Sri Lanka’s time wasting tactics leave Mohammed Shami, Virat Kohli displeased

Sri Lanka’s time wasting tactics leave Mohammed Shami, Virat Kohli displeased

Virat Kohli and Mohammed Shami were left upset after Niroshan Dickwella repeatedly gestured the bowler to hold his run up.

Niroshan Dickwella played calmly on fifth day against India
Niroshan Dickwella’s delaying tactic did not please Virat Kohli, Mohammed Shami. (Source: AP)

In the 19th over of the fourth innings between India and Sri Lanka in the opening Test at Eden Gardens, tensions between the two teams flared over. With Sri Lanka chasing a stiff total of 231 runs in one-and-a-half session of play, India got off on the right mark with two quick wickets prior to Tea. At close of play, though, Sri Lanka had battled through and avoided a defeat – helped by fading light and some clever tactics by the visitors.

With Mohammed Shami bowling the 19th over of the inning, he started to run in to bowl but Niroshan Dickwella wasn’t ready to face the delivery. Clearly upset with being asked to stop multiple times and time not on their side, Shami gestured from afar to get the batsman to bat on. Dickwella time and again putting his head down and waving his hand to make Shami stay back. (Watch the incident)

The next ball, Shami delivered a short delivery which bounced up on Dickwella and he played a defensive shot which edged and carried behind. Shami, though, walked forward on his followthrough and gave the batsman a piece of his mind.


Next ball, the intensity increased a notch. Once again Dickwella pulled away from facing the delivery and the crowd joined in on the act by increasing the volume. The umpires gestured the batsmen, bowler and Kohli to come together to try and difuse the tension. Fairly animated conversion ensued with Kohli clearly miffed at the repeated delays and time wasting. Umpire Nigel Llong even had to drag Kohli back into the conversation.

In th end, Sri Lanka stood at 75/7 with light fading and Sri Lanka were able to save themselves from further onslaught by the Indian seamers – who took all 17 wickets in the contest.