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Saturday, March 06, 2021

Parents should not force their incomplete dreams on their children, says Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar urged parents to support and motivate their kids, who are willing to take sports seriously.

Written by Saundarya Mehra |
Updated: November 21, 2017 12:32:07 am
Sachin Tendulkar, unicef ambassador, played cricket with kids on World Children's Day Sachin Tendulkar said today’s generation is much smarter than the earlier generations. (Express photo by Saundarya Mehra)

Sachin Tendulkar urged parents to support and motivate their kids to take sports seriously. Tendulkar, UNICEF’s goodwill ambassador for over a decade now, said whatever he has achieved is because of the sport and thus he feels that a talented child should not be barred from pursuing a career in sports.

“I have seen the world because of the sport and believe parents should appreciate their kids to take sports seriously. You never know what kind of talent he or she has and what they can give to the country,” he said at the Thyagraj Stadium during a World Children’s Day event in New Delhi.

Tendulkar said that there is a fine line in between being confident and being arrogant and he feels that today’s generation is a lot smarter than the earlier generations. “I interact with so many children of this generation and have to accept they are smarter than the earlier generation,” said Sachin.

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“November 20th is one such day where you (children) get your freedom to express yourself, but with freedom, there also comes responsibility. And according to me children’s day should be all 365 days,” he added.

Parent of two, Sara and Arjun, Sachin revealed that whatever he could learn from his parents has helped him in being a father. He also shared that his father, a writer by profession, never forced him to pursue the same and encouraged him to follow his dreams.

“I thank my father who always urged all of us (his siblings) to follow what they wanted to do. It is all about bonding with your children, loving them, hugging them. The first 1000 days (in raising a child) are very crucial in that regard. It is our responsibility to treat both, boys and girls, equally and look after them,” said Tendulkar.

Speaking of the importance of education, the 44-year-old said, “Education is very important but the right to education is only applicable to primary level and we need to have it at the secondary level. Giving his example, Sachin said that he and his two brothers had to make requests to his parents whereas his sister was more privileged. “In my family, it was the other way round. We three brothers had to seek permission from our parents whereas my sister (Savita) enjoyed her freedom. She was privileged to go out without permission,” he concluded.

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