20:40 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    Karnataka put up 180/5 in 20 overs

    End of innings. Karun nair is out off the last ball of the innings. Manish Pandey stays unbeaten on 60. 181 the target for Tamil Nadu then. Will it be enough?

    20:36 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    20th over

    Murugan Ashwin bowls the 20th over. And Karun Nair sweeps the first ball for a six. Good start to the final over for Karnataka.

    20:33 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    'Needed a Gowtham or a Suchith'

    Karun Nair has not impressed commentator Vivek Razdan. He hits it to the fielder at mid off down the ground. 'Should be looking to go over the fielder at this stage,' says the commentator. Almost having heard him, Karun Nair times a cut for four. Deft hands. KAR 168/4 after 19 overs

    20:30 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    KAR 160/4 after 18 overs

    Karun Nair mistimes a smash into no man's land but gets 2 for it. Just 14 runs have come off the last 2 overs. From Karnataka's perspective, Rohan Kadam went out just at the wrong time. Looking at the form he was in, he would have made these last 2 overs count. Natarajan to bowl the 19th over. Wonder who the ball is going to be thrown for the 20th over.

    20:25 (IST)01 Dec 2019

    Dot, dot, Wicket! Rohan Kadam finds the fielder in the deep. He goes for 35 off 28. Karun Nair steps in. He has not been in great form but the vice-captain has to come up with the push at the end. Skipper and his deputy in the middle. Fifteen very important balls coming up. KAR 152/4 after 17.3 overs

    20:22 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    50 for Pandey

    Skipper Manish Pandey gets to 50. 'Pandey, Pandey', chants the crowd. KAR 152/3 after 17 overs

    How much more can they get in the three overs that remain? Pandey is on 50. Kadam is on 35. 200 is not out of the equation yet, folks! Fasten your seat belts.

    20:15 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    KAR 146/3 after 16 overs

    4,4,4 - Rohan Kadam is on fire

    Vijay Shankar looks up to the heavens. 14 runs off the over and one ball left. Shankar bowls a WIDE wide. Pressure pressure! Rohan Kadam, who has an average of 51.20 in this Mushtaq Ali edition, has suddenly put Tamil Nadu under pressure.

    20:15 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    50 run partnership

    Rohan Kadam finds the gap through the covers for 4 to bring up the 50-stand between these two. He is hardly the biggest name in this batting order, but 25-year-old Rohan Kadam is playing an extremely fluent innings in this epic clash.

    20:10 (IST)01 Dec 2019
    Big over

    The big over Karnatak would have been looing for. 17 runs come off that over. M Siddharth the unfortunate bowler. Four 4s in that over - two from Rohan Kadam, two from Manish Pandey. Pandey moves to 45. Can Karnataka reach close to the 200-mark in these lest 5 overs? That over certainly was a good start. KAR 132/3 after 15 overs